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weekend meets @ Bangalore

Dear All Rodinhooders,

       This is in reference to something Alok has been doing @C2W , weekly openhouse.

I was wondering if the rodinhooders of Bangalore can also plan something like this wherein we can catchup at a coffee shop/restaurants over a weekend. 

I am sure there are a plethora of startup guys/entrepreneurs in Bangalore who are hungry to network with like minded people and there are many working IT professionals(like me) who would like to utilise their time over a weekend and meet new people and use their skills in the world of startups by meeting like minded people.

–> To start with it can just a catchup at some cool venue 

–> Slowly the more members turn out , more we can expand the venues and other activities.

I am sure if it gets initiated we all will be benefitted and I truly believe this is the best way to startup a community and the platform Alok has provided can be used at different locations also for local openhouse/opencoffees

Please provide inputs if this sounds exciting.




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  1. neat idea amit!!!!

    b’lore is the perfect place to initiate this! all the best. 

    p.s: phota share karjo :))))))))))))))))

  2. @Asha ji  

    chokkas 🙂 

  3. Wowowowow……this is MY DREAM…that entrepreneurs meet without me being around!!!


    AMIT, best to mention a place and time…and then let people decide. Sometimes saying “come here, at this time” works better than “do u wanna come someplace, sometime?”

  4. Some suggestions assuming we meetup post lunch between 3PM – 7 PM :

    The square Cafe Coffee day – Vithal mallya Road ( UB City) , 3 Pm – 7 Pm

    Would be glad for more & BETTER suggestions for the venue , this is my personal favorite so suggesting this

  5. Great Initiative Amit. Sometimes we keep staring at things for tooo long in order to get perfection.
    But Your initiative tells us that one can start with whatever one has and then Perfection Follows.

    Now similar open House would start in Delhi/Gurgaon from 13/14th April too
    Best Wishes!!

  6. Alliance francaise…

  7. Hi Amit , really nice Idea …plz lemme know d details once u decide on …

  8. amith there are already many such events happening at Bangalore like try for Bangalore . just follow right people on twitter from Bangalore region u will get to know abt these events 

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