The ghastly act of rape and death of the Delhi brave heart has shaken the Nation's conscious. There has been spontaneous outpouring  of public and grief on the streets all around the country. But surprisingly the storm has left the Delhi Police untouched. Not one policeman refused to treat the citizens like terrorists /insurgents in their own country.

Why did the Delhi Police not revolt against the government or their seniors orders of using water cannon and batons on innocent young girls and boys? The answer to this question  will help us to realize how inhuman the force created for the security of public has become and how difficult it will be to change the things for better. Mere candle marches, blogs and tweets and discussions are not going to convince the unresponsive government or the officials in government to change their way of life. This way of life of corruption, you scratch my back and I will scratch yours and creating safe havens and islands of safety and security (VIP Areas) for the privileged few does not provide any reason or incentive for them to change. The government and its departments are behaving like cartel, a drug cartel with everyone obeying the 'Code of silence'

Not one politician or government official has felt sufficiently revolted by the incident or its aftermath to resign from his post in disgust or anger. So the people who can change things are not moved or motivated to do so. This class is not going to give up their privileges and opportunities to make easy money easily. The public has to do much more and sacrifice much more to either awaken the conscious of the ruling class or to forcefully drag them kicking and screaming to make the right decisions.

The peaceful protests / candle marches / fasts are too passive to move or shake the ruling masses. The Ahimsa propagated by Gandhi Ji was not of a passive kind but a force to challenge the established order. Time has come for the public to launch a forceful but non violent revolt against the government.

Like the Swadesi Movement let us boycott all foreign elements (police officials) and stop all kind of social relationships with them to force them to become human again. 

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