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10 simple lessons from Kolaveri Di

1. Under promise, Over deliver – Calling it a ‘Flop Song’ reduces one’s expectations

2. Social Media is not = Facebook – Other sites, one of them by the name of YouTube can also be used to make powerful campaigns

3. If you are good, the campaign works – And if you are not, then no amount of marketing can help you

4. When many like, others follow – You need to wait till your campaign reaches the tipping point Even overnight success takes decades to happen

5. Social Media campaigns are global – Age no bar, language no bar, caste no bar Powerful campaigns can even bring North and South together

6. Online is not about babies and beautiful – Not so beautiful faces(only)Beautiful In the online space, if you are good, you are good If you are not, even angels can’t help you

7. Online TV is no more a hypothetical term – There is a 90% chance that you did not hear this song first on TV. (The rest 10% didn’t have an internet connection)

8. Social Media Success can make other media talk about you – First some cover you, then others join in, and finally rest wonder why they haven’t talked about you so far

9. Be certain about online medias uncertainty – They would have not known when recording the song as to how successful will it eventually become Nobody knows if you will do well on social media, but the only way to know it is to try

10. Simplicity wins – At the end, it’s a simple song that everybody can relate to, that’s exactly why it works. People’s lives are complex already, don’t over complicate them

And just in case you are one of those people who hasn’t even heard the song so far( what! like really?) , then here you go



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  1. Thanks Mandar 🙂 Yes, there is some learning in all kinds of successes, and this song was no different 🙂 

  2. Alok Sir, Some Pics have been added as advised. Thanks

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