Why it is a great honor and responsibility to be an Indian!!

Hi All

India ,our motherland is at the cusp of a change .By change i mean changes in the way India perceives the world and the world perceives her.India has been the spiritual and technological prowess in the ancient past and now will be again there as winds of time change in future.

Long back when i joined rodinhood , i was met with lot of challenges ,an inkling to incubate a startup in information security with the university incubator didn't materialise.Reasons being two fold, the industry was not ready for me and i wasn't ready either...Times have  changed ..so do my thought process.The failures in my life always teach me to check what works and what doesn't.

Its not ideas which create failures ,it is its implementation.These days i work as a Software Engineer in a private company which perhaps at that point of time gave me an opportunity which no other was willing to give.As time have elapsed , i have grown with the company and the company has grown with me.

Its a good feeling when your boss recognises your efforts as an employee.Its even better when your views are respected and looked with an open mind.First i was a bit hesitant in how will i mingle with the company values as i joined as a fresher.With lots of effort  things improved even if it meant i was sacrificing my personal time with the work given..No doubt it created a doubt about work-life balance..Then , suddenly i saw everyone doing the same..As i grew with the company i have been asked to work on some crucial projects and learnt a lot about working in teams.Besides, i also learnt what challenges a startup faces for resource management.

At the time i passed my B.E. , there was a feeling in the startup industry about the availability of talent..Now , i do see some change in the scenario..India is a young nation in terms of the working age group ..so with a bit of more effort from everyone a great company and a great economy can be built.

Disruptive technologies can come out of anywhere in the world.Rightly said , its information economy ..But , to make it knowledge economy i feel alot of changes and improvements are required.The quality of higher education has to improve with the changing times..Then only more and more entrepreneurs will come .

Suddenly i feel it is a great honour and responsibility to be an indian now .Resource management coupled with work ethics creates happy employees and a happy nation .

So when i talk of power , i talk of power to people.No doubt economic improvement is required for a country to flourish .But more important is protecting our unique value system and having respect for the dignity of life.

My dear friends i believe challenges can be seen as an opportunity as well as an obstacle.Its the way we perceive changes the dynamics..So be ready for the change..

Its our  mutual responsibility to create a knowledge economy as well an ethical society ..No goal is too big if its collaborative..

Thank you alok for giving me the opportunity to express my viewpoints.

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Comment by Deepak Mittal on September 22, 2012 at 10:34am

Responsibility - Yes.
Honor   - We are far away from it.  Would love to hear why an average Indian should feel honored for being one. 

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