Why I call myself a chicken entreperneur ?

I like to call myself a chicken Entrepreneur. This is because I feel that the difference lies in 'staying there' with your startup in most crunch situations and not chicken out.

When I started in my college I didn't knew that a word called startup existed (honestly) and till date I get spelling of entrepreneurship wrong. Thanks to Auto correct

I have tried to share some thoughts over a presentation which will help the so called chicken Entrepreneurs (like me) to sustain their startup.

 Looking forward to hear from you.

Here is it

- Rupesh

Stay Calm, Move On.

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Comment by Rupesh Kumar Shah on October 28, 2012 at 1:35pm

Many Thanks Asha ! Will do it. Keep the great work going :-) 

Comment by asha chaudhry on October 28, 2012 at 11:29am

hey rupesh....

i've been going through some past posts and just realised how wonderful your ppt is....!

can you pls re-post this as a DISUSSION and save it under YOUR STORY? 

be sure to add an image from your ppt (or just your logo), so it pops up as a thumbnail when your story is shared on social media.

i remember when i first heard the word 'entrepreneur' - i too was in college - in journalism school and i couldn't afford to get the spelling wrong!!! what i loved most (and still do) is the way my tongue rolls around the 'tre' :)


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