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Rodinhood T-Shirts Designs!


Some Rodinhood T Designs!

Which one of these – No 1 or  No 2 (or both :-)) would you like to wear?

Any suggestions?

(Click to expand)

Design Courtesy – Sumesh and Purtata of



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  1. Profile photo of Tejas Patel

    1 for me. Clear and bold to me.

  2. Profile photo of Prateek Panda

    No. 1! Gives it a real nice face-value.

  3. Profile photo of sachin J Deshpande

    No 1


  4. Profile photo of asha chaudhry

    my 2 cents…

    No. 1

    FRONT: with only the LOGO & RODINHOOD.

    BACK: (across shoulders): ThinkDo. RodinHood.

    [when u’ve said rodinhood in the front.. means the person who is wearing the tee believes in being a rodinhood. therefore the word ‘Be’ is for action not needed! ‘keep parking’ alone works!!!]

    also pls consider the broad round V instead of the usual round neck 🙂

  5. Profile photo of Ravinder

    No 1

  6. Profile photo of Anamika Joshi

    No. 1

  7. Profile photo of Ajay Mundra

    No 2 …

  8. Profile photo of Ankit Bhatnagar

    No. 1 for me too

  9. Profile photo of himanshu chanda

    Number 1

    The logo gels well with the tagline and red color in #1

  10. Profile photo of Ninad G Deshmukh

    My suggestion

    The color scheme should be consistent. “Do” should be in White. Also I agree with Asha that “Be” should not be there.choice is no 2.

  11. Profile photo of Ankur

    Without doubt no. 1. 

    More impactful, the logo is bigger and fonts are larger. Somehow its more catchy.

  12. Profile photo of Krishna Varma

    No. 2 is good !!

  13. Profile photo of Piyush Jain

    No. 1 Definitely. However the colours can be reversed.

    Piyush Jain

  14. Profile photo of Akshay 'Backpacker' Chhugani

    No 1 🙂

  15. Profile photo of Vijay Khubchandani


  16. Profile photo of Deepak Panigrahy

    Logo with “Rodinhooder” at front and tagline at back.

  17. Profile photo of Nameet Potnis

    No 1 makes a stronger impression. Its in your face! I love it!

  18. Profile photo of Waqas Ali


  19. Profile photo of Aditya Reddy


  20. Profile photo of Mahesh Khambadkone

    I feel the colours should be switched – red for the archer – action, white for the thinker – clear. Likewise, Think – white.  Do – red.

    Personally, I feel a smaller logo on the front – left, chest.  Just icon with Rodinhood text.

    On the back, just below the collar –

    Think.  Do.


  21. Profile photo of Harpreet Sareen


  22. Profile photo of Ankur Gosar

    1 🙂

  23. Profile photo of Sanchita Dutta


    its more symmetrical, better arranged and soothing to eyes

    think, do, be …all three actually form a complete story in itself which needs to be told together in that sequence without a break. this comes out in 1, hence the natural choice 

  24. Profile photo of Aji (Digital Marketing)

    #1: Also please do print at the back.

  25. Profile photo of sudhen karpe

    I ll go for no. 2  n prefer in navy blue...

  26. Profile photo of Amey Asuti

    1 scores over 2. ‘Be’ is redundant in both.

  27. Profile photo of Trushal Jethwa

    Looks good, but the a part of the logo looks like an inverted nike swoosh. It gives a sense of unoriginality…

  28. Profile photo of Sai Rodinhood Pothuri

    No 1.



  29. Profile photo of Saurabh Gakhar

    1 and only one…

  30. Profile photo of Praveen Prabhu

    1 it is.

  31. Profile photo of Perzen Darukhanawalla

    Hi Alok, I think Number 2 represents Rodinhood much better as in the first one it appears that the slogan is rather than just Think.Do.

  32. Profile photo of Vijay Khubchandani

    Perzen, that’s exactly what comes to mind when somebody takes the first look at the First option..

    It seems Think. Do . Be. rather than Think. Do.

  33. Profile photo of Vijay Khubchandani

    In fact, we can add an “a” between “Be” and “Rodinhood”.. Like “Be a Rodinhood”.. That way the word Rodinhood would become a Noun, if I am not wrong..

  34. Profile photo of Shahin Ganesh


  35. Profile photo of Subbaram Gowra

    Why can’t the lead caption be “Think & Do” instead of “Think. Do.”

  36. Profile photo of Sahil Ashutosh Mohile

    1, hands down…

  37. Profile photo of Murtaza Amin


  38. Profile photo of Deepak Sharma

    No. 2

  39. Profile photo of Sridhar V


    However I personally feel the website tagline “Thinkers. Doers” is sounding good. If you want it to be a singular word I would suggest “Thinker. Doer.”

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