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startup office …



Me & the accounts team were looking at this years P & L ( profit & loss statement ) and were wondering what can we do to cut down costs and / or improve revenue … while walking up & down the office .. we realised that we have a lot of excess office space ( 1500 Sq. Ft Carpet area fully AC, WiFi, 26 work stations, 6 cabins – 2 conference rooms )   which we can put to good use .. so we thought why not make a startup support office  wherein you not only get the workstation and Wi Fi but also a complete backend team such as HR , admin, MIS, IT , Accounts , etc on shared basis ( limited by either hours or number of tasks ).. so the entrepreneur can focus on his core job of building his business rather than wondering / wasting his time doing a 1000 other things which are important but not contributing directly in building the business such as:


1) Posting Jobs on job portals, Following with candidates and lining them up for interview, take the actual first interview to weed out lackeys


2) Getting an accountant to do the basic book entry, planning for cash flow, Monthly P & L, company formation , following up on debtors ( MOST IMPORTANT ), making invoices, agreements, purchase orders, sales order etc, making utility payments


3) Filing  papers, finding best vendor for a product / service , booking tickets


4) Arranging for meetings, having a conference room for a meeting


5) Installing the OS, running the Anti Virus , getting the printer to work ( and ensuring the ink hasnt run out )


and so on … ( most important – endless supply of adrakwali chai or coffee)


So we started today – meaning literally today – we just booked the domain on web & social media, made the first draft of PPT and sharing the concept with you guys for your views.


We plan to have three monthly subscription plans


Basic for Rs. 5000 per person per month


Deluxe for Rs. 10000 per person per month


Premium for Rs. 15000 per person per month


* Details in PPT – Site should be operational in a couple of days




























We are targeting 3 pain points


1) A customer who has a basic office but might not have but might need some fucntions like HR or Admin etc on partime basis and can be done off site


2) A customer who has neither office nor backend team but needs something on shared basis


3) A customer who needs only a workstation while using the conference a couple of times a week for meeting customers / vendors etc


Its now as easy to startup as “flying in an commercial aircraft rather than building your own airplane”


Important aspect is to ensure customer gets more that he expects / promised and my excess resources get utilized and P & L looks better 🙂 …I would appreciate any feedback


Best regards


Bhavesh Shah




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  1. Hi Jyoti 

    Thanks. Its located at goregaon east mumbai. 

    I have updated the ppt on slideshare for easier viewing


    Bhavesh Shah 

  2. ”Office space sharing” is an excellent idea ,but have to watch out how your venture going to turn out in the real world situation.For now,three cheers for you 🙂

  3. Hi rohitN – thanks yes but for me the downside is covered the office is already operational for our main business .. Who knows if the startup is good enough we might barter it for equity – remember the painter who got 100 million usd for painting facebooks office and got paid in stocks in liue of cash ? 🙂

  4. unfortunately, the images look squashed and illegible in the ppt. i wonder why should there be a ppt to show images?

    why not just add them to this post?

  5. done

  6. Superb! will connect asap! this is oppertune! 

  7. Hey,

    We are operating out of Noida & looking for similar space, where are you located…

    Best Wishes,


  8. Hi Bhavesh , this looks interesting.
    How about providing infrastructure to individuals, freelancers and entrepreneurs (most of them are a small team of 2 or 3).
    And creating a community that works collaboratively. Where I can hire your designer for some work, you hire my programmer and so on.

  9. Hey, I’ll be interested in your office space. Please let me know how we can connect and take this up. You can send me the contact details on Abhishek

  10. Hi Ambika 

    Thanks feel free to contact –

    Mr. Dev – 9768425786  /

    My email ID is &  mobile is 7208000194 


    Bhavesh Shah 

  11. Hi Prabhat 

    Thanks for your interest we are located in goregaon east – mumbai not in noida at the moment sorry. However in case you are visiting mumbai feel free to use our conference rooms in case you need too 


    Bhavesh Shah 

  12. Hi Puneet 

    The end goal is to become a hub where you can walk in with an idea and go out with a prototype in 24 to 48 hours.We would definately like to provide more specialised services like programmers, graphic designers etc but thats in the coming months becoz the quality of service being provided to our customers should be really good. We dont want to hire anyone off the road and then charge you for his services as then it would be cost arbitrage rather then real value addition … Having been running my own company for many years and many a times in past I have been in a situation where a particular resource might not be as good as expected then it leads wastage of time as you need to spend more time in getting a certain quality of work extracted out of them… but yes what you say is awesome and is a very good idea and I hope we are able to include that in our plans and if we do then I must say a big thanks to you for your suggestion … 


    Bhavesh Shah 

  13. Hi Abhisek 

    Thanks for your interest. 

    Pls feel free to contact –

    Mr. Dev – 9768425786  /

    My email ID is &  mobile is 7208000194 


    Bhavesh Shah 

  14. Hi Bhavesh,

    I just sent a mail to you & to Mr.Dev. But the mail to bounced back. I believe you have received it.


    Karthik S Rao

  15. Hi 

    My Apologies for that. Will to check on it. 

    I have sent the email to dev and you will get the directions from him in a minute or 2. 

    The address  is : 

    Eco house 

    302, Vishweswar nagar 

    Off aarey road, behind udipi hotel 

    Goregaon east – Mumbai 

    If you are coming from the highway from bandra side you need to the take the left which leads to goregaon station & the signal there is a udipi hotel where you take the right and immediate left and follow the road till the dead end and you will find the a glass building on your left. We are on the third floor – 302 C/O Games N More

    If you are coming by train come on east side and take the road straight and you will find udipi on your left. Take that left and immediate left again and follow the road till the dead end and you will find the a glass building on your left. We are on the third floor – 302 C/O Games N More


    Bhavesh Shah 

  16. The website is now operational – a quick patchup job done in WordPress by an employee

    Any suggestions for SEO

  17. @Bhavesh – That’s a great concept. Wish you all the best

    @Prabhat – Even I am looking for a similar space in NOIDA/Ghaziabad, and will be taking one in June. Please let me know if you have come across any, and can refer that to me.


    Abhishek (

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