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Sex goes Social…!


I got this rather interesting mail from my Twitter account yesterday:




‘Excited’, I clicked to find out more about “Joy Escorts”. This is where I landed :



The oldest profession in the world was ALWAYS online, but I had not seen such a CLEVER marketing and Social attempt before.


Why Clever?


Because, as the ‘protocol’ goes in Twitter, if someone follows you, you follow them!


NOW THATS BUNK – and it has got me into serious fights with people (who question who I DO NOT follow anyone)


BUT usually, people have this ‘reciprocal you follow me – i will follow u’ understanding with each other – I guess to pump up Twitter Numbers…


So – it turns out that Joy Escorts DOES have 437 followers – 


Now, here comes the interesting part:


I ASSUME that next time I tweet ‘Hanging out in Seattle’ or ‘Driving in Santa Monica”, Joy Escorts WILL tweet back ‘suggesting’ some interesting ‘Escort’ services to me?


Also, its followers will get ‘updates’ on their latest ‘collections’ and ‘services’?


This just proves all over again that the SEX INDUSTRY is the MASTER pioneer of everything:


– VHS tapes became big thanks to ‘blue’ porn movies.


– The Live Cam has made amazing strides thanks to Sex Shows and the massive demand that the Porno industry demanded.


– Chat technology has just kept on leaping thanks to ‘Sex Chat’ demand.


– Undoubtedly the Sex Industry has created a massive learning in ‘e-commerce’.


– Storing and Streaming has also gone far ahead thanks to the Sex Trade.


Adam and Eve didn’t need Twitter and the Web to ‘sync’ up.


But I guess the World’s 7+ BILLION people need stuff like this!!!




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  1. oh… this was not in good taste is it?

  2. its about how the sex industry leads innovation. thats it.

  3. this looks more like a pageview shilling post than anything else 🙂

  4. Alok could do better!

  5. alok, find an entrepreneurial connection in the madonna – britney spears kiss, oh mama watch them page views then … 😀

  6. Sorry, Jyoti, Abey …if it did not impress u. Thats not my agenda in life u know….

    Rodinhood is about bringing the banal and the obvious to light.. It’s not always about performing magical circus tricks.

  7. sex industry leads innovation. !!!!  it just did – bring the banal and the obvious to light.

  8. abey, jyoti, ahmed – the intent was not to create ‘page views’ as much as it was not to pretend that that this was a high quality post.


    My defending it made no sense. Its your view which i respect.


    I appreciate and understand that you found it cheap and ‘marketing’ material type. Thanks for the candid feedback.


    I personally thought it was in interesting marketing twist to the otherwise regular campaigns and wrote about it.


    Like some of the other banal, quickly forgotten posts, this may well suffer the same fate.


    thank you for your patience.


    In the meanwhile, i also hope you can create some interesting and original content for!

  9. sure can. sure will!

  10. Jyoti – u r the editor. If you think the comment/s or the post itself is NOT what should be here – DELETE it!


    That’s it.


    Maybe warn idiots like me – ‘hey, post such CRAP one more time and I will delete it’.



  11. i dont think this post is crap.

    Alok has updated his view about SEX industry and marketing and we as user of therodinhood is providing feedback.

    this world has to be open people sharing their thoughts and others providing thier feedback.

    For me therodinhood is a forum where people can post their opinions and ask questions and put their thoughts and i will be posting my views too 🙂



  12. Alok, the sex industry may lead innovation (the rationale sounds a bit flaky but I’ll let it go at that for now) but this is not an example of innovation with twitter.  There is a felafel guy who tweets his location and his patrons flock to his push cart.  This is that in reverse: you post your location and the agency fans out its escort rolodex.  We’ve seen it before – I’ve been followed by similar accounts on twitter and have already seen the connection – which is where the ‘banal and obvious’ accusation comes from and which is what prompted me to conclude that you were pageview shilling.


    In any case, pageview shilling as a business strategy is an honorable profession.  Just ask HuffPo 🙂

  13. Abey,


    I also used this context and backdrop to explain the trivia about the web cam, chat, live streaming etc. I meet people often and they seem surprised that PORN contributed so much to tech.


    Also, I am amused that people PUBLICLY follow Escort Services tweets!


    But then, lots of XXX sites have all the social buttons – so I guess people share porn links on their social networks also!

  14. ….PORN contributed so much to tech

    I don’t think.  Ancedotal evidence tells me that Porn comes in after the tech is established, I would really like to see evidence that shoots this down. Chat and sex cams did not start up because of porn, they came in after the tech was established.  Usually very crudely to start with and then as the tech becomes cheaper with increasing levels of sophistication.  Case in point is Second Life’s porn reboot (not by Linden Labs).  The economics of porn make innovation impossible. Where innovation is something new and ground breaking. (But if you listen to Sadhguru he will tell you that there is nothing new, its all been discovered and done with, so don’t kid yourself…but lets not go down that rabbit hole!) 


    There is also a deeper philosophical issue that points to the impossibility of innovation in porn. Static vs Dynamic quality.  For all the dynamic action you get out of porn it is essentially a static entity or pattern.  

  15. Hold On !!! Sex Industry – Has never lead to any innovation, neither will it be able to. I think i took it incorrectly but fact remains that if you consider sex industry as any other industry e.g the film industry – They have their own areas to Innovate like Scripts & Techniques or Women & rates, Joyescorts are using Twitter for the same reason Aamir khan is using.

    In-short, Innovation is being done in the area of technology and concepts, all these guys have to do is find out the most favorable technology or medium that can take them to their banks smiling.

    Just as abey pointed out – Porn (Sites, vids etc) came in after the tech was established.

  16. Abey:


    What’s porn done for us?

    You may disapprove of pornography but the spin-offs of the industry are all around.

    · Camcorder and VHS video machines were pioneered by porn barons anxious to find a cheap way to mass market blue movies. Take-up of DVD players was driven by pornographers and their customers because the technology enabled users to skip to and from their favourite scenes.

    · Pay-per-view cable or satellite TV movies entered the market only after porn firms introduced ‘premium’ services in hotels and on digital networks. Interactive television, common on digital sport channels, was developed by pornographers to allow users to focus on favourite actors and actresses.

    · Internet use and e-business have been driven by smut. There are 80,000 adult websites, which generate annual profits of more than £1 billion – more than any other e-commerce sector.


    PENTHOUSE to create the First Ever 3D CHANNEL



    Highlights from :


    Pornography Drives Technology: Why Not to Censor the Internet


    Throughout the history of new media, from vernacular speech to movable type, to photography, to paperback books, to videotape, to cable and pay-TV, to “900” phone lines, to the French Minitel, to the Internet, to CD-ROMs and laser discs, pornography has shown technology the way


    Before the electronic era, the greatest example of pornography showing technology the way was the paperback book. Though paperbacks were in use as early as the French Revolution and continued to circulate throughout the nineteenth century as an alternative to hardback publishing,(29) these early paperbacks were more an expansion of pamphleteering than a medium in their own right. The later part of the nineteenth century saw the growth of the “dime” novel, a brassy subculture to the mainstream three-volume hardcover that monopolized legitimate fiction. Printed on cheap paper, and hence called “pulp” fiction, early paperbacks included westerns, mysteries, tall tales, foreign-language stories for the growing immigrant market, and, of course, pornography. Increased literacy kept paperbacks thriving, though somewhat scorned, until World War II. Then, suddenly, the paperback’s cheapness became its strength: wartime shortages demanded that books be printed cheaply; books shipped wholesale to readers overseas had to be lightweight.(30) Paperbacks filled both bills. A government-financed publishing project, the Armed Services Editions, adopted “pulp” technology wholesale,(31) and, after the war, the paperback became the legitimate heir to publishing’s crown. Here, then, is a true example of pornography actually developing a new technology that, first, the government (no less) and then the legitimate market adopted whole.(32)


    One of the first uses of pay-cable was pornography: people would pay to watch X- and R-rated films at home.(36) When cable systems began competing to wireup entire communities, one of the things communities demanded was leased- or public-access channels, to keep the cable operator from entirely dominating local programming.(37) What they wanted was worthy alternative programming produced by local civic and educational groups. What they got was porn.Midnight Blue, produced by Screw magazine, is one of leased access’ longest running shows.(38) So are the offerings of ecdysiast Robin Byrd and Lou Maletta of the Gay Cable Network.(39)


    What were people watching on these early videotapes? The early home video rental stores, the outlets that drove Betamax from the market, were almost exclusively pornographic, drawing on the same clientele as early nickelodeons.(42) The same was true of home video sales.(43) It was not until the mid-1980s that first, local videorental stores, and next, national chains like Blockbuster entered the field with videos for the mass­market. By then, porn had shown the way. Thus, the victory of VHS over Betamax, and the triumph of video rental and purchase over time-shifting, is a rare example of pornography specifically adopting a product and a method of retailing that drove its competitor from the market.


    Other participants in the communications revolution that have been helped by pornography include “900” phone numbers,(44) CD-ROMs, and laser discs.(45) In fact, the French Minitel, which many see as the prototype of the computer-mediated telephone system, owes whatever success it has attained largely to its use for exchanging sexual messages.(46)




  17. Alok, I have no specific issues with porn.  As long as people are horny and are unable to satisfy it without the need for jumping through hoops and putting on a production (myself included) porn will exist.  


    The title of this essay is misleading.  What he talks about is adoption not innovation.  But he tries to conflate that by using a weasel term like “drives technology”.  Can be interpreted and defended in 10 different ways.  Standard rhetorical madarchodification. I suspect this essay is more about free speech politics and their opposition to the Communications Decency Act than any honest assessment of porn’s ability to innovate or its position as a driver of technology. 


    Porn never innovates.  It always rides into town after the culture is established.  Even its marketing tactics are not innovative.  This has nothing to do with their ability to innovate.  They can, I suppose, if they want to, not withstanding their static quality regime but they don’t and won’t.  Porn is about profiteering from sexuality.  At that point in the psychescape innovation is always about titillation – new ways to titillate, everything else is borrowed from the rest of the culture: Tools, systems, processes.


    Porn doesn’t drive technology.  It adopts technology after it has become affordable.  Every one of those examples is about adoption, not innovation.  Even the Penthouse example is about adoption.  3D TV it seems is as old as 2008.  You don’t go out and buy a 3D Plasma TV to watch porn.  You decide to use it after you’ve bought the tech.  

    Of course if you are a porn addict you might scrimp and save and live on maggi masala just to dig in.  Now that would be innovative – figuring out a balanced nutrition regime – on maggi.  🙂

  18. Looked up the Guardian article. His assertion is interesting.  I’d really like to see evidence of this.  Have sent him an email:

     Hi John

    We are a bunch of entrepreneurs who hang out at  And we got into this discussion about Porn and Innovation which started its life as a short post on escort agencies hopping on Twitter.  Your article is interesting where you put Porn as the leader in driving new tech while my contention is that economics of the porn industry does not allow any investment in new tech till it has reached mass adoption.  Your assertion kind of upends that.  Do you have any evidence that backs up your claim that the culture adopted VHS/DVD due to the availability of porn titles in this medium vs my assertion that porn barons moved in after VHS/DVD became established and reasonably cheap mediums.

    You can hop in and reply directly on the thread if you like (I’ve copy pasted this mail there) or directly to me.  Whatever works for you.




    Will update this post if I get any reply.  

  19. And John Alridge doesn’t live there anymore:

    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

    Technical details of permanent failure:
    Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 No such user – psmtp (state 14).

  20. Mailed and tweeted

  21. (suddenly thinks of Michael Arrington and Ariana Huffington)


    (recall’s Arrington’s recent fate)


    (slowly backs away without mentioning anything)

  22. lol….like I always say fuck Arianna Huffington…

  23. No.  Not because of that.  It goes with the territory.  But she didn’t buy Arrington.  Tim Armstrong did.  She yes she played dirty and fired him on a technicality.  Office politics.  


    The main reason why I don’t like AH is because she doesn’t care.  No enthousiasmos.  She lives in the ‘I am the Big Wheel’ delusion.

  24. @Jyothi: @Abey has some very strong opinions, doesn’t he ?


    Pretty interesting opinions, mind you – I always enjoy reading them 🙂

  25. Abby you nailed it with just one hammer shot!  Roddinhoods need some bunch of Ghost writers to hire!

    Jyoti no need to be plite on this post take it litely


  26. Nice thread 🙂 I’m always surprised about the gems which remain hidden on the site. Perhaps there should be some kind of a directory ? Or a list of the ‘cool posts’ ?

  27. Any updates ?

  28. Nope, nothin yet.  Oooh I like the TC theme upgrade!

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