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Why TOM never killed JERRY?


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Tom was an Entrepreneur, sitting idle would give him nightmares. You must have seen few episodes of Tom and Jerry, wherein Tom almost had Jerry but let it go. Tom never really wanted to kill Jerry because what would he do if Jerry died. Jerry was the Chase. Tom was running not after Jerry but because of Jerry.

After certain point of time name, money, power, etc cease to be a motivation for an Entrepreneur. Ever thought the great Ambanis, Tatas, Birlas, why are they toiling so hard, they hv already got name, money and power. What makes these people run is The CHASE, all Entrepreneurs chase The CHASE. Tom is more interested in Chasing Jerry than killing it. In our case, we Entrepreneurs are more interested in running a venture than anything else, profit of course is important and a yardstick to measure success, but what will an Entrepreneur do if his biz is not giving him profits, at the most he will change the business but continue The Chase. More than profits, we Entrepreneurs love the thrill in the business.

Just imagine, if one day Jerry does not show up, Tom will become restless, he would not eat, not drink, not sleep but keep waiting for Jerry. Remember, Tom was hired by a Fat lady to get rid of Jerry. In our case, that Fat lady is Society, relative and our parents. If Jerry doesn’t show up, the Fat lady will be happy and praise Tom and give Tom fresh milk to drink, chicken to eat, etc. Similarly, society, parents, relatives, etc want our Chase to end, if our Jerry dies too, society will praise us for being Normal again, parents will thank us for saving them from embarrassment that they felt when people asked ‘What your Son do?’ and our parents would reply ‘dekhiye, kar raha hai kuch or Entrepreneur or Berozgar’. Everyone would be happy around us but we will become restless, we will not eat or drink or sleep like Tom because we will miss The Chase. This is also the reason why it is easier to switch from job to Entrepreneur but not Entrepreneur to job.

What next Tom will do if Jerry does not show up even next day? He will find ways to tempt Jerry to come out of his hole. He will steal the cheese from the Fat lady himself and place it near Jerry’s hole, so that Jerry comes out and Tom can Chase him. Similarly, when a venture dies, fear of end of Chase to Entrepreneur is much painful than the pain of closing down the venture. And then without mourning for the death of the venture for long time, Entrepreneur is out chasing The CHASE. I was running a Pizza Outlet in Badlapur with my business partner Sumeet Gujaran. One fine day, we had to take the harsh decision of closing down the venture. We sat in our balcony thinking about our venture, we were sad and in pain. Then we discussed all the learning, mistakes, achievements, etc. By the end of the conversation there was just one question haunting us ‘What’s next?’ For a week almost we were struggling killing time, wandering here and there, nothing to do. After every few minutes we used to look towards each other and ask ‘What’s next?’ We were restless, we didn’t eat or drink properly, neither could we sleep well. This continued until something clicked to us, we looked towards each other and we had the answer to ‘What’s next?’ Suddenly, we felt so light, all our pain was gone by then, because we got our new Jerry. We realized our real pain was end of the Chase not end of the venture. Chase for Chasing is what makes us Entrepreneur. This is the reason why NASA didn’t stop even after reaching to moon, why Steve Jobs was not satisfied with i Mac and launched iPhone  then iPod  then iPad  etc…. Because they all are after Chasing. Whether you are infant Entrepreneur or seasoned Entrepreneur you have this affinity for chasing in you may be knowingly or unknowingly…..

Chase THE CHASE….!!!

First Published on: Jun 8, 2013


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  1. Profile photo of Swapnil

    Awesome read , if looked at in the right way two simple cartoon characters can teach and inspire us so much.

  2. Profile photo of Tejas Vishnu Nimbargi

    very well said Aman… 🙂

  3. Profile photo of Divyesh Panchal

    Chase the Chase. Well said. Pleasure connecting with you in person yesterday! Cheers.. 

  4. Profile photo of Rohit Singh

    This is by far the best and the funniest article.Also since all of us were connected to TOM and JERRY in childhood,this is a rather special and interesting one.

    I agree,the most important thing in life is not money or power or fame,it is purpose.No matter how much we are earning,as long as we are enjoying our work,we are happy and satisfied.

    Geeta calls it KARMA.

  5. Profile photo of Nithya Prabu

    Very nice read, Aman. Good luck! 

  6. Profile photo of Sanchita Dutta

    Very well written, but why in BOLD? its an eyesore!

    Agree, the journey is as important and may be more important than the destination. Destination is a moment while the journey is the lifetime of hope, optimism, expectations, small rewards, big challenges and many such things which actually make the journey ( or chase in ur story) more interesting.Actually there is nothing called a destination because once we have reached our perceived destination, we find the goal post has shifted further back and we are again on to the path to the new destination!

  7. Profile photo of Ajaz Siddiqui

    Good one! loved the line ‘dekhiye, kar raha hai kuch or Entrepreneur or Berozgar’….. :)))))

  8. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    yaar kya batau… today also had same arguments… My mom asking me what should she tell others when they ask ‘What your son do?’ and I replied Entrepreneur and mom says berozgar bolu….lolzzzzz

  9. Profile photo of Ajaz Siddiqui

    go easy on it.. Why don’t you just ask her to say that you are a Director of ‘your company’… that looks little fancy and acceptable to our so called anti-entrepreneur society! 🙂

  10. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    hahaha… company mints money boss, just started my new venture a month ago…  Unless I show money, call me entrepreneur, director, ceo, whatever, it will only sound ‘Berozgar’ to everyone…. hahahha

  11. Profile photo of Ajaz Siddiqui

    lolzzzz…. can’t agree more! we sailing in the same boat. :)))) 

  12. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    Actually the problem is peer group…. Parents often point out to a well settled batchmate who has a good job, etc and compare us…

    and all i reply is,
    ‘Samay samay ki baat hai, lakho me bikne lage do kodi k log….’ Everyone starts laughing n discussion ends

  13. Profile photo of Ajaz Siddiqui

    Yeah! these comparisons suck! Good luck with your new venture!

  14. Profile photo of Aparna

    great analogy 🙂

  15. Profile photo of manoj lamoria

    Just 1 word …..  Superrrbbbbbbbbbbbbb.

  16. Profile photo of Ankit Arora

    My reply is “It’s because someone like me started a company that this guy is well settled and making 12 lakhs per annum.” :-).

  17. Profile photo of Anamika Joshi

    Perfect Monday Read for me Aman… Awesome! Hope you always have a Chase to chase and with each chase, you gift us with something to celebrate!

  18. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    Very true Ankit…. Most of my batchmates hv got into Infosys and then my family keeping nagging me abt their recruitment and I tell them just one line…

    ‘No one can become Narayan Murthy by working for Narayan Murthy’

  19. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    Yep, there is lot learn from these virtual characters…

  20. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    We all are on the same page… Everyone is in a Chase…!

  21. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    Same here bro!

  22. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    Thank you very much… Good luck to you too!

  23. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    Hi Sanchita,

    Somehow, I feel my post is not complete without BOLD, though nxt tym I’ll try to not keep it BOLD.

    Destination  is merely the certification of the fact that we had a great journey!


  24. Profile photo of Karan Pandhi


    As I said at the open house you are a big one. I didn’t lie, you have gained much experience than a lot of us.

    And ya the chase has to go on ……. 

  25. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    Karan, I hv to now keep check on myself, so that I am grounded. Anyway, soon you will hv all the experiences once you start. All the best.

    Chase will of course continue and become more intense for me as well as for all of us!

  26. Profile photo of Rohit Nayak

    the spirit of entrepreneur

  27. Profile photo of Deepa Ramrakhyani

    Awesome :-)))

  28. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    Thanks Deepa….

  29. Profile photo of Pankaj Gupta

    This is the first post I read in this community and just Awesome !!

    Yes, it’s 200% true : “It is easier to switch from job to Entrepreneur but not from Entrepreneur to job.

  30. Profile photo of Amit

    Good relation and co-relation between Tom & Jerry.

    You have made Tom & Jerry reach a new level in our thought process.

    Thanks Buddy.

  31. Profile photo of Rohit Kuttappan

    Awesome educatinment!  Story of an entrepreneur’s life well told. Lage raho Aman Bhai! Cheers!

  32. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    Rodinhood inspires everyone to Lage raho… Everyone is Chasing different dream but Chasing together…!

  33. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    I dont know how n why Tom n Jerry struck to me but I really think, lot of things around us hv message for us. The question is, can we decode the msg?


  34. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    Hi Pankaj,

    If this is the 1st post you read here then I can promise you, you will find much more entertaining n educating post here, just stick around!


  35. Profile photo of Saurabh Tiwari

    Fantastic….. Well thought & written…. I really like the philosophy….. I wud like to name it “Philisophy of The Enterpreneur”



  36. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    Thanks Saurabh… and u can call me Philosopher or BolBachchan wala Entrepreneur!


  37. Profile photo of Darshan Bhambiru

    If it is your Job that you are working on, it is definitely someone else’s Business that You Mind!! 🙂

  38. Profile photo of Himanshu Mody

    So so true…….Its this forever chase…. and the chasing itself is constant what you chase and how you chase will change…..thrive and enjoy the chase….. so that you can chase till your final breath and live your life fully. 

  39. Profile photo of asha chaudhry

    look who chased you aman (at the top of your post!)


  40. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    You are right sir… Thats the plan…Chase the Chase till Last breath….


  41. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    Thank you very much…. I wish, such good things keep chasing me always,,,


  42. Profile photo of Milan Bavishi

    super duper!!!!

    Thanks Aman Jha  🙂

  43. Profile photo of Dibakash Baruah

    this is so inspiring. felt goose bumps while reading this one.

  44. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    Hi Milan,

    I was present in oh when you presented chaistock, how its doing?

    Glad that you liked this post.


  45. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    Really…. Glad that you felt so… Thanks for ur kind words.

  46. Profile photo of Milan Bavishi

    all good brother!  🙂

  47. Profile photo of Soumya Jain

    Lovely post! Never realised its about the chase for us entrepreneurs. But now that you say it, it makes sense! 🙂

  48. Profile photo of Neerja Singh

    Great concept, Aman and such a great story! We all know Tom loved Jerry, but now we know why..kudos to your brain, I actually never gave the why a thought! Loved it!

    PS: Your story also made me wonder if I am a true entrepreneur – All I want to do is make loads of money, then use it to do all the things I have never had the time to do: Live in China and learn Mandarin; Cycle through France and Italy to learn their cooking from real home-makers; grow organic vegetables in my garden…

  49. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    Thanks Neerja.

    You need not doubt your entrepreneurial spirit. As I said, money, fame, power after certain point of time ceases to be a motivation, but in initial stage they do serve as motivation until you fall in love with chase itself.

    Nothing wrong in making loads of money n fulfilling ur aspirations and I do wish you fulfill it soon. But once you fulfill it the question will haunt you ‘Whats Next?’ and at that time such aspirations may not serve as motivation, and then you will be on chase again.


  50. Profile photo of Rajat

    Awesomely put Aman.

  51. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    Thanks Rajat, Glad that you liked the content.


  52. Profile photo of JUGNU

    Nice read ….. very inspiring and good learning from our favorite cartoon character …..



  53. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    Thanks Jugnu… There is lot to learn for humans from inanimate and virtual things too…

    I wish we all do…


  54. Profile photo of Karan Ahuja

    superhit . 

    inspiring to write something 🙂

  55. Profile photo of Sachin Upendra Trivedi

    awesome… fantastically written… thanks for putting-up together this wonderful write-up and sharing with us… very inspirational… keep them coming Aman Jha 🙂 

  56. Profile photo of Prashant Tripathi

    Truly Awesome !!!! Keep THE CHASE ON !!!!!

  57. Profile photo of Rohan Shamundar Bajaj

    Hi Aman

    Good one…loved the post.

  58. Profile photo of

    Nice article Aman Jha…. Gives an amazing perspective.

  59. Profile photo of Falguni Shah

    Fantastic one. Awesome analogy!

  60. Profile photo of Sagar Gupta

    awesome read.. amazing tagline – chase the chase.. (y)

  61. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    Thanks a lot for appreciation…. Thats the tagline of my journey…!

  62. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    Thanks Karan…

    I am waiting to read your post….!

  63. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    Thanks for appreciation. I hope you have read my other posts Entrepreneur the creator and TRHS is Awesome. Looking forward for your inputs.

  64. Profile photo of Yunus Dange

    Awesome article….Perfectly Suitable for entrepreneurs….

    Loved the line ”  why it is easier to switch from job to Entrepreneur but not Entrepreneur to job.”

  65. Profile photo of Praveen Kumar

    awesome 🙂 never watched tom and jerry in this way. True, we won`t stop this journey if we fail in our first venture/company, all we do is think of a new idea, new ways to get succeed. 

    Thank you Aman for showing us a great perspective in tom & jerry!

  66. Profile photo of Vikash Khandelwal

    amazed to read the story about the chase,great insights so much on ecan learn even from a tom n jerry show…incredible that the most difficult thing to understand in this world are the things which are simple..

  67. Profile photo of Aman Jha

    Thanks Vikash!!

    I’d also like you to check out my book ‘How I Doomed My Ventures: Celebrating Failure’ and give your feedback.

  68. Profile photo of Manish Singh Bisht


  69. Profile photo of Omkar Nisal

    Re read it after long time.

    Felt good!

    Thanks once again Aman. 🙂

  70. Profile photo of Manoj Yadav

    Hi Aman,

    Your post was one of the most read articles on and we are happy to have featured it again on the home page! Check out – and congrats!

    • Profile photo of Aman Jha

      Thanks Manoj. It’s always an honour to have so many brilliant minds reading a piece written by me on TRHS.

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