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Want to attend advertising and technology conference- Ad:Tech New Delhi?

My company Tekno Point is one of the exhibitors and as part of my deal I am entitled to a few full conference passes from ad:tech.

Now the reason for the post is this : I have a full conference pass worth Rs.16000/- to give away to a rodinhood, preferably a start up person who will benefit from attending this event.

So any Rodinhood interested in attending the same , This is how you win it :

Explain in few lines how will you benefit. And how will you share the experience from attending ad:tech ?

Since this is mainly for inspring a startup rodinhood, to keep it fair , My company will also sponsor your travel and stay from any location in India to Delhi.

Alok- the rodinhood of theRodinhoods 🙂 will decide the winner.

Go for it !!

About ad:tech

ad:tech is an interactive advertising and technology conference and exhibition. Worldwide shows blend keynote speakers, topic driven panels and workshops to provide attendees with the tools and techniques they need to compete in a changing world.

For the first time ad:tech is happening in India at New Delhi on 27th April and 28th April.

To know more :

About Tekno Point

We offer 3 services which are basically 3 ways of helping a client benefit from Flash platform. We help clients build there team or offer premium web production services or collaborate on large enterprise projects- all on Adobe Products. To know more Training- , and Consulting

Yes we have a facebook page : 🙂


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  1. Hi Himanshu, I would love to be a part of it. Infact I have been looking forward to get a pass from the last few weeks. My company is a start up about “Backpack Travel” in India.
    Akshay Chhugani

  2. WOW….I am posting this on all my social media in the morning!

  3. Himanshu – can u edit a post to just ask a couple of lines on why the person should benefit so that it can go the most deserving person ( Akshay certainly being one of them) – but the process should be a bit competitive and fair…

  4. Thanks Alok for your inputs 🙂 I have made the changes and so that more people can participate travel and stay is also on us. I did not take your permission and made you the judge. But who better then you to decide a contest winner, so I hope you will grant my wish.

  5. @Jyoti – Thank you for your kind words

    I am a rodinhood ,sharing is a given. :)However how much will depend on activity at my booth 🙂


  6. Hi Himanshu,

    Great offer I must say. I am a final year student at IIT Bombay and also co-founder of CreativT which operates in event/group merchandise space. Currently model is completely offline but we are planning to take it to a offline+online mode and that is why this conference will immensely benefit me.

    I will be sharing my experience @conference live using my twitter account ( marketinmonster), LinkedIn & Rodinhoods while I can use my blog ( and again Rodinhoods Blog for post conference write-up. I will probably use internal channels for sharing my experience with students at IIT Bombay. I can contribute to news section of Tekno Point also.



  7. Hi Himanshu, that is really kind of you/your company to sponsor someone to attend this event.

    I would love to attend it. I am with a startup “Deltecs InfoTech”, we are into Mobile Learning Solutions with special focus for Enterprises. And We are about to launch a new flavour of our solution for mass consumption (Free & Paid version). Oops, I dont want to bombard you with details. But justifying my attendance, I handle marketing and we experiment lot with different mediums and approaches. Currently being a small team and with limited resources, this helps us to think out of box to get best of available options/opportunity.

    Attending this event will definetly give me exposure to latest trends/techniques and help learn from industry experts. I am confident this will offer good insights and ignite new ideas.
    I shall blog about my experience and learnings to share this with hundreds of marketers like me.

    I look forward to attend this event.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Kinjal Vora

  8. Hello!

    Would love to grab this opportunity with both my hands 😀 I run a startup based out of Hyderabad called iGenero, primarily into service industry and coming with a few kickass products soon! Ofcourse, who wouldn’t want to attend ad:tech, you get to know the big bad world of marketing and advertising first hand! 😛 The experience and exposure isn’t really tangible to put it down just before attending it, its the first one in India, so ought to experience and then write about it 🙂 It’d be damn nice if I could attend the event/workshops and talk to the guys who I read about all the time 🙂


  9. Hi Himanshu,

    This certainly is a nice gesture on your end and a great opportunity for a business development professional like me. I work with a technology driven creative digital agency named Olive and would certainly be able to gain and subsequently use the knowledge to benefit my clients.

    Also, as i am in Delhi only, you won;t have to bother about arranging for my travel and stay in Delhi.


  10. Hey Himanshu,
    Your gesture to give away the ticket is much appreciated – hope it get’s as viral as you hoped 🙂

    I would love to attend Ad:Tech’s first event in India – I had attended one in London and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The speakers and topics on agenda look good, and networking opportunity is immense – just the right setting to help me become a Rodinhood quickly. Not to forget, would love to meet you in person!

    I’d live tweet/blog entire session with your #hashtag if you select me (Hint!)



  11. Hi Himanshu,
    Thank you so much as this great opportunity for start ups to get great exposure.
    I am the founder & Ceo of . Its a startup based on the whole concept of “Backpacking in India” . We have set up a multiple revenue model and have been successful with it, however the one thing that we have still not been able to capitalize to the core is “Ad Sales” and that is the exact purpose I want to attend the Ad:Tech conference. I want to meet the right kind of people/companies which can benefit my company. The sessions on the 27th starting at 2pm are the one I really am looking forward to. Secondly we are currently in the process of renovating our website and adding a lot of new services to it and getting to be a part of the session on the 28th would help our company plan our media in a better and cost effective way .
    As far as sharing the experience goes, I am going to be putting it up across all social media platforms i use plus I am going to be getting in touch with all my startup friends and ask them if I could may be help them out to clear any queries related to the conference/meet someone at the conference on their behalf.

    Akshay Chhugani

  12. Hi Himanshu,

    I think you should give this to somebody who has very good video making skills or tremendous speed of type/writing, so that he/she can share every think with the Robinhoods.

  13. Absolutely great!!! This would inspire a lot of people to get the right connect and it will be a great help especially being at ad:tech New Delhi.

  14. Hi Himanshu & Alok

    I am the founder of Dialify [] and we create “dial enabled” – Audio Games, ie games that work over simple voice phone calls. These games are fun and social, with a multi-player capability that we plan to launch with our next title.

    Delivering interactive gameplay over phone calls could be the largest new – ‘New Media’. Since our games are dynamic soundstages with characters and events- we also are working on an advertising delivery medium that enables advertisers to tag event within the game with ‘spots’ and ‘in-game’ contextual placement. This capability will be available – real-time & online to advertisers with analytics and campaign management.

    We have 3 games live on various telco networks [on subscription] including the Official World Cup Cricket game on the Reliance Communications networks. We are launching a kids game in association with Cartoon Network in late April featuring Ben10.

    We believe we have a ‘new medium’, ‘new technology’, and ‘big reach’ that makes sense for Ad-tech.



  15. Hi Nikhil ,

    Interesting stuff, however you forgot to write about the second half – how will you share your experience. Please edit your post to add the same.


  16. Hi Himanshu & Alok

    Thanks for pointing it out. I am sure a number of other people can tweet & cover the event from a personal perspective, and may do a better job than we could.

    We however have something unique to offer – We could Dialify the entire conference [LIVE] from the venue, and make it accessible over a phone call [Free OR Subscription]. This will however require to be cleared with the conference organisers – perhaps you can help us connect with them.

    This will enable the entire conference to be available to the extended audience –

    1. People who cant afford the super expensive 🙂 Delegate Fee 
    2. People who cant get away from work on the conference days
    3. The entire workforce in the Media/Advertising/Brand industries who possibly cannot be accomodated.

    The mode of access would be a regular mobile number, while subscriptions would be sold online to the entire conference and/or parts thereof.

    Now you know what it means to “Dialify” an event. 🙂





  17. We are into Digital Marketing, we have a small team of 15 members. Since the Ad world will be changing (and is already changing) with different ad types like search target, contextual, remarketing ads to name a few. We being in Digital Media, we can get the inside perspective of Ad industry, will help us grow. Being a startup, it does help in taking the extra step to attend such a conference.

    Since we are into Digital World, we spread things everywhere, we have active FB pages and campaigns, Also I helped NASSCOM Event at Kolkata … Also helped Startup Saturday Kolkata to being one of the most active one in India.

    Aji Issac

  18. I have been in the mobile advertising space for long now, in fact a bit early in time with respect to the Ad platform that we installed @ Tata Indicom & Reliance couple of years back. Since we are fine tuning the platform at our end, it would be interesting for me come over and visualize new ideas, solutions & offerings that are springing up on the horizon…. http://www.eMbicence.com [Indian entity]

  19. Hi Himanshu,
    I wonder if I’d qualify for this, for mine is a startup unit within a larger unit.

    Let me explain…
    I work as a lecturer at St. Mary’s College, HYderabad.
    As of this year, I have been given the responsibility of setting up what will be our Post Graduate Studies Programme.

    As part of this programme we are introducing two courses.
    1. A Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Family Business & Entrepreneurship – to commence in July 2011 (in association with The Bill Greehey School Of Business, St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, Texas) Family Business and Entrepreneurship – Facebook Page
    2. A Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Advertising and Marketing Communications Advertising Ka Kamaal – An Academic Look at Advertising…

    Now to explain how I will benefit, I hope to meet as many entrepreneurs as I can and gain as many insights from from them as I can.
    As far as sharing the my learnings from Ad tech goes… The sharing will begin on my facebook pages (6,200 likes approx) and extend to our faculty members and their classes too…

    Vijay Shetty
    Post Graduate Studies Programme
    St. Mary’s College, Yousufguda
    Hyderabad, 500045

  20. Alok – Can you please select the winner ? Let me know if you want all the entries in an excel or any other more readable form to make it easy for you to decide.
    Looking forward.

  21. Yes. Lets announce on Monday? I will rever to you on some choices

  22. I’m an aspiring internet entrepreneur, so I’m very eager to attend this mega digital conference, which is happening for the first time in India. I blog at

    How will I share it?

    I’m working as social media manager at, the No.1 Job site for freshers in India. Our site gets more than 2 lakh visitors daily and more than 25 million page views monthly. We have an active presence on and

    I’ll share my experience on our site,, which is visible to lakhs of visitors.
    Also I’ll update my experience on our social media channels.

    Thank you
    Varinder Parihar

  23. Hi , I will be announcing the winner tonight. It was expected yesterday but could not. Thank you for your patience. 

  24. Eeveryone – my bad, I missed the deadline. Himanshu is doing the needful

  25. And the time has come to announce the winner.


    I have decided to announce Aji Issac as the winner considering both the parameters of benefit and sharing.  There was a close tie between Abhishek Mathur and him. His Nasscomm experience to share the details about the event made the decision in his favour.


    So Congratulations Aji !! Please send me a test mail on himanshu[at] to take things further.



    Himanshu Mody

  26. WOW! This is a great! Thanks Himanshu, I will do my part for sure! I am so happy…. Great Great!

  27. Congratulations Aji…

  28. Congratulations Aji

  29. Woohooh Aji Way to Go!! 🙂

  30. Hi Himanshu,


    I recently started my direct response copywriting & content writing business ( and have already made my travel plans for Delhi to attend Ad-Tech. I am however just attending the ‘free’ exhibition as the conference cost is prohibitive. So I’ll like to take up your offer. This is given that Ad-Tech closely ties with my business of direct response copywriting that is such an important part of Internet marketing, which is the core theme of Ad-Tech.



    Vishal Khandelwal. 

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