February 2011 Blog Posts (7)

The kill


the surreality

the banter

the hogged lights

the omnipresence


the twitched elbows

the gnawed nails

the blood puddles

beneath them all

was the success

that could have come

happily holistically

but now neither did any one notice

nor did any one care to acknowledge

the fact

that his move was not deliberate

neither amateur

the kill amassed once was still known

but his… Continue

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YOU don’t fail…YOUR idea can !!

YOU don’t fail…YOUR idea can !!

How many times have we confused the failure of something that we start with OUR failure? Think about it , the time you started a new group in college (it could be for anything from staging plays to sports) despite knowing that there were 4 other such “groups” which existed but you felt that there was something that was missing from them… then the next thing you know your “idea” to start this group has failed as you have NOT been able to get enough…


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Half Full or Half Empty

The interesting discussion we had in this forum on corrutpion, what we can do about it triggered me to write a post

“Half Full or Half Empty?”

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Rise of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Hughes, and Dustin Moskovitz, founders of the Facebook.comphenomenon, saw an existing product in need of improvement and expansion.

A facebook is a book that is made up of photographs of individuals along with their names. Facebooks are often published at the start of the academic year by the administrations of colleges…

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Never say no to TEA

In my first few sales pitch I found myself in a hurry to say my pitch to the client. This was more so because I always felt that talking anything beyond hard selling my product would be wasting clients time, lest s/he may hate me for this and would lead to losing the prospect.

Also, post pitching the product to the client there was little less to be said. So the sales pitch looked more or less like a 30 sec TV commercial which leaves little impression unless not repeated multiple…


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Real Graduation

India is uniquely placed today, by an accident of history, with a predominantly young population. This coupled with a reasonably good education system and proficiency in English provides enormous opportunity for building on our strength to become the primary provider of variety of services the aging world around us need.

In this post don’t intend to discuss the magnitude of this opportunity or the strategic priorities for exploiting this opportunity. The primary intent of this…


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"Entrepreneurs are crazy" - by Hulu CEO about re-inventing television

Our journey at Hulu involves significant risk. That is the nature of innovation, particularly the business of re-inventing television. A number of you might be thinking that we’d have to be crazy to think that our small team can actually re-invent television and compete effectively against a landscape of distribution giants like cable companies, satellite companies, and huge online companies. We are crazy. All entrepreneurs need to be. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it and there would… Continue

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