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Tie Mumbai Smashers at IIT Mumbai, featuring Rodinhood and The Morpheus

Event – Smashers organized by Tie Mumbai at the IIT Mumbai Campus – 28th April 2012

This is a keynote featuring Alok Rodinhood and Sameer Guglani

Trust me, these 2 videos will be FUN AND EDUCATIVE to watch 🙂

Part 1/2

Part 2/2

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  1. It was a delight watching this!

    Your sense and judgment about valuations…truly praiseworthy!

    Hope you share how you perceive the various big deals like Google acquiring You Tube and as such! 

  2. Was an amazing session..

    What really impressed me was Alok’s Lively and Jovial style of conducting the entire session..

    And who can forget that Man who saw the GATE.. :)))))))

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