I believe we are all living someone else’s dream!!

Someone asked in the Rodinhood Open House- If there is an impossible task ahead, should an entrepreneur even attempt it?

And I said, isn’t it true that we are all living someone else’s dream today? Someone dreamt of the impossible, like putting a man on the moon. Someone else attempted it and another made it possible. Imagine the dream of the man who wanted to put a few people on the aircraft and fly them across oceans. Must have sounded incredulous at that time. Today, we are living that man’s dream. Therefore, unless the impossible is dreamt, imagined, attempted and gone after with a club...it will never become possible!!!

Unfortunately, entrepreneurship has become all about safety in numbers, excel formats showing a perfect play of digits. It should all match up! Its certainly desirable to get the maths right and have a plan. But, isn’t it also fun to go after what your heart really desires? To dream an impossible dream? Pursue what excites you, what you are passionate about?

Yes, its a risk but certainly a risk worth taking if you are the kind who gets a high from living your dream and seeing it come true...:)

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Comment by Akancha Srivastava on June 21, 2012 at 1:29pm
Exactly the point...sometimes, the impossible dreams get fulfilled by the next person or another. What we need is- Firstly the courage to dream it and then the belief in it. Very few will have both and those who do, are blessed!
Comment by Nishant Agrawal on June 20, 2012 at 12:53am
As they say, a man's reach exceeds his grasp. All progress depends on the man who dreams the impossible. But such dreams and their fulfillment comes at a very high cost. Not all can pay it. We know about the great scientists and inventors whose dreams changed our world, but know nothing of the million others whose dreams were even more ambitious, but failed to materialize. Failure does not a have place in the books of history. And one can't blame people for not trying.
Comment by Manav Shankar on June 20, 2012 at 12:30am


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