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Does it make a difference if i submit an app (apple) from my India developer account? Will it be better if i upload it via an USA developer account?

Alok, if you can share some light on the parking frenzy game? Did you upload it from your indian dev account?




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  1. No.

    Why would you have two developer accounts created with Apple in the first place, that too, one from each country?

  2. Mahesh,

    i dont. i am just wondering if it makes sense to have an app uploaded from USA rather then India… do i get more traction/visibility if they see an app uploaded from USA? also there are a few apps which i dont see when i go to app store from india but i can see them if i connect to app store from usa…

    also can i target app for a particular country?

    complete novice in this regard… any help/answer would be great…

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