Death Knell for Angels & Entrepreneurs in INDIA???

Pls read this:

Read this budget proposal, its clearly anti angel & venture capital investments. Its clearly targetted at the IT sector too!

First of all there was nothing for Software & Software Companies in this budget & now such a proposal which will kill investments in the IT sector, what's happening? Clearly the NASSCOM EC & beurocratic team has failed miserably in acting for us & our industry, hight time they act atleast now & prevent such a monster proposal in turning into an act! Its clearly now or never & if they can't do atleast this much too, high time the entire EC & office bearers of NASSCOM resign!!!

There is clearly no lobby of NASSCOM with the government, if no one does let stalwarts like Narayana Murthy & the rest pitch in & save our industry!!!

Dear NASSCOM biggies, please come out of your day to day mundane life & forget tracking your toplines & bottonlines for a few days & do something for our industry, come-on, own it up please. We do not want 5 star style la-grand dinners & hush hush conferences called 1nce a year forcibly with foreign speakers & Indian Politicians, Stop calling them & fooling us, clearly you have very poor liasoning & representation with the government!! please start working for us IN REAL or else vacate your positions, we are ready to take it over & really work for the people & our industry!!!

Akshay Shah


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Comment by Akshay Shah on March 19, 2012 at 10:22pm

Jyoti, Many similar schemes had been launched earlier too. SIDBI had special MSME funds but the government corridors just make it too taxing & tough for anyone to get funded through such organizations. Also it says it will set up, good, so when, how, where, what? There are no details given. So its too rosy to be true to its word. This is an idea in its inception stage, will take a lot of time to materialize (If it really does happen) My experience with such schemes is pathetic, so I will not take this on the face value, in short it just got tougher to become a first generation entrepreneur in India. Tough to start, tough to survive & now tough to get funds too!!!

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