When I joined DDW in 2010 right about during Diwali, they gave the creative team a brief to come up with gift ideas. Something that they could send to their clients in order to either 'bribe' them, like you mentioned or to simply say 'hey, we're alive & kicking!'


I had something different on my mind. Which is why I suggested we take all that money spent on client gifts (which will in all probability end up in the trash or under a pile of other dusty gifts) that Diwali & do something different. I proposed we approach St. Catherine's Home (An orphanage for young girls, some abandoned, some who's parent/s have been killed in front of their eyes while some were rescued from brothels.) & find out what they needed. It was first suggested that we donate all the money. But, that would be the easy way out. We asked the care takers what the girls really needed, that we could provide. The answer was right in front of us, but we never really noticed it - shoes. We were a bit shocked. We thought it was normal for the girls to roam bare feet in the confines of the vast orphanage property. Thinking it to be an act of comfort rather than paucity at play. We were caught on the back foot a bit, since our 'budget' would not cover all the girls shoes. To our surprise, everyone at DDW pitched in with whatever little they could & we covered the cost. These very people who condemned (on the quiet) client gifts (since they rain down on every agency parade they can) were here digging deep into their pockets. This Diwali was going to be bright one for the girls at St. Catherine's, thanks to our clients 'not' getting gifts. 


Not all of it was smooth though. There was some pressure from the top, stating that the clients would indeed miss our 'gifts' on Diwali (which might tick them off) & might even think that our finances are in doldrums! Hence, reluctantly an emailer was made to inform them of a gift that they involuntarily gifted these little girls. We didn't expect a response.  


But we got one. No, many! Clients wrote back, pouring in with support & pats on the back. Many wrote that this was the best gift they received that Diwali. It stood out. And we didn't even aim for it. It was a side effect. A good one. 


Shared this with you because I thought this would bring a little cheer to your Diwali. As well as give you a ray of hope, that there are a few good gifts, which are still bribes. But we're bribing karma. :)  

Here's what we sent out. Wrote the copy myself :) 

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Comment by Navjit Singh on November 7, 2011 at 5:44pm

Its a great Idea. We did a similar activity last year (wanted to continue this year but could not). The whole team of EXON visited Deepasharam in Gurgaon, where we donated, played with kids, had lunch with them etc. This we all did on behalf of our clients whom we had planned to send Diwali gifts/greetings. It turned out to be a life changer for some of the team members as they realized the importance of life. You could see the details on http://www.exon.in/csr.html



Navjit Singh

Comment by Jonathan Lin on November 4, 2011 at 9:31pm
Thank you! This brightened up my day!
Comment by Clyde Nunes on October 21, 2011 at 4:24pm
Thank you all. 
Rattan, thank you for making someone's Diwali brighter! Spread the love & have a Happy Diwali. :)
Comment by Rattan Deep on October 21, 2011 at 1:42pm

Last few weeks we were struggling to finalize the gift for our clients.

We are finalizing this. :) 

Comment by Saurabh Gupta on October 21, 2011 at 10:10am

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