“What am I doing here?” is the question that most my friends have been asking themselves. They tell themselves “I am losing myself. I was much better previously. I used to be more active and creative. And worst of all, I do not have any vision about my future. I am here, just because I can not see any other place for myself. I feel I am blind. In fact I can’t even think about myself. I do not remember when was the last time when I really thought about myself. Forget about the future I can’t understand even my present”

Those who feel as above would also somewhat agree with me in coming lines.

“So called Bosses and Corporates” are generally very smart. They overload you with work. Regular-Routine- Pressure Oriented Work. They do it very cleverly. They know it very clearly that the moment you start thinking (about yourself) you will be a disgruntled employee. You will start discovering that you are not doing justice with yourself and so you will plan for a switch. So they will make sure that you do not get time to think. They want execution machines and not thinkers. They want people who can take calls, reply to emails, do follow ups achieve the desired target/ result. They want people who can do more and more of these things. These bosses do not want you to give them simple yet really good ideas that may ease the cumbersome procedures. They want executioners.

They hire you just for your “utility” and never for your “prosperity”.

While you should be at place where you are utilized wisely for your prosperity (needless to say- your organisations prosperity too).

Luckily Raju gets some free time(two holidays back to back). And he starts thinking- “Am I doing justice with myself?”. His thinking takes the shape of frustration. He spends time crying/ worrying/ talking to his friend about his problem in vain. But before the time he could actually get a solution to end this frustration, his holiday/ free time gets over (he has many other pending works to do on these holidays: shopping, dropping clothes at laundry, rearranging clothes in almirah etc.). And on next back to back holidays the cycle repeats itself without any solution.

So when you ask Raju about his job and future his typical reply would be “Switch karna hai yaar”. or ”Soch raha hun kuch khud ka business karu” (Want to switch or start my own business) . When you will ask him about the companies he has applied or about what kind of business he would say “Time hi nahi milta hai yaar. Kuch samjh mein nahi aa raha…mera dimaag hi nahi kaam karta hai aaj kal”. (Don't have time. Can't understand what is happening. Mind has stopped working)

Reason I repeat: Tumhare boss nahi chahte ke aap apna dimaag jarurat se jaada chlao. (Your bosses don't want you to think)

These smart bosses and so-called corporates don’t want Raju to understand how they are “Using” him and how he can use himself. And over the time Raju gets so far from himself that he actually stops thinking. He loses his sensitivity for himself, he even stops dreaming and becomes a virtual machine who in future would be similar to his boss and produce more similar machines.

Raju becomes a master in using his resources and his employees, but never actually discovers how to use himself for Himself.


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Comment by Rahul Ramchandani on October 17, 2012 at 5:41pm

Find the demon in you shouting all the while with u!

You will realise it actually is the angel talking!

Comment by Sridhar V on October 14, 2012 at 10:29pm

Although there are many like Rajus working lime machines, a few could do well and climb the corporate ladder and get ahead. However, for those who can't its time to retrospect and plan for the future with a different strategy - be it change of company, industry, type of role, or getting in to a start up, doing some consulting, etc. Today, there are additional options that can be explored.....but the lack of time prevents people from exploring. Hence, one should not take one's job as "everything in life", rather chose it wisely so that you have space of other stuff in life. You can work all day and night at work provided you are doing something your are passionate about.....like AR Rahman or Sachin Tendulkar.....but since most of us aren't that great, its better to have a fixed quota for work and  have sufficient time for your own development, family time, for creativity/recreation, etc.

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