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Is There Something Called a Perfect Organisation?

Is there something called a perfect organisation?

While looking back at my personal experiences over years of both working for large organisations ranging from IT to BPO to Wealth Management to running my own enterprise today into Social Media and Business Processes, with this blog post, I intend to share my learnings, which answers this deep question, which I have been asked many a times by professors/ lecturers/ thinkers during my talks and lectures, is there…


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Team Up!

Whats a team ?

Its a group of people who have different expertise but the same goal.

There is no single winner and there is no single loser. Its a team that wins and its a team that bears the brunt of losing.


Lets have a look at the organization structure.

Theres a group of people who handle

1. products

2. marketing and sales

3. finance

4. hr…


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What are they buying ?

E-Commerce is still a very difficult business to crack. Many digital companies are still struggling to find one product that turns out to be a silver bullet for their business.

I had a small stint working on digital music e-commerce website. It was a subscription based model, where user pays one time fee for a monthly subscription for unlimited download.

Some of my learning’s:

1. Give what they want:

It is worrisome to see users not finding value in… Continue

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Dare to Differ

In his famous book “Wisdom of the Crowds” James Surowieky has brilliantly explained how a number of average people can pool their collective wisdom to make outstanding estimations, decisions and predictions, better than what many brilliant people achieve individually. He does not claim that this is a magic solution. Neither does he claim that if zillion monkeys are given typewriters, possibly we will see the complete works of Shakespeare. (If that was the case we should be seeing at least at… Continue

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200 years Explained in 4 minutes

Professor Hans is brilliant.  He gave a longer talk on the same subject on TED.  This is sort of relevant in an oblique sort of way to the discussion on the importance of money that Pankhaj started:


If you dont see the video wait a bit or go to the link here:

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“Are you being watched?”

Radia tapes controversy is about the tapping of tele-conversations of Nira Radia by the informant agencies, the celebrated lobbyist had with a cross section of powerful people from industry, politics, press and a host of other power brokers. This incident has raised a host of questions. 

Is it right to tap private conversations? We can say that when there is…


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