March 2012 Blog Posts (20)

Entrepreneur and Love- A short story

"When you stereotype me as one of this society, i have the unconscious obligation to live up-to the expectations of that stereotype. Therefore, i refuse steadfastly to be stereotyped, and apologize for not fulfilling the expectations attached. Let me be random, unexpected, unabashed, unrepentant, and spontaneous. Why should i be always be crumbling under a pressure of the unconscious fact that my actions should be meant to appease you, please you, and conform to your and your…


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Indian e-commerce’s starry trip !

This article was first posted on DiscountPandit Blog…


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2. Bringing A Brand Experience To Life

You download the video from here:…


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What is damaging e-commerce in India.

Since early 2011 the E-commerce sector in India has seen major funding and the names like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Letsbuy, Yebhi Myntra are abuzz with online and TV advertising and not to miss the SMS promos. Now after almost a year we see a lot of them bleeding and few already out of the game. There are many view points regarding the cause, and like everyone I point the ones that are causing major damage to this industry.

1. Wrong positioning : The biggest mistake is the heavy discounted…


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1. Branding Advice for Entrepreneurs

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When Angels fall – Budget 2012 !

This article was first posted on DiscountPandit Blog

Let me begin with a story today.

Long, long ago a king ruled over LaLa Land. He was known for his wisdom and knowledge. He had been to the most renowned knowledge centres of the world to learn about the intricacies of…


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A prompt reply to Manoj Sir,Thank you for appreciating my post sir, I will add some more of my thoughts here. Well, I really appreciate your concern for my fellow students, not a lot of cooperates ar…

A prompt reply to Manoj Sir,

Thank you for appreciating my post sir, I will add some more of my thoughts here.

Well, I really appreciate your concern for my fellow students, not a lot of cooperates are interested in this, as they have a lot of option available to hire from (to be precise 3.5 lakh fresh engineers every year)

and yes, most of the decisions of Indian students are not their own, mostly…


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Death Knell for Angels & Entrepreneurs in INDIA???

Pls read this:

Read this budget proposal, its clearly anti angel & venture capital investments. Its clearly targetted at the IT sector too!

First of all there was nothing for Software & Software Companies in this budget & now such a proposal which will kill investments in the IT sector, what's happening? Clearly…


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INFOGRAPHIC: Budget Simplified - For the Aam Aadmi

Added by Ronak on March 17, 2012 at 12:30pm — 3 Comments

WANTED: Entrepreneurs / Investors / Techies - for a fab e-commerce business!!

Disclaimer: This is a serious & independent proposal for any interested individual or organisation.

Dear All.,

I am a start-up entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India & have a brand activation agency serving clients from across the spectrum all over India. Me & a friend again with a marketing & technical ( he is an engineer!! ) background have put together a business in the e-commerce platform.

We are very confident about the business & are striving…


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No Country for Old Planners!

A few years ago while I was in the midst of presenting a multimillion dollar online media plan for a high profile client, I was interrupted by a question as I moved from the Strategy portion of the presentation to the actual media plan and site list. The client had a simple comment – while she loved how we had included the best performing sites on the plan, she wondered how this had any connection with the upfront strategy we had just finished presenting.

While the strategy…


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I am Brand - I am You


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To mock or not to mock that is the question...

Thanks Murtaza Amin for the post on Higher Education in India. I 100% agree to it.

Last weekend I was invited by one of the top colleges in S. India - to conduct 'Mock Interview' for their MCA 2nd year students. My interview partner was the AVP-HR one of the top NBFC group based out of S. India.

More than doing a mock interview session, we had a great time advising and…


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DTH; Direct to Home or Don’t Try at Home?

The title of this post is inspired by the radio ad of DEN Digital Cable (a leading Multi System Operator in India). The advertisement goes like this:

Voice 1: O Bhai chhat par kya kar raha hai? (Hey bro, what are you doing on the terrace?)…


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Just another thought this Women’s Day !

This article was first posted on DiscountPandit Blog

I am the dream that you dream

I am the song that you sing

I am the thought that lingers in your mind

I am the puzzle that you try to unwind

I am the tears that you refuse to see

Those burns and bruises that you caused on me

I am the pain, I am the pride

I am the dark secret that you want to hide

I am the mother, I…


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7 Personal Finance habits you should avoid

We all fall prey to bad habits in various facets of our life. Money is no different. Bad money habits developed from myths and perceptions could hold you back from being rich. Take a look at the habits and see if you have been guilty of any, or all :( , of these:

1. I like to time the market

Investment returns are never equal to investor returns. Confused? Consider this: Dalbar Inc., a US based research company discovered that…


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Online Book stores-What's missing

Amazon started with books,Flipkart started with books…….rest is history.Books are easiest commodity for e-commerce stores.There are dozens of online book store- flipkart,weread,infibeam and many others.The pricing in books is cut throat,they all are burning money but still books are best bet to…


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The bitter reality (Higher studies in India)

Education system on our country (Engineering)

Those who say we need to expand, please think again. Definitely we are expanding and expanding like anything. in respect of anything apart from intellectual growth. that is headed…


Added by Murtaza Amin on March 3, 2012 at 12:30pm — 2 Comments

I have the best job in the world. Thank You.

Construction is a thankless job, I have heard this from everyone I know. But strangely it’s not true. What I do is the best job in the world.

Frankly, there’s nothing more satisfying that running your own business, making money and at the same time getting appreciated for that by everyone involved.

Business is a beautiful thing. There are no losers. At our Almond Tree project, my landlord got phenomenal value and my clients got beautifully done up homes at an amazing value…


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Web made Bastards. Must Read!

If you haven’t called anyone a Bastard yet, at least in your head, you are probably from another planet! Bastard is perhaps one of the most versatile word used in the English language. It can be used as a verb, adverb, or noun in countless ways. When you are angry “I hate that Bastard”, when you like something someone did, “I loooove that Bastard.”

You can find many definitions of this word in the Dictionary. But I am not here to go over the definition, this post is about a search…


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