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You want to do something extra ordinary? Spend 2 months with us!

We are looking for some Entrepreneurial minds to join Hands with us SellMouse. Inviting all the Folks who think or want to be a future founder of something to join us for this 2 Months unique experiment where you live/work and have fun with us. & eventually go and build you awesome business. 
The goal is not to be perfect by the end. The goal is to be better today.

So, you are the new 15 or 16 year old, or a Fresh undergraduate who want to do something amazing. The one who dreams to be an entrepreneur or a leader in his tech, But you don’t know where to go or how to start. 

So here is it solution: 
Come and become an intern at the EIR (Entrepreneur In Residence) program that we have started.

How can you become a part of this program?
Just send in an email to with following few points, and we’ll fix up a call with you asap and take the things forward. 
-> Your Full Name & Contact details.
-> Your Education Background (If a Dropout, you are most welcome)
-> Area of interest. 
-> What you expect out of this program? 

What is all included in the Program ? 
Consider it as a 2 months crash course for you building your amazing startup. How it will happen? Following drills are included in the program: 
1. Design Thinking
2. Building a Prototype
3. Getting first 1000 BETA users
4. Scaling it to 10X with least possible capital. 
5. Learning how to growth hack your product.
6. Networking with investors & Mentors.

What will be the structure of Program ?
1st Week: Introduction + Startup Allocation (With which you will work for next 2 months) 
2nd Week: Design Thinking
3rd Week: Learning how to build a rapid prototype. 
4th Week: Learning how to get the first 1000 Customers, & Growth hacking it later.
5th Week: Learning an actual Sales process
6th Week: Learning how to Retain old customers.
7th Week: Grooming on your idea
8th Week: Investors + Mentor Connects + Final Pitch.

Am sure you are excited enough for the future that awaits you, & You will definitely be the amazing entrepreneur you aim to be. Take the first step, and spend 2 months with us in Nagpur. Send an email

About Me: I am Veer Mishra, The Sales Guy & CEO at  . 1st startup at the age of 17 with $30k/month Revenue. Also Founded which now have $100K gross sales a month. 


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