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How Children Teach Us About Creativity

I was sitting on the stairs and waiting for my friend to complete his test as soon as possible. Meanwhile, I was watching a few children who were playing in the rain. If their mothers would've seen this, then it would've created trouble for them. I took the opportunity to observe those children and how they exhibited creativity and my observation was something like this...…


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Failure is always an orphan...

Since my childhood I have been listening and reading one quote that is

"Failure is the key to success."

Unfortunately, entrepreneurs are afraid to accept it because they don’t accept their failures and this how failure becomes alone, nameless and ORPHAN. Failures break those people emotionally but they pretend to be stronger. And that pretense doesn’t last…


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4 things I learnt from a 9 month old baby!

It was 18 May, 2015, I became MAMA . This was one of the most awaited & yes, probably one of the happiest moments of my life.  Few days back the cute little angel turned 9 months. The day since we brought her home from hospital, I have started changing the way I look at things in life. …


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Entrepreneurship, kya hai yeh entrepreneurship?

Jab kuch saal apna kaam karne ke baad bhi, der raat, sone se pehle, insaan gehen chintan mein yeh sochta hai, ki main kya kar raha hun, kyun kar raha hun, kaise kar raha hun, theek kar raha hun, kal kya karunga, aage kya hoga, jo kiya wo…


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It takes two to tango: solo travel and entrepreneurship

Being with myself Condolim Beach

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Goa for work. When my work was over, I took my rented Activa to check out Goa’s dazzling beach life. Here, my 11 km ride begins. I had stopped couple of times to capture the exuberant life of Goa.

It took me 30-35…


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A note to myself and fellow entrepreneurs

When I completed my engineering, I was sure of one thing, "Ki yaar jyada time job to nahi karni". Money was not on my priority list since childhood so never thought like a baniya inspite of being from a typical baniya…


Added by Anuj Agrawal on July 8, 2014 at 9:00pm — 11 Comments

Marathon and the Aam Aadmi Entrepreneur

I have been running the Mumbai Marathon for the last 6 years (1 Full, 4 Half and 1 Dream Run) and just ran the half marathon yesterday. I have been an entrepreneur for the last 4 years and have my own consultancy for Films – Magus Entertainment (…


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How does it feel?


 Though I belong from that generation of engineering students who suddenly felt all hippie listening to Avril yelling out of cheap non Dolby speakers of brand new laptops, this title has no relation to her superhit number. I also belong…


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Persistent or Stubborn: Running Musings

If you succeed, you are persistent. When you fail, you are stubborn.…


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Master and Slaves - The Most Common Corporate Architecture!!

Geeks there is nothing for you! Yes, I know that the title of my blog post is very catchy and sounds little techy but I apologize because my motive is not to troll you guys :) if in any case you can stay for a little long you will find that more or less the title is not inappropriate. My motive is little different that you’ll get to know by the end of this blog post.

It was September 2012; autumn was knocking at the door and it was time to shed the old leaves and wait for the fresh…


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Being 25!

Well, its 2.10 on the clock and I have turned 25 a couple of hours back. AS I look back at the two and a half decades gone by, I cannot help but smile with satisfaction at a lot many things. The lessons learnt, the mistakes made, the friendships, the arguments, the failures, the successes… all of it seems overwhelming when you contemplate. As such, I decided to pen down the 25 big lessons of life as an Indian student, teenager, employee,…


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Three Steps To Awaken The Entrepreneurial Voice Within

I had an idea, a great idea. I stayed awake at night tweaking it in my mind. I spent my free time at work daydreaming about other uses and markets. I had a perfect name, memorable and fun to say. I could see people using it. I was ready, but now what? I pored over blog posts and articles, videos and podcasts, and these left me very informed about the mechanics of starting up. This was information that I needed. But there was so much to do, so far to go, what if this didn’t work? I had a good…


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The First Crore

Just heard of Rodinhood and signed up!

I have been a first generation entrepreneur, fresh out of college at 21. It was a super 7yr roller coaster ride - many lows & a few great highs. Recognition from the likes of Business Week & abject failures.

Finally, in June 2011, I gave up and took up a job. Started keeping a blog to analyze my reasons for failure and create a…


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$4 Million Complaint Call!

*** Foreword ***

"Customer is not a moron. She is your wife” – David Ogilvy

Customer service is not a department any more. It's an attitude, which will eventually define your enterprise success. If handled well, it can self-propagate your brand, which will convert your…


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The Meeting Which Changed My Life


Disclaimer: Except me, every character in this blog post is imaginary. It holds no resemblance, what so ever, with any person- living or dead. And the story is a figment of imagination, nothing else. In case the characters or the story does resemble, then take my word for it; it is purely co-incidence. This is a shortened version of a sub-plot from a movie script which I am attempting to…


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Entrepreneurs in Residence

About 9 years ago, I was engaged with a online gambling startup in the US.  

They built 100% compliant, white-labelled casino sites and had many of the popular casinos of the time as their customers. Their content focus was on typical Jackpots and Bingo type of games, which…


Added by Mahesh Khambadkone on June 3, 2012 at 1:00pm — 6 Comments

First year anniversary of and a story of struggle and success!

"How do you compete in a space that is so crowded that you don't get heard even if you shout out loud?" This was the question that haunted us when we ventured into the event portal space.

We started as a tiny event aggregation portal with a very simple idea: "A space where everyone can know what is happening around."

There were many other sites with the same objective and it was difficult to stand…


Added by Amit Panchal on April 16, 2012 at 12:30pm — 3 Comments

Green Smyles

The internet made me an entrepreneur, it truly did. Never before did i have the courage to even think that a boy like me who comes from a middle class family could work out a way to start off on his own. Thanks to social media(specially twitter), many meetups and rodinhoods , i started getting the feeling that the entire world is in fact moving towards becoming one. I must specially mention Alok and this platform which has allowed people from all over to come share, get inspired and get…


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