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What Can I As An Entrepreneur Learn From Rahul Dravid?

Rahul Dravid has been my favorite cricketer since childhood. As a kid ,many a times I have been mocked upon by my friends for being a fanatic follower while most people back in the late 90s would be thrilled about Sachin Tendulkar only and a few others too, but never Rahul Dravid. I was one of those few people who died to have a life-size poster of him in my room!

Rahul Sharad Dravid

Anyways, I believe there is loads to learn from him, both as a cricketer as well as a person. I think entrepreneurs can especially take a lot from him.

1. Dravid was always more technique than talent. He worked on his technique until he became an expert at it.

This is something I believe is so important for an entrepreneur. Many believe that someone who takes up this journey is one who has loads of talent. I, on the other hand think talent is something which plays a small part. What is important is the technique. This is something which all entrepreneurs should necessary spend time working on – mastering the technique.

2. Staying at the crease and holding on to your wicket.

Rahul Dravid is undoubtedly the best batsman to frustrate even the best bowlers by hanging in there for really long times, sometimes even without scoring. I am sure many can relate to what I will say now. We, as entrepreneurs, go through times when things just don’t work, but you know what, sometimes it’s not so important to score, sometimes its more important to hang in there, hold onto your stumps when someone is trying to knock you off.

3. Dravid always made sure he had the right weapons.

From what numerous players have shared, Rahul Dravid was one person who was very careful about things being in order. His kit was always properly arranged and one would never see things out-of-place. This is where entrepreneurs can take the lesson of professionalism from him. Having things in order will give you a clearer vision of what you really have and what you have to get. In short, he never left anything to chance.

4. Temperament and Approachability

Many young cricketers have shared comments that Rahul Dravid is a person who is very easy to approach to. Youngsters look to learn a lot from him and he has always been a great mentor. That is how an entrepreneur should be – approachable and at the same time a great mentor (something like Alok Kejriwal and Mukund Mohan are today, to name a few). There are loads to take from Dravid’s temperament too. The temperament to fight it out in the middle and to prove himself and not let people down.

5. Which is why He is “The Wall”.

There cannot be another “Wall” in Indian cricket, I am sure most will agree. Keeping up the grit and determination and having the belief of never letting down people who look up to you, that is what earned him the name. He was someone people could trust on. Entrepreneurs should be like “The Wall” – strong, determined and stable.

One more thing, Dravid was never a successful captain. He wasn’t really good at it. Dhoni is no doubt the most popular captain already and also probably the most successful. Lesson to take? There will be situations where no matter how competent you are, you will fail. You should have the ability to bounce back and get on your feet again. Dravid did make himself more useful those days by keeping stumps for a long time, thus giving one more crucial space for a batsman/bowler. Another lesson? There will be roles you’ll have to take which you’ll least expect and for which you’ll be least prepared.


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  1. Profile photo of Pradeep Chaudhary

    Awesome post and nicely observed. All these lessons are worthy enough to become a successful Entrepreneur.

  2. Profile photo of Shobhit Jain

    Hey Prateek,

    Nice post. I am too a huge Rahul Dravid fan. I would like to add a line to the 4th point (Temperament and Approachability) : We entrepreneurs need to lean “How to put our heads down and play ball by ball- that too with a straight bat”, something with RD was a champion at. Business is always TEST CRICKET with lots of T20 matches in it. 

    Thanks for the post. Shobhit Jain

  3. Profile photo of Deepak Sharma

    Really nice post thanks

  4. Profile photo of Kamna Hazrati

    nice, impressively written, and I like the Bold points! They sum up the entrepreneur roles.

  5. Profile photo of Prateek Panda

    Thanks for the words. 

  6. Profile photo of Prateek Panda

    I love your point, “Business is always Test Cricket with lots of T20 Matches in it”

  7. Profile photo of Prateek Panda

    thanks! 🙂

  8. Profile photo of asha chaudhry

    hey prateek…

    just a quick one – was this story posted by you first in

  9. Profile photo of Prateek Panda

    Hey Asha,

    Yes, it was posted by me in I used to work for them back then. 

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