December 2011 Blog Posts (7)

INR 22 + User Behavior + Noida DND Flyway = More Revenue and Less Operational Costs

Just a couple of days back, the Noida DND Flyway, which is one of the fastest ways to commute between Delhi and Noida, announced a toll hike of INR 2 for four wheelers, which in figures is INR 22 from INR 20 previously and INR 1 for two wheelers.

Now this is not the first ever toll hike in…


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My domain name is searched 101 Million times on Google every month.

There is a new tale in the twist today.

While doing SEO for my site - Mingle Trips (where you can find travel partners for yourself), I was looking for words like travel partners,…


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An Indian startup, All Events, The fastest growing event portal goes mobile

With so much happening around the world as well as in your locality, it is hard to keep track of the stuff that matters to you. There are many events which come and go by in which you’d have liked to participate. All Events is one such place which will tell you about all the important things happening in your area. With all the events agglomerated at one place, you also have to an option to share your Facebook events with the added…


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5 Steps to making a Valley-style Product Video in India

This post first appeared on

In these times, if you are a product company and you don’t have a video that explains your…


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CartridgeWale Wins Best Refill Technology Provider Award

Dear All,

I am happy to share with all you fellow rodinhooders that CartridgeWale has received the “Best Refill Technology Provider Award” at the recently concluded NCN Imaging Solution 2nd Achievers Award 2011 organized by NCN at Hotel Surya in New Delhi. The award nite held on 9th of December 2011 saw virtually every big name from the Indian Cartridge Recycling & Remanufacturing Industry. 

This award the second award in as many…


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Stealing that moment...

For every stone that was thrown

For every mile that he fell

For every laughter that had echoed

He stood and faced it all

One morning late after sunrise

Woke up to a world he left behind

His love gone astray, his life a dismay

The waves touched the shore

Then came a lonely night

A heartfelt warmth of a opportunity so bright

He ran on the beach

For many a failed man did

Awake, and ready…


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from tata nano to nono and beyond

Any company attempting an innovation with regard to high-involvement durable categories, especially at the level of disruptive innovation at the lower end of the market, faces unexpected risks as the brand has to strike a competitive balance between several aspects of the offering and the price."

S.Ramesh kumar, professor of marketing at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

Nano has been one of the most talked about aspirational cars which came from Indian stable. The…


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