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Waku Doki ain’t NO Jingalala! No way!


So, I guess you’ve seen this rather irritating ad by now:

I posted this outrage on this on my facebook, twitter, and linkedin pages (errr… On G+ also)


Waku Doki? Doki moki? Moki foki? Foki Loki? Loki zooki?
Toyota’s gone cracky dopey.
Sales will go brokey brokey..


Most people were humored and laughed, but there were a couple of interesting comments on my facebook and linkedin pages:

Darshan Bhambiru on Facebook said:

The latest ‘Waku Doki’ campaign by Toyota is targeted towards the youth. The Japanese phrase which means ‘heart thumping exhalation’ The concept of ‘Waku Doki’ that revolves around the young and peppy is the new philosophy that is being projected to the masses.”
Waku Doki – Translations
doki anger, wrath
doki earthenware
waku frame, slide
waku to boil, to grow hot, to get excited
Toyota has also launched a contest for the consumers as most were unable to figure out the meaning of ‘Waku Doki’. The contest entails consumers to guess the meaning of the phrase and upload their own experience with Toyota. With the campaign doing rounds on various platforms such as television and print, Toyota thinks it will help capture the young consumers which constitute majority of prospective car buyers in the country.

Sriram K. on Linkedin said:

“Waku Doki” in Japanese loosely translates into an “exciting adrenaline rush”.. Maybe toyota got caught in its waku doki moment to release this campaign in India.


Ah haaa!!

And we are supposed to GET THIS??

Waku Doki????


Well, one ‘Funny Line’ I DO GET is ‘Jingalala’ of Tata Sky!

When I hear it, it’s FUNNY, bizarre, very INDIAN and just CATCHY:

First, a quick dekko:


The ad ends with a nice, ‘ringing’ jingalala tune that just remains with me for a while!

So, the reasons WHY Maku-Loki or Doki-Moki will NEVER be Jingala as I think:

– Jingalala is INDIAN!! Toru-Moki IS NOT!

I mean how about Toyota saying Jingalala in its ads IN JAPAN??

Will they work??

Ps – check out the meaning of Jingalala as per the Urban Dictionary:

1) A word defining happy gesture and aal-izz-well mode. Synonym for bindaas , jhakkas, hud dabanng dabanng 

2) Used by predator tribals on finding a prey. 

3) Inspired a few old indian songs and TV ads jingles and taglines.


– The signature jingle is the dessert, the aftertaste of the communication – NOT THE COMMUNICATION!! 

In the Tata Sky Ad, the message is communicated via a nice, funny, compelling story. It ends with a Jingalala message.

Honestly, even if it wasn’t there, the earth would still be the same.

In the Toyota ad, the AD ‘IS’ THIS DOKI-MOKI thingy!

I mean I can’t understand ANYTHING of what is happening IN the ad, because while the ad is playing, I am trying to use my old, 43 year vintage rotting grey cells to figure just WHAT THE HELL this means?!

– Delivery!

For heavens sake, if you do intend to speak like an ALIEN and make consumers repeat after you, HIRE A BOLLYWOOD STAR,  not a wooden bat or season ball hardened Cricketer.

This guy who says Saku Joki sounds like he really needs to get laid (oops) – happy or something!

In the Tata Sky Ad, the delivery is as expected – by the best. So it remains memorable.

Toyota – nothing is lost boss. It ain’t over till it’s over.


Think of “Wah wah wah” “Kya baat hai”, “Tukka lag gaya”, “Dana Dan” and so many more jingles that we Indians would respond to. Change NOW?!

Oku – Dokey?

Wakey Oakey??



media2win – an interactive ad agency in which I have substantial interest has been/is involved in the Interactive Advertising of Tata Sky India



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  1. Very rightly said Alok.. Talking of after-taste, in India one can almost instantly recall BRITANNIA from the jingle –  TING TING TINING.. 🙂

  2. yessss!! i forgot that one!!

  3. The bottom line is will it work.  Irrespective of whether it is Japanese, Indianese, or any combo thereof.  I guess they are playing the curiosity factor to learn what waku doki means.

  4. waku doki in Gujrati means ‘sprained neck’ . . .now connect it to car driving!!!

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