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Failure is always an orphan...

Since my childhood I have been listening and reading one quote that is

"Failure is the key to success."

Unfortunately, entrepreneurs are afraid to accept it because they don’t accept their failures and this how failure becomes alone, nameless and ORPHAN. Failures break those people emotionally but they pretend to be stronger. And that pretense doesn’t last…


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How does it feel?


 Though I belong from that generation of engineering students who suddenly felt all hippie listening to Avril yelling out of cheap non Dolby speakers of brand new laptops, this title has no relation to her superhit number. I also belong…


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Funny things I encountered while starting up!

In October, 2013 (previous month), I started a new innings in my career, started my own company with a physical office in my place Visakhapatnam. I had given the office space owner the rent 1 month before starting the office so that I can buy furniture and conduct interviews. While doing this amazing job in my career, these are the few funny things that I encountered.

1. Animation? what is it? (Animation? kya hey?)

   While searching for office spaces, I used…


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September Roundup

  • Well, this one is for the entrepreneurs out there and it's a personal opinion that don't outsource your hiring, hire a guy or a girl and use Naukri or Babajob and figure out stuff on your own put don't outsource to an HR Agency in any case.
  • Running a startup is a difficult but adventurous task :) And it's totally worth it.
  • Richard Branson is the man, Losing your virginity is a must read.
  • Always keep hiring for your company, always. 
  • Customer is the…

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Startup lessons from success (not failure) :-)

Everyone seems to think that one only learns a lesson when they fail. Though that is mostly true, I think lessons can be learnt from successes too!

In 2009, I was "forced" (why forced? I will come to that some other time...).. forced to start a tech product company. I had very little time to launch the product so I had to make some hard decision very very quickly.

I remember sitting in one of our brain storming sessions on the features the…


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How to make an Entrepreneur!

While the title might seem strange, foolish or grammatically incorrect; the motivation behind it is politically correct!

Since you are reading this on TheRodinhoods there are chances that you are enterprising and have in some point…


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Book a table and while you're at it... Experience your city...

We work hard during the week, looking forward to the weekends to rejuvenate us. But with city life being the way it is today and the needs of the insatiable human spirits makes us easily bored with options we have around us.

A search for some such rekindling source lead me on a journey through the vastness of the worlds best library of information, in short a search on google... brought me to a unique page called Was in in for a surprise. Fun with Food was what I had…


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Dodge these potholes if you are business startup

First time entrepreneurs (like me) are always so passionate about their ideas that they forget or can’t see the obvious. For all the first timers and as a reminder to self, here is a compilation of some of the mistakes that I have made in the last two years or learnt from interacting with fellow entrepreneurs.…


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Are you the Biz Guy who have joined a startup ?

Bear with me for this longish post.

I was marked in this mail today morning from one of my Business Developments guys who was told by the Sales Manager to collect the pending dues from clients. Oh by the way, My Company is a Education startup. You will see a lot of related stuffs.

Hello Sales Manager,

Due all respect to you & your experience i don't agree…


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What Microsoft could learn from how start-ups work

A discussion with the folks at Microsoft got me explaining our technology choice on the cloud.  

It led to an idea on how Microsoft should be positioning their cloud offering, keeping the lifecycle of a startup product company in mind :-

1) Most companies start on the cloud, with just an idea

Face it : when starting out, all you would want to build is your product and test that it works for your consumers.  The cloud gives you the perfect platform…


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First year anniversary of and a story of struggle and success!

"How do you compete in a space that is so crowded that you don't get heard even if you shout out loud?" This was the question that haunted us when we ventured into the event portal space.

We started as a tiny event aggregation portal with a very simple idea: "A space where everyone can know what is happening around."

There were many other sites with the same objective and it was difficult to stand…


Added by Amit Panchal on April 16, 2012 at 12:30pm — 3 Comments

An Indian startup, All Events, The fastest growing event portal goes mobile

With so much happening around the world as well as in your locality, it is hard to keep track of the stuff that matters to you. There are many events which come and go by in which you’d have liked to participate. All Events is one such place which will tell you about all the important things happening in your area. With all the events agglomerated at one place, you also have to an option to share your Facebook events with the added…


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Do something which scares you…..

Why is that we feel sadder when we loose $100 as compared to the joy in making the same $100. When analyzed dispassionately it does seem rather strange that we should have differening intensity of emotion between the two as BOTH are one and the same thing.

My take is that a monetary loss for us is BUT always accompanied by a feeling of inadequacy and is always equated with failure(this is more true in the male gender). We feel sadder as on one hand we have lost money but worse as we…


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Digital Noticeboard

What i am looking for ?


  1. I am looking for feedback on my thought.
  2. I am looking for some contacts to reach out to.
  3. I am also looking for some mentors who can support me


Story in Detail

I recently participated in the event "in50Hrs" conducted by "thestartup" center based in chennai. Idea of the event was to help ideators towards a prototype. I also pitched one as titled above.Neither it…


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