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The Why of “Why I stopped wearing my Socks”

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What I (un)learnt from Narayan Murthy in 4 minutes..

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A ready to use Template for pitching your Business for Funding!

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How to Hire Employees that have Leadership Qualities?

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Step by step guide to write the Perfect Project Proposal

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How Mobile Apps are Leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT)

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Women in Blockchain – Empowering the next generation of women technologists!!!

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Qualities to look for in a Tech Partner

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APPKARO.COM – We just launched our beta!

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Why is Mobile Responsive Web Design Important For Starting Businesses?

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How is Artificial Intelligence used in E-Commerce?

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The Funding Pitch Template!
Use this to raise money or just evaluate your business!

Use this to raise money or just evaluate your business!

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