The planet of fascinated Moneybags, the VC. Since his last visit, he couldn’t get enough of this amazing place.

It had been a hard day and after some intense meetings, Moneybags was in desperate need of a few drinks.

On the corner of Enterprise Ave and Destiny Street shimmered a beautiful round & purple elliptical neon sign that read ‘The Purple Well’.

It looked like a nice place to get into.

When Moneybags pushed the deep, dark mahogany door and walked in, he was stunned.

The Purple Well was the most beautiful lounge that he had ever seen. Small shimmering purple lights decorated the stone grey walls and there stood a cozy wooden bar on the left side of the deep corridor. The floor of the lounge was original cobblestone, and the deep leather sofas in the sitting area were vampire blood red. A few folks were comfortably seated in the far corner as they clinked their glasses and laughed heartily.

Moneybags felt instantly happy and approached the bar.

He instantly stiffened. Behind the Bar was a stunning blonde woman with a sharp aquiline face, twirling a rather stout single Malt bottle. On the barstool sat a very attractive dark skinned woman – in a black evening dress that definitely looked like Chanel. Her shoes were classic Jimmy Choo. He cautiously walked up to the bar.

Just as he anchored himself, the dark beauty casually slipped her hand behind his neck and swiftly straightened his twisted jacket collar.

‘Never twist your Armani Collar. They aren’t made to be twisted’ she chuckled as she held out her slim palm out to shake hands with Moneybags. ‘Hi, I am Sonya, the Bar Server’.

‘Whoa, you really surprised me there’ said Moneybags as he took tenderly shook her hand. ‘Hi I am Moneybags, the VC’.

Moneybags then looked at the Blonde and introduced himself. The woman had grey piercing eyes and wore a stylish, long black dress, with a striking gold interlocking designer belt on the waist.

‘Hey, my name is Sia, and I am Bar Tender. Welcome to the Purple Well’.

Moneybags felt euphoric. His tiredness had vanished. A super charged cocktail of endorphins rushed in his blood.

‘So, what are you serving?’ he asked Sia.

Sia said ‘Tonight is Single Malt night. And the music is Fleetwood Mac. Once in a while, we just serve only the best things in life’.

Moneybags grinned, snapped his finger and said ‘I love this. This is the best of the best. Pour me whatever you like’.

Sia smiled and took a few moments to place a solid, well-rounded rock glass on a grey and purple coaster in front of Moneybags. She then held out a Ballantine 21 year old Single Malt bottle, lovingly uncorked it and slowly poured a generous helping for Moneybags.

‘Cheers to you, Moneybags. You seem like a Ballantine 21 kinda guy. May you and your business prosper’, she whispered loudly.

The rock glass was perfect. Chilled, but not frosted. Absolutely clear with no etching. Moneybags felt like he was a King. As he sipped and rolled the Ballantine 21 in his mouth, he felt the familiar warmth envelop his mouth and caress his throat. His palate recognized super fine malts and this was perfection. As he sipped the drink, an incredible glow began to work its way from his throat down to his belly. This was heaven.

Sia placed a digital receipt of Rodinhood Dollars (rh$)16.00 for the drink next to Moneybags glass. He looked at it and smirked. This was probably the most expensive Single Malt he had drunk in a while, but every drop was worth it. He took out his Diamond Studded Credit card and gave it to Sia, with the instruction to ‘keep the tab open’.

The Lyrics from ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac enveloped the air:

Thunder only happens when it's raining Players only love you when they're playing
Have you any dreams you'd like to sell?

Moneybags addressed both Sia and Sonya and said ‘This is an amazing place. Looks so well set up. Are the owners looking for partners?’

Sonya elegantly crossed her legs on the stool bar and stared into Moneybags in his eyes. She blinked and spoke : ‘The place runs fine. We have an amazingly loyal clientele. We stock the best and entertain even better. The owners are doing great’.

Moneybags shrugged his shoulders. He was accelerating on his second drink and was very talkative. ‘I get it. Why share your success with folks when you don’t need to’, he mumbled.

Sia the bar tender reached out and loosened Moneybags tie. He noticed a Happy Diamond watch on her wrist. The diamonds jiggled in the watch as she quickly loosened the Tie knot.

Sia said ‘It’s not about sharing success or failure. It’s about what the business needs. Once there is a decision to open more Purple Wells in the planet, I am sure the owners will look at investments’.

Moneybags was very happy. The third large Ballantine 21 had taken him to another orbit. He was in the Company of two very attractive women whose undivided Company he had enjoyed ever since he had begun drinking.

‘Can I get a light dinner?’ asked Moneybags?

Sia said ‘Sure, how about a nice freshly tossed Rodinhood Salad? It’s a nice mixed salad with emphasis on artichokes and romaine with a sprinkling of marinated tofu, drenched in a rather romantic Cognac dressing’.

The amazing Salad was even more expensive than the Malts, but Moneybags didn’t mind. He had never had a better time in his life.

As he was finishing his last drink, he asked Sonya and Sia and said ‘ So, could you connect me to the owners’?

Sonya giggled and said, ‘You sir, are looking at them. Sia and I own this place’.

Moneybags was tickled. He was a trained VC. He immediately recognized the quality of skilled entrepreneurs who had entertained him this evening. Both the ladies were in complete control of their business and had quickly sized him up when he had approached the bar. Since he had left the drinks and food options open, Sia had ‘priced’ him right. He was served the best drink and food and just a wee bit beyond what he could afford. Their pricing was perfect. Gestures like straightening his collar and loosening his tie established his comfort and affinity for the women and he had landed up staying with them the entire evening. The first invoice was an indicator that this was a cash up-front place. So cash flows were perfected. Both the ladies were incredibly attentive to their customer, happy to entertain him and were trained to listen rather than ask questions. And never did they seem over enthusiastic or over bearing.

The lyrics of ‘Gold Dust Woman’ were floating in the air as Moneybags bid adieu and walked towards the door:

Rulers make bad lovers You better put your kingdom up for sale
Did she make you cry
Make you break down
Shatter your illusions of love
Is it over now, do you know how
Pickup the pieces and go home.

Moneybags was in love. With the planet of therodinhoods, the spirit of Entrepreneurship and of course, with Sonya and Sia. He was definitely coming back tomorrow night.

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Comment by Dr. Saloni Singh on March 21, 2014 at 5:53pm

A story can't get better than this; thoroughly enjoyed:) What a mix of curiosity, drama, intelligence and beautiful way of weaving the words! Just joined the community, So eager to read more blogs Alok. 

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