The 21st Wharton Economic Forum Day 1 Roundup – an emotion stirring journey through the dynamic Indian Startup landscape

The 21st Wharton Economic Forum with its impressive lineup of speakers and presentations was always going to be a highly anticipated event on any Entr...Read More

Create a Startup – A real drama!

Recently, I had a unique opportunity to host a session to explain the business of startups. What emerged was a fun, highly interactive and ‘dram...Read More

100 things that I learned while building my startup

  Awarded the “Rodinstar” Post  of the week!!   Yesterday night, which turned out to be a sleepless night, I sat down and recoun...Read More

What happens when three IITians are committed to make Aadhaar accessible to all

The mission At a time when most of their batch mates were pursuing big dreams on foreign shores, three friends quit their jobs and returned to India o...Read More

How Failing In Love Got Me To Startup (True Story Of An Aspie)

Dear Friend, You definitely don’t want to be bored with a sermon. Being a copywriter, I ought to know to not do that to you. So. I’ll keep...Read More

Why should we Indians promote a specific startup app

A bit background about Adractive: 1. It provides curated news with opposite view and background of each news story, so that regular or occasional read...Read More

Protectionism is for losers. It never works.

I was bemused (not amused) when I read articles in the media last week of Indian Internet poster boys clamoring for ‘government protection’...Read More

5 Startup lessons from LEGO

Ever since my little one was gifted a LEGO set on his birthday, the house has been taken over by little assemblies of LEGO formations. From a spaceshi...Read More

Digital Workplace Ecosystem for MSME’s project seeks Seed Funding / Angel Investor.

Dear All, We are working on a concept Pert ERP – is an Eco-System of Simple Digital Work Place with integrated ERP features like Accounting, HRM...Read More

Hitting the rock thrice – A mini startup tale

“We’ve had some changes in management and we have decided to automate blogs and SMM.” And so began the toughest time of my startup life (yet). A few m...Read More

Bloom or Gloom situation?….Pl help me decide!

Hi! I’m an entrepreneur for 3 years with a track record of one failed venture and one “God-knows-what-more-do-I-do-to-make-it” ventu...Read More

Explainer Videos Explained

Are you looking for an awesome explainer video for your business but not sure how to go about it? Let me help. What are the various formats? Whiteboar...Read More

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