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RodinHoods #ChaiMeet – Hyderabadi Style

Helloo from Hyderabad !!

We’re inviting the every Hyderabadi RodinHooder to attend the meetup on the 1st of February ( Saturday ) at 10:30 AM

Ok 😐 This sounds like a Wedding Invitation – too formal !!!

A shout out to all RodinHooders from Hyderabad .. !!


Let’s all catch up for a Chai and Samosa Discussion at our very own Lamakaan on the 1st of February at 10:30 AM !

1. Type of the Meetup : Informal Meetup / Discussion on what we’re doing and what can be done ?

2. Why should you attend a RH Meetup ?

I’ve attended an Open House in Bangalore and also talked to “the” Alok Kejriwal .. 😀 .. But I am not the guy to talk about that .. Here is an excellent post by Abhik Prasad who talks about his experience at a Rodinhooders of Delhi Meetup !

3. Why Hyderabad all of a sudden ? 

No its not all of a sudden. There were attempts earlier by a few people. But this time, we’re trying really hard. 

Come on Hyderabadis .. Its time to show the world the power of Biryani .. ( No that did not work out well .. )

Just like a startup, we’re ( pivoting ) trying our best again, to start a RodinHood Chapter in Hyderabad ( we want to see Alok Sir in town ASAP for an Open House 😀 ) 

Do you think its the regular Charminar Image ???
Hell No .. Changing the image coz people deserve to have a look at other landmarks as well 🙂

4. Why in Hyderabad ?

The RH Community is expanding ( there were meetups in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Coimbatore and Indore ). And so is Hyderabad with all the Startups and the people involved. We don’t want to miss out on the community and mentorship part of the action do we ?

This can be a platform where we can discuss / share and work on ideas both Online and Offline and a place where we stand for each other.

All of us together want to create a Win-Win Eco-System where, someone from Delhi, Pune or Chennai wants to expand to Hyderabad and we, as a community, should be able to help our fellow RodinHooder !

5. Who am I ( Sistla Abhishek ) / Who are we ( Manoj Surya and Subbaram Gowra ) to organize the meetup ?

We are, Manoj Surya ( IIIT-H CiE Manager ), Subbaram Gowra ( Founder & CEO, eSupport ) and myself Sistla Abhishek ( Just another Startup Guy – ).

We’re into startups and very much excited about startup ecosystem in India and Hyderabad as well. We are active Rodinhodeers Online and we want to kick start offline community in Hyderabad to have offline interactions and make better connections, network & learn a lot from each other.

We had some free time and wanted to initiate the Hyderabad Chapter for all of us to interact and discuss #life #startups #businesses

6. Now, I believe .. You wanna ask .. ” Areyy Bhai ye sabh chodo, Chai Samosa kaun dere !?? ” – in Hyderabadi Hindi 😛 ?

We’re doing Dutch for the Food at the event 🙂


 ” Kya Bolra re ???? “

Did you not understand what Dutch means ? – Its okay .. It means .. You pay for your own Chai and Samosas 🙂

The Lean Startup Guys, don’t worry .. the snacks are pretty economic at Lamakaan ( Rs 10 for a glass of Hot Tea or Butter Milk and Rs 10 for 2 Samosas with Great Chutney 😀 )


In case you missed the first line and the second line as well .. :


Where is this happening ? #Venue

#Lamakaan ( Lamakaan, Road Number 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India )


Image : Facebook

When is this happening ? #Date #Time


Saturday, the 1st of February @ 10:30 AM !

All of us can discuss in the comments and tag along people who’re interested but are not a part of the community. Register them first .. and get them along 😀
Also, in the best interest of the RH Community .. try sharing of rides – Only if its possible 🙂

Contact Details :

Sistla Abhishek : ( 9985 900 664 )
Manoj Surya –


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  1. sounds like fun, guys!!

    i’ve shared your link on the previous thread – maybe one of you would like to get in touch with sai?

  2. Hello Asha, 

    I just pinged Sai ! 🙂

  3. Looking for this to happen, figures crossed !!!

  4. Thats great Abhishek… 

    Im In 🙂

  5. Figures, already Crossed 7 k now 😀

    Nice Picture of Hussain Sagar!!

    Good Luck Guys, Happy Networking!!

  6. Will try to come in 😉

  7. Hello Shravya,

    Do try to attend the meet. It’ll be great 🙂 🙂

  8. Thanks a ton Sandeep !! 🙂 Do come … It’ll be great !!!

  9. See you guys tomorrow

  10. Sure Gaurav 🙂 we’re all excited about themes as well !!!! 🙂

  11. dear all,

    you can read about this awesome #chaimeet here –

  12. dear hyderabadis!


  13. Any formal/informal meet ups in plan?

  14. Hi Anil

    We are working out, will sure update with details

  15. hey rodinhooders of hyd – are you up for another meetup? pls comment on this thread so we can finalise fast and create an event!

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