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TheRodinhoods December 2012 – Open House Agenda!


This is the proposed agenda for the Open House scheduled on the 7th of December 2012 – see venue details here and also RSVP please! (Heartfelt thanks to NSE for the awesome venue!)

Time: 5:00 – 8:00 pm

Venue – NSE Auditorium, Bandra Kurla Complex – Mumbai

Admission – Free, no obligation, come and go as you like. No qualifications required – no criteria, no knowledge, no conversation, no Rodinhood Membership, no stress, no gyaan.

The Rodinhoods December 2012 – Open House Agenda!

5:00–5:15 pm

Welcome address by Alok (Founder) and presentation of Agenda by Akancha

5:15 – 6:00 pm

5x5x5x5 presentations on “I have an idea!”

5 Rodinhooders get to present their big idea, challenges and inspiration! If you have an exciting idea which you would like to share, to- get guidance, mentors, inspirations, partners or simply an audience.. then, this is your chance to do so!

5 most interesting ideas, duly submitted in THIS ppt format will be chosen between Asha, the editor and Alok ,for presentation at the Open House.

Its a 5x5x5x5 format where the 5 Rodinhooders get 5 Minutes to present 5 Slides on the topic. 5 members of the audience then get to ask one question each about what they saw.

Akancha ( will be timing the presenters and they will be asked to stop sharp after 5 minutes.

Repeat- The link for format of the presentation is THIS  Please download this and send it to Asha the editor – before the 30th of November, to get a chance to present.

Please do stick to the format and deadline.

6:00 – 6.30 pm 

Special presentation by Alok! 

6:30 – 7:15 pm

Meet Girisha Hosanagara- The Indian Paralympics Silver medalist!!

This is a story of guts, courage, determination and glory!! Meet our country’s first ever Paralympics Silver medalist- Girisha Hosanagara Nagarajegowda. All of 25 years, he has been participating in sports ever since his school days. Unfazed by little support for a sport like high jump, he went on to compete in the World Paralympics, September  2012 held in London. He made our country proud by  winning the first ever silver medal at the event! With an audience of 80,000 people watching him live on the ground, he jumped a height of 1.74 mts. The bar for excellence just got raised!!

Girisha humbly says “There is struggle in every kind of sport, in every field of life. But, it is our determination that helps us stay focused. My father told me not to worry about winning the medal. He encouraged me to make myself good enough to just participate!”

We are very happy and proud to have Girisha with us at this Open House. Its an honor and inspiration!

7.15- 7.20 pm

The year gone by- some special TheRodinhoods moments in 2012!

A quick recap of few special moments from TheRodinhoods journey of 2012, by Akancha

7.20 – 7.45 pm

Spectacular 2012 and looking ahead!!- 3x5x5x5 presentations

If you have had a spectacular 2012 and have a story to share, we are keen to hear! Three such presentations will be shortlisted between Asha, the editor and Alok for presenting at the Open House.

The format for the presentation is THIS

3 Rodinhooders get 5 Minutes to present 5 Slides about their spectacular journey in 2012. 5 members of the audience then get to ask a question each about what they saw.

Akancha ( will be timing the presenters and they will be asked to stop sharp after 5 minutes.

Repeat – Format of the PPT to be presented is THIS – please download this and send it to Asha the Editor – before the 30th of November to get a chance to present.

Please do stick to the format and deadline.

7:45 – 8:00 pm

Chit Chat, group photo, gang photos, mingling and connecting. If someone wants to say something, he or she can just grab the mike!

PS – Alok will be distributing 50 free copies of the Autobiography of Yogi for those who don’t have a copy and want to read the book!

R.S.V.P here!!



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  1. This just keeps getting better and better…

    Might end up missing this one though 🙁

    All the best!!!

  2. ohhh really?!! do try to join us but if you cant then no worries, we will make sure to get a lot of pictures…and share with everybody..-:))) 

  3. Would it not be great if these Open House sessions are recorded and posted for later viewing? There are many people who can’t help but miss such great sessions because of separated geographies.

    Kindly do give a thought over it, I am certain this would be needed by many people.

  4. Hi, we generally have a couple of blogs from those who attend these Open House and we post them here. they give a brilliant account of what transpired as well as pictures!! Video recording of some highlights at a later date is a good idea..-:)))  

  5. Since the day….I got to know that 7 Dec was fixed for this Event…I had been telling myself to be a part of it by travelling to Mumbai from Delhi.
    But after seeing the Event Line up and the Agenda……I Feel a strong hop in my steps and seems it will make me jump to the venue on the Date.
    If I do…..Will be glad to present on either one of the presentations.
    Best Wishes to all Attendees!!

  6. Please do “jump over” and join us -:)))) and once you know your travel plans, do check out the timeline for presentation submission…look forward to seeing you here!!!

  7. Are there enough number in Chennai for a meet?

  8. Badri…you can trigger a discussion and members from Chennai will respond to you. we can take it from there…

  9. When is Open House happening in Bangalore?

  10. hi karthick, we will keep you posted. it will be announced here. you can also be in touch with other members of the city including puneet aggarwal who are always actively engaged in the event when it happens in bangalore..

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