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Rakesh Sidana of – The Indian online Car Doctor!!


Your Name any any other details (site address, twitter handle, mail id(?) etc..


Rakesh K Sidana
Twitter: @mericar




What exactly do you do?

I am a founder, CEO of, first-in-India, focused web portal on car servicing and repair. The start up is helping car owners to provide them the right car workshop based on customer reviews and industry standards. In March, has got seed funds and that will be used for growth and expansion.

Why do you do what you do? Is it to make money, to become famous, to retire, to kill boredom, WHAT?

To get satisfaction from what I want to do.

Is there anything unique in what you do? And here ‘unique’ can mean anything – doing what’s been done for donkeys years and yet in a more cost efficient manner, or something new in a boring business or line or simply inventing something completely new?

Inconvenience and hassles at car service center in India, is, a unique concept, providing personalized support to car owners to find the right car workshop in India.  The idea impacts unorganized huge aftermarket. The auto experts provide advice to car owners for their car repair problems. The venture is still at early stage and working on customer validations because of its unique concept. (Visitors feedback and suggestions are always appreciated)

What happens if this fails?

Failure is just a mind set. If this happens, it means you are just near to success. Nobody can teach you better than being failure.

Any one or two incidents that make you shiver or feel proud of your journey so far?

I was chosen one of the finalist of The Power Of Idea, The Economic Times Initiative and groomed at IIM Ahmedabad, a place where I find myself as an entrepreneur. Meeting to like-minded entrepreneurs. top faculties and mentor N. R. Narayana Murthy changed my entrepreneur life. My entrepreneur journey is still on 😉

State one really bad habit and one good habit (if you actually have one)

Difficulty to choose one, I have a long list 😉

Famous last words to the readers ( if you knew you are going to be hit by a truck tomorrow, what would you like to tell the world (other than to be crossing the road safely)?

Rejections and failure are just a state of mind. Don’t give up. Follow your dreams.


Finally, say YES below the next para:
I solemnly put my hand on my religious book/favorite novel and swear that what I have said above (including my photos) is the truth. So help me, Rodinhood




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  1. Great site Rakesh.  Great concept.  One thing you could is to move the testimonials to the front page near search workshop buttons.  Social proof is a big incentive to kick start the contact.


    Thanks Abey, we have recently updated our website. The old site had testimonials. I agree with you. Let me find place for that.

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