Sabko Ambani Chaiye, Par Apne Ghar Mein Nahi

A very close friend of mine said this line some months back when we were discussing about his and my business growth.

He runs an outdoor advertising agency and he said “Neeraj bhai, Ambani sabko chaiye, lekin apne ghar mein nahi chaiye”.

What he said is true in most of the cases. This is a typical problem a young age entrepreneurs (who are in 20 to 30 age group) face.

Every family dream of living in a bungalow, a car, a good big cash bank…but the problem is not most of them promote or encourage their children(s) to walk path less traveled.

So why most of the families, girl friends don’t want to live with Ambani who is at very initial stage of business: They have some solid reason.

1) Your friend 'Google Chauhan' is booking flat, got new car, his marriage fixed and you ?

When your reach 26 or more…one thing you start seeing everywhere is growth. Your friends are now working in multinational companies drawing 60-70K per month on an average. Some booked their flats, purchased new car and some are getting married.

On the other hand when you are running a startup…you don’t think about booking a flat, buying a car or getting married. Though you earn more than them per month…but a typical startup keeda forces you to think about growing it more rather than opening fixed deposits and saving for a new car.

Seeing this, the family says “You can also get a good job and earn good money”. And we are left with no answers…unless and until we have some good fixed deposits.

There problem is “We don’t have a fixed income” and they want us to have fixed income.

2) There is no fixed day when you get payment:

This is a one great expectation by family of every entrepreneur ”A fixed salary and that too on fixed day”. It is a dream for every startup to get paid on same day and most importantly same amount :)

3) Why so much expenses ?

When your team grows and you reach 7-8 people…your per month payout is actually equal to your last job per annum salary. Also you pay for many more things.

You need to meet expenses when you are trying to run a ship.

This becomes a case of discussion when no one in your family ever did business and you find it difficult to explain then why I am buying more computers and a big wall painting for my cabin.

5) Mother: Who will give you their girl and what will I say to them ?

A typical question with less convincing answer.

Surely in India every parent wants to handover their daughters to someone with a secure future and getting a fixed income. Still today a CEO of 20 people company is seen less attractive than VP of a 20 people company :LOL

6) The girlfriend asks many questions?

The one thing which a young Ambani may not do is get into a relationship. If your girl is supportive, it's ok…else you have to allocate a major part of brain in convincing her and supporting her (can you see the irony)

Will update with some more reasons.


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