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TheRodinhoods Delhi Party – are you coming?

Just a quick note to figure out if all the Rodihoods in Delhi can get together and party?


I have a session at Ad Tech India on Thursday (28th) from 1230 – 115 or so.. Staying in Delhi that night (The Bristol @ Gurgaon)


Who all are going to be there and what’s the plan!??


Can we meet on Thursday night and get some beers (we all go dutch) and laughs together?!!


Can someone (preferably local) suggest a place and time so that we just land up there?


Just reply to this note and feel free to get friends, family, enemies, pets and their wallets along (Delhi politicians not allowed)




We hang out 730 pm onwards (Thursday 28th of April) at:



Global Foyer 

Golf Course Road, 


Google maps –


(Thank you Rajat Gupta for the quick suggestion)


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  1. Sounds like a plan ! I am already in Delhi/Gurgaon. 



  2. SK – just suggest a place thats nice and central in GG and we can all assemble there?

  3. There are good no. of micro-breweries near to Bristrol like Vapor, Tab01, Striker etc. Party can continue in anyone of them. I can arrange a good deal for Rodinhooders in Striker :).   


  4. STRIKER IT IS!!! So lets say we meet at 730 pm there? Can you provide the address please?

  5. Striker

    Global Foyer 

    Golf Course Road, 


    Google maps –


  6. I am in.. it will be wonderful to meet you in person… See you on Thursday..

    Anyone needs to coordinate my number is 9871369845.. Neeraj

  7. I live in Gurgaon. Striker is nice place, also Vapor. Lemme know if I can help in arranging anything.




  8. Hey Guys – This is a DUTCH PARTY :-)))))

  9. I am in.


    New guy here!

  10. Glad you made it clear 🙂 Alok…


  11. Rockmans Beer Island @ Ambience Mall Ggn, @ NH8 @ nr the GGn Delhi Border. 

    😛 – but I don’t beer so i will be happy w my mockies.

    Good Music Guaranteed ! 

    I am IN ! 


  12. O Boy ! jus realized Striker is finalized ! 😛 and I dont drink Beer !

  13. hey…. dont they serve anything else??!

  14. Hi,


    I’ll be attending Ad-Tech as well. So will be glad to meet you guys post that.


    With respect,


  15. @ Who ? beer Island ? Its Beer Island ! so draft, wheat…. blah blah….

  16. Are we allowed to bring a guest along with?

    Guest = not a member of Rodinhoods (but will pay for his/her food and drinks).

  17. OF COURSE!!!!


    Would like to meet you Alok. Welcome Gurgaon.

    Beer = Yes,
    Entrepreneur Lecture = No 😉

    (just joking, you are nice on your blog)


    Rakesh MeriCAR

  19. Great idea! Proud to be a Rodinhood, this forum has become one of the most useful ones … I shall surely be there.



    Aji Issac

  20. I am attending Ad-tech and looking forward to this party 🙂 Yay!

  21. das awesome…..would love to join in !!

  22. I am in , looking forward to meet everyone.

  23. Sounds fun. it will be good to see you Alok. I am also in.

  24. I’ll be there. Do I just look for the most drunk bunch around there, or can I IM/msg/call someone once I reach? 😛


  25. just come boss….u cant miss THERODINHOODS!

  26. I am in…. 🙂 would be a pleasure to be there….

  27. Reminder – 730 pm today!!



    Global Foyer 

    Golf Course Road, 

    Google maps –

  28. Sorry Alok, I wont be able to make up. It would be a pleasure to meet you in person, but the time and place are both inconvenient. May be next time.Till than I will keep in touch with you, virtually (Yes, on your blog).

  29. Wow what a day it has been. After a blockbuster experience at ad:tech new delhi. It was amazing to meet fellow rodinhoods at Striker. I enjoyed every moment and had an opportunity to have meaningful conversations with amazing thought leaders who are passionate about what they do. Over 20 people turned up to make the first rodinhood meet , which I think is awesome.  Hope to see such meets happen in Mumbai and other cities soon. Thank you Alok for the experience.

  30. Yeah, it should happen in every city once in 2 or 3 months to start off …. it is so great to meet all … all unpluggd … no agendas, just discussions, getting to know few of the Rodinhoods personally was great!


    Thanks Alok for arranging it!

  31. the delhi rodinhoods get together was a smasher!!!


    THANKS EVERYONE for the effort and the time spent!!


    Check out these snaps – 

  32. Ahhhh.. was nearby but for want of time had to skip it..anyways alok why dont you make it quaterly affair 😛



    Thanks, really enjoyed get together. 

    Rakesh MeriCAR


  34. Hi all at Striker @ yesterday,

    Some of you I saw, some I spoke to briefly & one 19 year old boy who laffed a lot and promised will remember my name !

    I normally find these kind of gatherings very subtly pre-meditated for a larger agenda. 

    This one was so warm and easy that I almost felt I knew everyone, it was like getting together after work to unwind ! 

    I thumbs up this one ! 

  35. Alok, when are we meeting Bacchus in Bombay?

  36. Thanks Jyoti, i think i sit with you 2 or 3 minutes. i appreciate you remember. Party! Yeah, but otherwise i can invite you for small parties at every small success of my dream before making it big. Entrepreneurship is a journey! 

    @Alok, Thanks for get together, amazing people. (i like your idea of bringing “clothes” and “brain” for incubator 😉

  37. ditto dat!

  38. Ah… missed the meet, will be there for the next one in Delhi for sure!


    So please organize another one soon 🙂

  39. Guys,


    Just back to Bangalore, from a 15 day work/pleasure trip to delhi, and got the time to catch-up with the gurgaon rodinhoods… the evening was fabulous… enjoyed evey bit of conversation with each of you !!!!

     Alok, one required in bangalore tooo !!!


    cheers !

    Ginni Xanders

  40. I just pressed the refresh button for Delhi rodinhood party, here it is …

  41. Thank for the oscars 🙂


    Thanks to Himanshu ji (Tekno point) for sponsoring my whole trip to these meets (Rodinhoods rock) …

  42. wow – just saw them just now… awesome!

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