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The 10 incredible lessons that 10 Rodinhood Entrepreneurs taught me!

The Rodinhoods Open House July 2012 (held on 27.7.12) was a smasher!

We’ve never seen such a massive participation ever before!

I hope that we have bigger and better ones as the years roll by.

Listening to the 10 Entrepreneurs who presented yesterday, I learnt 10 Incredible Lessons:

These are general lessons that I learnt. So this is a personal post in many ways…

1. ChaiStocks – Milan Bhavishi

Milan taught me the power of belief.

He was unfazed when I rudely told him that no ticket trader had ever made money. Someone in the audience stood up and said, “If lacs of investors follow your tip, then there will be a run on the stock…”

Milan just said, “Yes, that’s how revolutions start.”

Just that moment, I fell for him and not for his business…


2. startup kindness – Deven Shah

Deven blew my mind away.

We met a few minutes alone before the Open House began and all he told me is, “Alok, when you give with a complete un-expectation, then you find nirvana.”

Via his ppt, Deven taught me the value of Goodness.

He is just 35 and is helping people, making ‘kindness apps’ and standing on stage, fighting the naysayers – not for himself, but for others.


3. Hostel Finder- Vishal Gupta

Vishal taught me the lesson of conviction.

Just the lucid, simple and convincing way in which he explained why his business Hostel Finder will succeed impressed everyone!

He is convinced of success.

And trust me, when someone has so much conviction, the universe makes sure things happen to make that conviction come true.

4. – Manish Grover

Manish taught me the lesson that “someone’s got to do it, so why not me?”

I mean we all know that arranging weddings is a mega messy job.

Who the hell wants to get into the nitty gritty, the stress and the pain?

But Manish and his Company – shaadimagic ‘want’ to take the pain and earn the headache!

He was clear about the challenges that lay ahead and was smiling when he explained them!!

5. 21Fools – Divyanshu Asopa & Surendra Chaplot

What can I say about the genuineness, the purity and innocence of the 21fools team?

They taught me that the best ideas come being naive.

While the business of greeting cards have died down and become a thing of the past, that does not mean that the emotion behind them has disappeared!

I called them ‘The Grave Diggers’ – folks who bring back dead things and celebrate them!

This team has something going for them.

6. Tushky – Talvinder Singh

Talvinder got my attention the minute he said, “Would you like a lesson in Fencing?”

Yes! I would!!

While we argued about why he needed 18 crores, Talvinder taught me an important lesson – that there are many latent consumer desires out there, whose easy fulfillment can become a business.

I had never thought of taking a Fencing lesson before. Talvinder Singh made me think about it!

He INSERTED the idea in my head!

7. Moneyleo – Vijay Khubchandani

Vijay is a TANK. 

He just rolls.

He’s got the need figured out. He has the pain pinned down.

And he has a solution.

Vijay taught me a good lesson that the world needs people like him as ‘disrupters’.

In his own business, Vijay will try and disrupt the financial leads business by switching from incentives fees to success fees!


8. Mayrahkee- Perzen Darukhanawalla

Perzen was the sweetheart of the evening!!

The only woman entrepreneur to present, she was so amazingly poised, confident and assured.

Perzen is proof that the best of Indian talent will come back from foreign shores. (She has lived 10 years in New Zealand) and has returned to become an entrepreneur and make this country proud!

Perzen taught me that innocence ROCKS!

She was upfront in stating that this was her first venture and she was here to seek guidance and mentorship as much as funding for her business.

Perzen is ‘the’ new entrepreneur India needs. Open eyed, innocent, yet confident, clear and most importantly – humble.

9. Pick‘n’Host – Vasu

Vasu shocked me.

To be honest, I did not expect him to make such a stunning presentation.

Vasu taught me a beautiful lesson – to be ready to be surprised!

Can you imagine how amazing it was, when Vasu in the midst of his presentation mentioned, “proof of concept is customers” and then pointed to the back of the hall where he had secretly seated 3 of his real clients??

All three clients stood up and he won the hearts of the house!


10. intouchid – Sarang Lakare

As they say, sometimes the last is not the least.

Sarang was probably the most educated person in the room (with a PhD) etc.

He was so clear about what HIS BUSINESS IS NOT!

That was so amazing!

He knew his positioning, he estimated his weakness and exposed his needs.

Sarang taught me that despite having it all and being able to live comfortable lifestyles, people will still become entrepreneurs – and go through grueling pain, just for the glory of it.


If you want to be featured here next time, then get set for the August Rodinhoods Open House!



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  1. What I missed? Man, this is getting BIGGER & BIGGER. To take Milan’s words – This is how revolutions start!

  2. Great stuff. Would love to know more about everyone’s ideas. Especially, Vasu’s Pick’n’Host.

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words – I loved the experience of presenting and it was great to see so many heads nodding in the audience when I presented my concept. That kind of market validation from people that are not even in the events industry was a complete high for me. 

  4. Thank you for the kind words Alok! Even if I become a billionaire, I would still do another startup (and probably never join a VC firm!),

  5. Thanks Alok for taking out time to acknowledge and appreciate each one of us.. You sure know how to make people around you feel that they are indeed important to you..

    It is an equally honorable feeling to have you as a friend and a mentor..


  6. Thanks Alok .. truly wanna help millions of wedding couples in coming years, as the estimation says 400 million people will marry in India in next 15 years :))))

  7. Wow. 10 wonderful lessons!  🙂

    Best wishes to all the Rodinhooders!!

    @Alok, you will start liking ChaiStocks too!  🙂


  8. Alok Sir…Your words HIT hard! Yes I feel i was present enjoying the glory of the session! The next time i am surely present for the seminar! 🙂

  9. 10 points someone….

  10. Extremely inspiring!!! Really wish the best to all of the ventures. What floors me though is how the author of the post describes each of them in a manner which might even put those people into self doubt about their being so good or with potential!!!

    my favorites though are Moneyleo and chaistocks, not just because they are all about stocks and investments but the way they have presented and have been presented by the author!!!

    Hope to see you guys becoming really big very soon ….

  11. Sanchita, thank you so much for the kind words for MoneyLeo..

    Need all the Wishes and Blessings that we can get during our first few years.. I hope that MoneyLeo can live-up to your expectations.. 🙂

  12. super

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