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SAAS Application hosting – Need to change our server provider

Hi All,

We currently host with but lately their services have gone down a toilet bowl. Today while applying Windows Update, some file got corrupt and when we reached out to them to do a hard boot on the server and to stop the update process, their response was simply that they cannot do that. So the only option that we have is to use the Restore utility on their customer portal to do a brand new Windows install. 

Wanted to check with you guys to see if there were providers that you would recommend for dedicated server hosting. Preferably in the US and excluding Rackspace (they are too expensive).

I did look at Rackspace’s cloud solution but can’t understand if that is cost – effective

Need to make a decision quickly so pl. help.




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  1. Go with I’ve a very good experience with them and their support is remarkable. 

  2. Hey Let me know your resource usage, I do Help people find best deals in this field  feel free to contact me,I  your traffic is based in india prefer indian hosters or south asian

  3. Sending you a PM

  4. Sumit,

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a really good option. You get an entier Virtual Server to yourself, and you totally control that VM. Also AWS gives a ton of freebies for the first year, including a small VM free for one year, 15GB of bandwidth free per month for the first year, etc. You also get a database instance free for a year.

    We have had plenty of people who, when moved to AWS were really happy compared to rackspace, and a host of other hosting providers. 

     If you google for AWS free tier, you will get a list of all the free stuff you get for the first year.

    If you have further questions, let me know.



  5. any review for Cntrl S ?

  6. Hi Sumit, Can you please share your contact number? Would like to discuss your needs and provide you a suitable, robust, scalable solution. My number is +919965417337

  7. I assume you mean CtrlS 🙂

    They invited me to come checkout their data center facilitates in Mumbai and I am also in the process of reviewing their cloud offerings. maybe I will finish in a few days and post here : )

    But overall, they seem to be a viable option for companies who want their data in India, as AWS is still not present in India.

  8. Hi Sumit,

    Just wanted to check, on technology / platform on which you’ve built your application. Just in case if it then i would recommend you to go with Windows Azure as they’ve got PAAS offering rather than IAAS unlike any other service providers and the TCO will also be lower. In case of php /Java you can go ahead with AWS as it will turn out to be a cheaper option there.   



  9. Check

    At The Hatch (, we get our hosting support from them. Great service. Good infrastructure. 

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