TheRodinhoods.com (trh) was created in November 2010 to be the hottest destination for entrepreneurs and enterprising people from all walks of life. A place to share business ideas, startup stories, problems, help with VC funding, bounce ideas, brainstorm, ask questions, hangout with like-minded people and just chill. The idea is to make an entrepreneur’s journey a little less lonely. 

TheRodinhoods represents the spirit of ‘I want to do something!’

TRH has become India’s most vibrant online community of entrepreneurs with 11,500+ members and 6000+ discussions & blog posts. 

Though this social network for entrepreneurs started as a natural extension of Alok Kejriwal’s blog http://rodinhood.com he soon found this place more and more engaging and started blogging here every single day, instead! 

Rodinhood is inspired from Rodin – who sculpted ‘The Thinker’ and Robin Hood who ‘got things done’. Hence Thinking + Doing = Rodinhood.

Check out our FAQs page to get some pointers about how the site works, how easy it is to post, the best posts of last year and all that jazz!

If there is anything we can do for you, feel free to write to:

Asha Chaudhry (Co-Founder & Editor) – asha@rodinhood.com

Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal (Founder) – alok@rodinhood.com

[Alok meets/gets on a call with an entrepreneur a day. To do so, pls write to him & cc manoj@rodinhood.com to fix up an appointment.]

Volunteers: Abey John, Abhik Prasad, Anamika Joshi, Darshan Bhambiru, Jitendra Gursingh, Kaanchan Bugga, Nameet Potnis, Rishi Gorantala, Rudrajeet Desai, Shwaytaj Raste, Sunaina Shenoy, Sushrut Munje, Tarun Jangid, Vijay Ramaswamy.

TheRodinhoods.com is part of the 2win Group.

Software Compliance & Infringement Issues:

In case of any software compliance issues and enquiries for the Company please mail Chief Financial Officer, Satish Iyer at satish@c2wgroup.com.

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