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TRHS is Awesome!

TRHS is like some matrimonial portal, wherein it helps an Entrepreneur to find it’s to be customers.

One of the most difficult task in a business is to get leads, once you have got the right leads, you know the direction where you have to put efforts. People spend too much on acquiring leads, register themselves at sites like Indiamart, Quickr, etc and pay them good amount for registration, premium account, etc. And still you are not assured of right leads; you may get 100 calls a day but only few are relevant.

About Me – I launched a venture Startup4Startups-(S4S) just a month ago. Some of my services are

1) Idea generation

2) Developing & setting up business for new Entrepreneurs

3) Territory expansion

4) Cost optimization

5) Marketing & Promotion

6) IT support, web designing, content, etc

7) Management Outsourcing

8) HR

Basically, we are B2B firm, this was to give you an idea about my background for better understanding of how TRHS did wonders for me.

One day I logged in and just came across a message of Mr. Bhupinder Singh on main chat room about his venture I checked it out and something clicked to me. I just connected with me and shared my views, suggestions, etc on his venture. We had a good one hour discussion, and then he became my first client from TRHS.

I had shared my failure few months ago through the post ‘How I Doomed my 1st Venture?‘ and then my phone started ringing, got numerous mails. The best part was I suddenly got connected with so many entrepreneurs, they shared their pain and challenges with me and today they all are potential clients for my business, so I have got right leads for free of cost. Also associated with some seasoned and successful Entrepreneurs, who today advice me when I am stuck somewhere.

Sai Kothapalle, a Rodinhooder contacted me just to appreciate my post. He works at Congnizant and has got 10 years of experience. One day, he asked me to refer him to some IT related startup. I instantly offered him to join my startup and provide IT support, he happily agreed and designed (Not up yet) for one of my client. He is working on few more website of my other clients. I could not have able to afford a programmer, designer, etc but then through Rodinhoods, I got one of the best designers. Similarly, I got associated with Shouvik Dhar, founder of and he too is now one of my clients.

Yesterday, I commented on Jai Kumar’s article, mentioning about one of my services and just in few hours got a call from an Entrepreneur named Hari (Founder at from Chennai and he was eager to expand his business to Mumbai using my services. Then, later I got three mails too from different Entrepreneurs inquiring about my services. We are in the first stage of discussion right now but the point here is I am getting relevant leads. And almost all the leads I got from TRHS turned into successful sale, which none of the lead generating channels can boast of.

This proves that TRHS is not just another community for Entrepreneurs, if you use it in a right way, it will do wonders for you. TRHS is one of the best things I came across in my life. I recommend strongly to every new Entrepreneur to join TRHS. Being a Rodinhooder Entrepreneur will always be an edge.

Asha, I just can’t thank you enough, for managing TRHS, promoting us and our Startups, encouraging us, motivating us and taking even our most stupid queries. Thanks a ton Alok, for creating such a wonderful community. People may not remember you for your ventures, wisdom, experience, etc but they will always remember you for TRHS!

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  1. So, you your company takes in outsourced work in core areas from startups?

  2. Yes, we do…! But we also setup business for new entrepreneurs from scratch.

  3. You see, its funny why we are addicted to Facebook. Its nothing but a medium to seek attention and “possibly” try to get famous through sharing about doing daily routine activities within the eco-system of your friends and family. All you seek through posting photos or updating status is to win the competition of achieving most number of “likes” and “comments”. Now consider you start your Facebook account during your final years of Graduation. Like every early 20 years old, you post “self-obsessed-self-clicked” pictures, song dedications, movies you saw, friends you hanged out with, change relationship status etc. Then you start working. Post about your new friends, update your profile from “being a graduate” to “started working with”. Then ‘something’ happens. You get hit realizing life is not about how hard you hit but how hard you get hit and keep moving forward. You change all of a sudden. Say you quit your job and put yourself into the most grueling profession called Entrepreneurship. You change, your habits change. Say from being “socially active” you “be by yourself”. Say from partying hard you divert to meditate. Now your age old eco-system of “likes” is reluctant to accept your change. From “movies you watched” you start updating about “lessons you learnt”. But your eco-system fails to understand you, the changed you, the matured you. And you start hating the eco-system back cause you feel they have not reached upto the maturity level that you are experiencing. From being the most famous person on Facebook now you are the most boring. So then you try to detach from Facebook not because you have become “boring” but cause you need a different High. From gaining attention you have graduated and post-graduated to gaining knowledge, sharing knowledge, sharing life changing inspiring events not just for your own benefit but now for the benefit of your ECO-SYSTEM too. And there you are. Welcome to THERODINHOODS!  

  4. Divyesh,
    I can perfectly relate to what you have sed…with nearly 700 friends(I know all of them), I have now denounced FB…

    It is like coming of age move when you shift from Facebook to other things..
    In fact, Meditation is an antonym of Facebook(in every sense!)

    But I dont think that would happen here at Therodinhoods!
    TRHS is Awesome!!

    Aman Bhai, All the best for your venture!!

  5. Yep its true…

    Stronger this community becomes, stronger we become as an individual entrepreneur .

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