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The 7 incredible business lessons Anna Hazare taught me!

The full transcript appears after the picture, so don’t go blind trying to read the fine print 🙂

As featured in the Economic Times India – 16th of August, 2012. 

I never went to business school, but managed to do a fair share of business as an entrepreneur.

While I learnt most business tricks the hard way, Anna Hazare and his band (I call them Anna Hazare and the Wailers – AH&W) taught me these 7 incredible business lessons, rather entertainingly!

1. Rebellion is popular. Always was, always will be.

The first time AH&W drummed up an idea of fasting and making a big public fuss, right up the government’s nose, they created a massive fan following!

There was a gargantuan gathering of a social rock concert – a Woodstock of the modern century. And these guys were ‘the’ rock stars!

The AH&W band taught me that people like to rebel. They want to shout slogans, paint faces and scream at someone. Give them rebellion and they will rebel! So, in business, sell a rebellion. And people will buy.

2. Start something new – partners will come.

The kind of men, women and extraterrestrials that landed up on stage for AH&W’s first rock concert astounded me!

These were people that I knew (except the ETs) and had never seen in rebellion before! They played songs, made speeches and went crazy just to show support!

The lesson learnt was that if you start an amazingly fresh business, then all kinds of partners will come. Even to your doorstep, without being asked. All they want is your association and to be seen with you.

3. Governments do get embarrassed.

I cannot forget that Sunday session of Parliament.

Antique, wonky politicians stumbled and tumbled over their words, trying best to cover the embarrassment caused by AH&W’s music.

From the guy who grows a hair-forest out of his ears, to the public elocutionist who speaks incoherently, none of them could pretend that they didn’t hear the music. In the end, the speaker of the house went to AH&W and gave Anna (the lead singer), a letter of assurance! All achieved in one day!

The lesson was that if left with no options, just embarrass your opponent like you would scream at a glass until it breaks. It will break.

4. Never believe the government guys. They always lie.

It’s so ridiculously foolish that AH&W actually believed that the government would do as they promised!

I mean, c’mon dude! Next they will believe the finance minister telling them that India was on an economic high!

AH&W was ditched by the government. Like being taken to the moon by Neil Armstrong and being left there!

The lesson I learnt was to never believe government promises, no matter how genuine they sound.

Never build a business assuming that the government will take care of you.

5. Never stop the cement mixer. Never.

Seen those big ugly round-bellied cement trucks on the road? Ever wondered why their tummies keep rolling? Even when they are parked?

Well, it’s simple. They have liquid cement inside and if they stop rolling, the cement freezes. And kaboom! The stuff inside becomes unusable.

AH&W had fire in their bellies and steam in their songs. But they stopped rolling.

They froze their fire by doing nothing other than waiting, hoping and cursing. They assumed (wrongly) that they had become Rock Gods. In this age of Kalyug, even the Gods travel to people to make them dance.

The incredible lesson I learnt was that no matter what great start you have in your business, you have to keep moving.

Keep rolling even when you are standing still. Else, you will freeze and become unusable.

6. Tactics are different from Strategy.

In the ugly world of advertising (where people are sold things they don’t want to buy), there is a clear understanding of the words ‘tactic’ and ‘strategy’.

Tactic is the one-trick pony for one use and throw. AH&W’s first Jantar Mantar concert was an awesome tactic. It was the best way to get launched and noticed.

Now, strategy is completely different. It’s long term, slow and steady where persistent activity wins wars, not battles. It’s the hard work, the day-to-day business grind that’s to be done by all and sundry.

AH&W did not have a strategy!

They did nothing persistently or consistently. Every six odd months they met, they repeated the theme of concert #1 – wailing and cursing while fasting and dying in bed.

Unfortunately, much like failed bands, AH&W realized far too late that tactics work once, not twice.

In business, tactics get you launched and noticed. But it’s the delivery of the promise – the execution that really makes you win.

In other words, sometimes, strategy is nothing but hard execution.

7. Never climb on the ledge to jump. Never.

Professional blackmailers (I bet you know a few) never climb on the ledge and present their demands, because of two simple reasons.

The first reason is that if their demands are not met, they will need to climb back inside, nullifying their ‘threat reputation’. The second reason is that if they do jump off the ledge, then they won’t be around to do business again.

AH&W stood on the ledge and when no one seemed to care, they climbed back inside, never to be able to threaten again.

The lesson they taught me was to never blackmail or hold people to ransom just to have your way. One day, people will call your bluff and that day will be the end of business.

To put it simply, never do business by threatening people.


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  1. Value add to ET.

  2. wow – thats the kindest thing I’ve read

  3. Really nice lesson taught by AH&W

  4. How I wish, Arvind Kejriwal – a very accomplished person otherwise- was related to you.

  5. I am glad I came across this article in ET – it immediately triggered me to visit this awesome website and here I am, typing my first post! 

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  7. Thanks Alok.  I’ve been pondering this for a while.  (Not the AH&W tamasha.  That was a done deal on the first day he back tracked on his fast.)  The rebellion bit.  So yeah: hippekayee mofos…we goin to sell a rebellion… :))

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