Hotel Booking Online by the Hour – MiStay

MiStay is a travel-tech company which allows booking hotel rooms by pack of hours with flexible check-in & check-out times. Instead of the rigid f...Read More

Stay On Skill – This Summer, host an expert and learn a new skill for free

A strong gush of cold morning breeze swept the curtains away. Through the narrow breezy slit, I could see the dawn caving into the beauty of the risin...Read More

10 Things you must keep in your Travel Bag!

Whether you are preparing for long term trip or short term trip, you often put serious thought on what to pack in your luggage bag. If you have a long...Read More

Start-up Dilemma. To be or not to be?

Hello TRH members. Not many will remember me here. After having a gloriously failed start-up, I was hiding under the bunker that provided me with job ...Read More

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