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‘TheRodinhoods’ needs “flashy” people and other volunteers…!!!

Hey everyone,

We’ve been trying to execute some cool new additions on the site. Introducing Ad Banners is just the tip of the iceberg – so wait and watch!

As you know, we don’t really have resident designers. But Nishchal Par bailed us out and is now our Design Partner!

At present, we are looking for someone who knows flash (and all that jazz) to bring Nishchal’s designs alive! Someone who is happy to volunteer once in a while for TheRodinhoods…!

We’re open to other expertise too!

Just to give you an example, meet Sudarsan Ravi.


His profile pic prompted me to ask him if photography was his profession or a passion? To which he replied, “I am a photographer by night and an Entrepreneur by day.”

[Unfortunately, Sudarsan fell ill so couldn’t make it to our recent Open House in Mumbai where he wanted to be the resident photographer!]

Then there is Nameet Potnis – a jack of many trades and a super active rodinhooder. In his previous life (prelude to becoming an entrepreneur) he was a photojournalist! And he too has expressed his desire to volunteer as a photographer at our upcoming TheRodinhoods events.

What could you do? You tell us!

Thinking aloud, if creating awesome PPTs is your thing – yell & tell…! Some of our members want to/need to post PPTs but just don’t seem to be kicked by the idea of creating one…. 🙂

If you want to be a regular contributor and want to start a series of articles, just say so!

If you want to be the person who collects details of everyone present at TheRodinhoods Open House – be that person!

Be creative… Come up with ideas that excite you and let us know!

Hope this post has started the ball rolling for now. Feel free to comment on this thread or simply write to me at if you are into FLASH or anything else that could help us better TheRodinhoods (online or offline). We’d be happy to have volunteers around to add value to the site which is exploding with awesome content as you read this…

p.s: we’re about to touch the 4k member mark!



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  1. Asha – It feels great to be featured. A lot of credit goes to you for us hitting the 4K mark. 

    I look forward to meeting fellow Rodinhooders and volunteers in our next session. Its great that we are touching 4000. Impressive growth! Here’s wishing inspires another 40000 new Entrepreneurs in 2013. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year RodinHooders!

  2. Wow 4k!!! Guess New Year has already started for us Rodinhooders!!

    So many thoughts coming into mind right now.. Would definitely see how can I contribute to this wonderful platform. 

  3. Hi Asha, PPTs is where I can pitch in. Also, I could contribute once in a while. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the stuff we’ve done. Here, we = Social Squared, a full-service digital media company that I’m the co-founder of.

  4. awesome amey! thanks so much – shall keep in mind for sure.

    now if we could find that FLASH person/s….!!!

  5. Hi asha, will be happy to contribute with Flash or HTML 5 needs. Have sent you an email as well.

  6. Dear Asha, u can look me up for ppt works.

  7. :)))))))

  8. hey thanks praveen – will take up the offer when the time arises!

  9. Why specifically flash? Why not something better like js?

  10. Dear Nishant,

    The post does not say we are restricting ourselves to just flash. We are open to anything that members of therodinhoods want to volunteer for. The question here is not the technology but of getting something that looks “really good” up on the ad banner. 

    If you are good with js and prepared to contribute to the same we will be more than happy to use your help on implementing the same. Please feel free to write to me at Cheers!

  11. Hope you are aware that Andoid 4.1 not supporting flash any more

  12. 2d graphics, illustration & anything related to ‘craft & display’ can count me in !

  13. thanks nidhi. shall keep in mind.

  14. I am in for flash/actionscript or anything related to design.

  15. hey thanks nikhil. will hunt you down when the need arises 🙂

  16. Any design related work – emailers, posters, ppts, web banners, content creation – infact you can just mention the requirement and we would do it if it comes under our ambit. :))

  17. thanks so much anamika! i know where to find you 🙂

  18. I am not a creative person as far as designing is concerned but if ever TheRodinhoods need tele-voting kind of things I will be a definite help.

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