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Services Vs. Products!

Products or Services? Confused on what you wanna do?



Download the PPT here:


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  1. Profile photo of Pradeep Arora

    Thanks for this post.. It has definitely solved some of the very basic apprehensions of many wanna be entrepreneurs…. Three Cheers..!!!

  2. Profile photo of Suresh Jayanthi

    Great Stuff, very well said. I can identify with this, having bootstrapped artjini for four years as a service while building a platform for touch and feel things…..

  3. Profile photo of Tausif Mulla

    Hi, just loved the 11th  slide. Its so dam meaningful. Once again great job.

  4. Profile photo of Sachin Karpe

    Thanks, the slides are simple and to the point. Now i have a clear idea of how to go about starting up my own business and which sector to focus and why. Thanks ones again. 

  5. Profile photo of Ashish Tulsani

    amazing slides…however an increasing number of technology companies are shifting their focus from services based to product based business models …

  6. Profile photo of Rajat S

    Great presentation! Really hits the fundamentals. Thanks for sharing, Alok.

  7. Profile photo of Rajat

    Couldn’t agree more. I’ve started with services which has had its own benefits (i have developed loads of patience handling clients, improved my communication, learnt the importance of smiling to customers, handled freelancers, interns while enjoying a lot of time for myself reading and travelling). But then again, the success is not so fulfilling as launching a great product and sitting back and letting the money flow in. Services keep you on your toes all the time, but with products a lot of genius and patience is required at the outset. Ideally, the thing now to do would be to create products which directly complement my line of business so that i know exactly what products will bring me money and i can enjoy the best of both worlds…ideally.

  8. Profile photo of Nishant Agrawal

    Choosing between consulting and products is like choosing between helping someone else build their dream, and building your own dream.

    Consulting cannot match the satisfaction and pride that comes from products.

  9. Profile photo of Ratnakar Gokarn

    Great share once again. Nice slides.

  10. Profile photo of Dhaval Katira

    Nice one Alok. You sure have given the people on the fence something to think about. again.

  11. Profile photo of Kunal Bhusare

    All the plain knowledge is already present and yet i spend (or rather waste) few months in doing the wrong thing.

    Thanks a lot Alok. Being a Rodinhooder is really helping.

  12. Profile photo of Suresh Kumar Mendu

    This ppt gives me clarity on product & service.. 

    I provided Mobile development service to one of client, and whatever i earned from that services i’m investing to my product development, hopefully i will release it by this month end.. .. i more interested developing my own products.. but to get some financial help with strong plan i’m providing development services 

  13. Profile photo of Sanchit Goel

    This is so well distinguished. Clears the air of confusion and indecisiveness. Thank you.

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