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Why The Surface will NOT succeed – a KARMIC observation


I just saw this image on facebook, on someones wall. It’s a photo set of the launch events of Steve Jobs announcing the iPad by Apple and Steve Ballmer announcing The Surface by Microsoft.

Then, I looked at it again, and I saw this!

 My ‘Karmic’ judgement:

– look at the aggression in Steve Ballmer’s body! 

– at the position microsoft is in the tablet business, Ballmer should be folding his hands and praying!

– check out Steve Jobs and how deftly he holds his piece of art

– Ballmer actually is balancing The Surface with one hand so that he can punch a fight with the other??

The Universe rewards those with humility and peace – not with those who show aggression and vanity.

Sorry MS – you ain’t my kinda Company….



Updated – 21/7/2013 by Alok


MIcrosoft announced its Quarter Earnings last week and has pretty much WRITTEN off the Surface.

Check – why the surface failed



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  1. Steve Ballmer is actually an aggressive person and he sometimes gets enthusiastic on stage. 

    I doubt if that means the end of Surface – it is a collective karma of the team with thousands of engineers. 

  2. The Fact that Steve Ballmer dismissed TABLETS to be the next big thing is evidence enough of his lack of Vision.. The Microsoft Surface is a desperate attempt to catch the missed Bus..

    And Alok, I am sure that even Body Language experts will agree with your observation.. 🙂

  3. What an objective analysis!

  4. :-))) 

  5. Alok’s prediction just became true.. Check this out – Surface Fail

  6. I read two articles this morning – both praising the Surface. One was from a hardcore apple fan. I’m just saying it’s too early to pass judgements. IPod was universally criticised when it first came out.

  7. @Kaushal Bhavsar – collective Karma – Love it 🙂

  8. Although iPod was criticized initially, but it rose because of its User Friendliness.. The hardware was a compliment to its amazing software..

    But in the case of Surface, the OS itself has no Charm or Friendliness, which was proved by the dismal Sales of the Lumia.. The only thing that Microsoft is banking upon is the MS Office Suite on a Tablet, which again will see the Competition getting a compatible Office Suite for their respective operating systems.. The only revenue that Microsoft can expect is from sale of licenses to their competitors..

  9. Have you used it? (The OS, I mean. Windows 8, that is the base for Surface)

  10. Yuckss

  11. I agree!! Nice term…

  12. Precisely. Its too early and we know too little. A survey by a leading magazine claimed that people actually rated wp above ios. I’ve used it, it’s gorgeous and very swift.

  13. Thanks… this was to point that it’s a overall synergy of the team that makes any product successful. 

    Recent experiences… 🙂

  14. What I like about the new OS is that it is people-centred. It takes some time to get used to it. In fact, I just got it installed today after trying it on various devices since three months or so…

    You need to experience it. Not sure whether others will like it, but it’s quite convenient to me. 

  15. So true was thinking of the same thing. I live in a country whr tablets are big. And the so called innovative keyboard is no big deal folding, magnetic, thematic etc are just a couple of dollars but have never taken off. a tablet with a key pad is viewed as an inferior computer without the power of computing. The ipad is used with a a zillion apps and mostly on the move. The only probability is that MS will get the corporate clientele thats its previously lost out to apple. But again calling it surface is not such a good idea . Surface was an MS product that never took off and ton of cheaper versions came out. An MS tablet will, not a least in the near future be viewed as cool. Plus the new ipad with the retina thingy is a huge draw over seas atleast. Whr apple is starting to innovate MS has just entered and the other good guys are around as well so its not just apple VS MS MS has a looottt of good competition thats eons ahead of whr they are. None the less if they are able to innovate fast enough and influence consumer they might just stand a chance. just a couple of MM and a different viewing ratio dosnt set them apart. But with corporate sales it just might be a diff story will see what the future unfolds and enjoy what the new co’s have to offer. But teh pseudo laptop is not for me…

  16. But that’s the point! Why should I ‘get used to ‘it'”?

    What’s in it for me??

    I love my ipad. My apps, my books, hey even kindle on iPad is a dream!

    Why should I buy Surface?

    Even Android tablets have failed…for the same reason..

  17. I will be able to answer this question after three months. That is after I get it in my hands. 
    I have already cancelled the plans for iPad 3.

  18. I wouldn’t completely agree on whether MS Surface would be a failure or so but would state that there sure was a charm and sensuality in the way Steve Jobs used to hold any of his products. This surely pass on a positive vibe to the viewers. 

  19. wowowow = thanks for this!

  20. @Deep Velani – Exactly.. For Jobs, these products were like his own Babies.. And when you introduce your Baby to the World, you get the most Beautiful Smile & Expressions on your face, which Jobs clearly has in the above pics..

    But for Ballmer, its just another Product Launch.. Not everybody can Love their products like Jobs did..

  21. Vijay said it all!

    Difference is Steve Jobs is(was) with Apple and MS has Steve Ballmer! No one can sell and charm the audience with the product like Steve Jobs! Seeing the latest iOS 6 WWDC even Tim Cook is pretty good but not as good as Jobs.

    I don’t want to jump to quick judgments, I like what I am seeing so far in Surface and its good for the consumers if competition gets aggravated Tablets! So I don’t agree with this Karmic connection for a success or a failure of a product…not yet! 

    I am enchanted by Apple, but will never denounce any other product without a  proper reasoning. There is enough space for everyone and if everyone starts buying Apple, then that charm is lost! 

    P.S. – I love Apple and recently fulfilled my dream for an iPhone 4s! 🙂 

  22. The Universe rewards those with humility and peace”

    I thought steve jobs died because of an illness… that doesn’t look much like a reward to me…


  23. Good reply.

    Steve died because of Cancer.

    If your read his story, his autobiography, he was cruel and insane FOR A CAUSE – for perfection – for making something the world would be delighted by.

    He did that. He changed OUR LIVES FOR THE BETTER!

    Ps – I do not know your background, but I can give you an example of one the Greatest Sages of India and the world who died of Cancer just before his death by enlightenment –

    Now, what is Steve Ballmer’s cause? Who is he punching? Who is he fighting?

    I hope this makes my point clear.


  24. Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement. For even the very wise cannot see all ends.”

    ~ Gandalf the Grey, Lord of the Rings

  25. The images show Steve Job’ belief in Ipad and Steve Ballmer struggling to show his belief in Surface…. The force of displayed is just a veil to cover his fears…..

  26. And I could never get used to iOS or OS X 😀 In fact my Mac loving pals tell me the same thing, you need to “get used to it” to like it. I tell them the same thing as you did…

    Android Tablets failing – a bit tooo early to say. I think over the next 5 years we’ll see an extremely similar shift in the mobile space as we saw in the PC space…

  27. Surface is a failed product – can you shed some light on that ? If you are referring to PixelSense (formerly called Surface), then I don’t know by what metric you are calling it a failure …. since it was nyway an experimental product, designed to be sold to a small niche of commercial users and is still under active development…


    Check – why the surface failed

  29. I dont see the point saying the tablet have just failed because of the gesture ? No buys a device remembering how ballmer have done his presnetation. All have come from the initial versions and here is his video for Windows 1.0

    He is aggressive all the time, here is 1 of the video

    He is by nature aggressive. But yes i agree the thing that his postures shows pride which should not be shown but no, i dont agree it is the reason for the surface to fail

  30. This is such a lovely insight!!

  31. It’s not about aggression in a gesture, its about a gesture reflecting one’s attitude. 

  32. I think the operative word in Alok’s article is “Karmic”…there are somethings which we cannot give a reason but we just know it. There is a book by Malcolm Gladwell  – “Blink” where he explains the subject of intuition. 

    Personally, I won’t take the word Karmic literally…yes I do agree that gesture is not the reason Surface failed and neither it was aggression. It may have been aggression in the ego. Or as Manish mentioned attitude.

    Boss, almost a billion dollar is a significant amount to loose more so when its Microsoft and their envious distribution, lineage, branding(fading nevertheless), talent powerhouse, deep pockets, etc.

    To say it failed for X reason is oversimplifying it naively. Many factors, many people contribute to a success or failure of a product. 

  33. ya but it cant decide the success or failure of a product

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