Many a times when I look at enterprises with global customers, multi-billion on their balance sheet and with a lacs of employees working for them – I am awestruck.

It’s like ‘Alice in wonderland’ experience.

Can I ever become as big?  Achieve so much in life? get so rich, so successful ?

And I say ‘No’ to myself.

The experience I am going to share with you made me introspect and find a way to fight this – “No”

It was an outbound training organized by the company  that I work for. 30 odd people were made to perform some team activities over a span of two days.

One of the activities was trekking, which started early morning @ 7 at a beautiful place called Uksaan.

The catch was 25 of us were blindfolded (including me), 4 were muted and 1 (leader) who could both see and talk.

Slowly we started taking baby steps, starting with finding others who are blindfolded and holding their hands. The muted people (who could see) guided us – by holding our hands, shouting out directions and slowly steadily we reached the top …safely.

Once we removed the blindfold and looked from the top, it felt as we had achieved the impossible. This is what struck me at that moment –

When we started the trek, just by looking at the hill we were going to climb  – few of us backed out.

Things going in our minds were - It’s going to be extremely strenuous, impossible, “why do this?”…

And our mind had kinda paralyzed us.

However once we started taking our baby steps – blindfolded, carefully, guiding each other – our goal was a safe next step. Every step looked like an achievement. Only twice on the entire climb we cared to ask on how far are we from the top.  And once we reached the top, we were elated, surprised, thankful to the team and none  of us felt tired.

Lesson learnt:

The destination looks far, the terrain looks scary, painful, and unknown.  This is what my eyes saw and my mind amplified it. I felt tired and almost paralyzed. Didn’t have the courage to take the next step.

And then something magical happened. I was blindfolded – my eyes could see nothing, my mind became more alert  and focused , my belief in my team increase 10 folds and I cared for nothing else but the next step that I took – carefully and safely.  I cared less for the destination – for every safe step made me happy and feel successful. Every twist and turn on the way, every challenge looked easy with those small steps that we took.  And once we reached @ the top, we were surprised at our accomplishment. We never knew we could do something like this…but we did.

So- one can be rich, can be successful by:

Knowing where you want to reach and not knowing how far the destination is.

Enjoying every step and not being bogged down by challenges on the way.

Trusting in your team – at every step, every twist and turn.

Get Blind …get successful !!!


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Comment by Kamal Kalra on January 18, 2012 at 10:59pm

Hi Hardik, Nice post , really insightful :) 

Comment by Hemant Naidu on January 18, 2012 at 8:34pm

Nice blogpost..Cheers Hardik

Comment by asha chaudhry on January 18, 2012 at 7:01pm

hey hardik!

that was a nice read :)

full marks for your heading - will grab eyeballs!!! 

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