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The awesomeness of therodinhoods is everywhere!

Hi Rodinhooders,

I am writing this with a sense of utter delight and enthusiasm for everyone out there to know and appreciate the power of network. A month back I got selected for Tim Draper’s “Draper University” and posted about this on trhs and this is how the magic happened.

My post:- 

Alok Shares this on his profile and there comes a comment from a person I never knew, Shobhit!

3 weeks back I became friends with him on Facebook:-

To my delight and surprise Shobhit called me a week before I had my flight to San Francisco and said he will come along to pick me up from the airport. I mean in today’s date who bothers to make a cross country call and make an offer to pick you up on a Saturday(when you are a stranger) added with the fact that I was crashing at his place for a day. 

Well, the hospitality and generosity with which Shobhit hosted me and came along to the airport just makes my belief strong that there’s no dearth of good people out there, only thing we need to do, is keep looking and keep rodinhooding if I may say so! 🙂

And, did I miss saying that he and his lovely wife took me around the city on the very day I landed! 🙂

Thank you therodinhoods, you have become a way of life to me.



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  1. wow. this is just so awesome prashant!

    kudos to you shobhit!!

    listen… why don’t you guys try and catch up with some other BARs…???!!!

    abbe – peenawala nahin – #BayAreaRodinhooders!

  2. Thank you so much Asha, all this happens because you are there all the time 🙂

    And, thank you for making me aware of BARs where I may probably not drink, but have a good time rodinhooding!

  3. Prashant bro everything is Karmic

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