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10 reasons why you should launch a startup from college

I was in my final year when I co-founded with one of my batchmate and a junior (Ayush – He was in his second year). Most of the people we came across at that time advised us to take some industry exposure etc before getting into our own venture. We were focused on our Idea and we were determined, and hence launched …


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What is wrong with facebook?

Dear Zuckerberg,

I am a religious fan of facebook. I wake up in the morning and the four tabs that I open is Gmail, Tweetdeck, Facebook and bluegape. Till the time I go back to sleep, these are the four tabs that always remain open in the browser irrespective of what I am…


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As a first time Entrepreneur, I had many questions in my mind. I met with many Entrepreneurs and asked them same questions over and over again. Sometimes I got convinced by the answers sometimes I don’t. Here’s few most frequently asked questions by me and their best answers according to me. (These are piece of advice from many entrepreneurs I met in last couple of years. Few names are : Sameer Guglani, Kris Nair, Mahesh Murthy, Aloke Bajpai, Kunal Bahl and many…

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NOT AN EASY GAME – Profitability vs Economy of Scale in E-Commerce !

From day one at, our strategy was to build a profitable company. Even I wrote down a post at Pi that how I want to build my e-commerce company. After six months of hard work we somehow reached to 10 transactions a day. But even then that profit was not enough to support our bare minimum expenses of food, beer and rent of flat.

We started up with couple of lakhs in our…


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That’s How I Want To Build My E-Commerce Company !

Yes! I am a Co-founder at I am one of those champs who prefers to order it online whenever my MOM asks me to bring some vegetables from the market. I am a passionate follower of most of the e-commerce companies of India. I have tweeted/retweeted almost every funding/acquisition news of the e-commerce industry. I can tell you the name of CEOs of all the e-commerce companies. Sometimes I feel I know Sachin of Flipkart, Mukesh of Myntra, Kunal of…


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Some immature thoughts on Facebook IPO and Valuation

I am one of those kids who are a very big fan of Zuckerberg. I have kept a special place for him by putting his poster on my wall. I was accessing #facebookipo on tweetdeck from last 3 days to see all the latest happenings on IPO.

I have seen lot of hate tweets/articles on $104B valuation and YES, they all have a valid point. Facebook has $3.7B revenue and $1B profits last year. They are valued at more than 100x…


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Why my next 6 year targets are so high – Happy B’day Zuckerberg !

I’m turning 22 on 26th June and Zuckerberg turned 28 today. Why my next 6 years are so challenging and what motivates me to work days and nights.

Here are few things about zuckerberg that makes me feel proud (as well as jealous :-D  ).

1) He runs a company that is about to go for IPO with a valuation of 100 billion dollars – Just Imagine !!

2) He has been on the cover page of Time Magazine – How did you feel when you were…


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