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100 Covers Restaurant without a Single Table & Chair ! POSSIBLE?

Wow. Awesome. Out of the Box. Innovative. 360 Degree. Genius !!!! …….. When will I hear all this is what keeps many of us working towards creating concepts, prototype, and models – Innovative & Unique. Well, being a completely non tech guy it’s all the more challenging to come out with ground breaking innovations or ideas which could really be scalable & commercial at the same time.

So, back to the Question — 100 Covers Restaurant without a Single Table & Chair ! POSSIBLE? Yes – Read on



KHOPCHA ( meaning a Corner Shop) has two Revenue Streams

1) “Fine” Food Home Delivered .
KHOPCHA is a beginning. A beginning to bridge the gap which exists between “Fine” food available at stand alone Fine Dinning Restaurant (which otherwise won’t deliver) and Run of the Mill Food currently being Home Delivered (but not maintaining Quality and Hygiene). Khopcha is floated with a vision to deliver “Fine” North Indian Food at your doorsteps. This still remains as one of the revenue stream for KHOPCHA.

2) “Dine-in-Ur Car” Concept.

However, what really worked for KHOPCHA is something we never thought of when conceiving KHOPCHA. Apart from being a “FINE” Home Delivery Concept we have a 100 Cover Virtual Restaurant but without a Single Chair or Table.

How is that possible?

Come over …Explore !

To conclude: We have not invented …we have not renovated…. We have just tried slipping our self into our customers shoes and in the process created a better & more effective way to overcome limitations( no space for dinning) and succeed commercially and the most important (@Alok Sir) have a fabulous STORY to share with the world at large around our product to create curiosity & interest.

and and YES …. I don’t want to listen wow, amazing, out the box anymore ….‘cause what we got now is something more relevant than that — “Ever Smiling & Surprised Faces” looking for opportunity to talk about KHOPCHA. (Arey Yaar, woh KHOPCHA ke bare mai sunaa ? …. Let me take you to a NEW place where ……..)

Don’t we all agree – DELIGHT the CUSTOMER and make them carry your BRAND to people & places one can’t even think of reaching by the most intelligent SEO or the most efficient Adwords placement or with the best loyalty programs in place or or for that matter … even the best marketing plans.


Waiting in anticipation for you inputs.

Rajeev (KHOPCHA) Roy

RODINing (thinking) of : Nature’s Jewel (a PR company of every Individual out there)
RODINing (thinking) of : Zero Degree Tilt ( the only Loyalty Program which talks about how to acquire NEW customer and then holding on to them for future & not just retaining customer that the businesses bring on their own merits)

www.khopcha.(—)–under construction


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  1. I really like your “Dine-in-your-Car” concept. This is most innovative.

    I have traveled a lot but have never seen something like this.

    U rock baby !


  2. Thanks a ton for calling it Innovative …..Infact I have patrons who really have traveled a lot and they say finding something like this in apni Delhi is SIMPLY WOW  …. Pl do share if you would like to add something to the rituals.

  3. A very innovative concept indeed 🙂 all the best 

  4. Thanks a ton ….Once again requesting you to put yourself in that car and if you think something could be added to the rituals do revert. Appreciate.

  5. You guys are quite near to my place. I am going to try you out soon!

  6. Hi Rajeev,

    I have a slightly different opinion – because for me, food is more about ambience and the peacefulness with which I’d eat it rather than the food itself. So, even though the rituals you’ve created for dine-in-ur-car experience are fantastic, would still be skeptic in eating in my own car  – basically the food is there but the fine dining experience is gone..

  7. Ankit try us any day , preferably , Tuesday or Thursday , as they are lean day and the weekends are all chaotic .. just a thought …. also just let me know as “Dine-in-ur-Car” is only for members ( Rodinhooders are exception to the rule ) ……Must try our innovation in food — ANGARA MOMOS in three Flavours …Garlic, Achari & Black Pepper …. The biggest blockbusters @KHOPCHA

  8. Thanks Saraswathi ….I luv the word “Fantastic ” for our Rituals … Yes you are right in you own sweet little way but surely you would appreciate that at times you look for change in you style of dinning ( Uniqueness , Budget or some remote reasons ) ….. surely you can try us once if not every time. 

    Moreover, Ours was a purely Home Delivery Concept ( on the lines of Domions but the food being North Indian ). Since we already had ample space for parking …..”Dine-in-ur-Car” came as a Bonus to add on to our revenue ( overcoming limitation of not opening a fine Dine restaurant)

    (PS : Seen many patrons coming to us for varied reasons of Uniqueness ; Gr8 food ; Just for Fun : when you don’t want to be spotted ; when you are enjoying music from your own playlist etc etc …..)

    Also, as I shared we are also a “FINE” Home Delivery of North Indian Cuisines …..Try Ordering from us if at home.

  9. I am definitely visiting at the Dwarka one, preferably on a Sunday (weekdays are like full of responsibility with one hour stacked after another). Do sms me your number so that I can get in touch.

    Food business is a difficult to establish business and you have not only established it but brought innovation to so many aspects of it. 

    Totally bowled over, awed. 

  10. Simply Innovative and first of it’s kind. The ‘rituals‘ rock..!!

    I suggest, instead of keeping on increasing the rituals, go on decreasing one of them, probably the ‘wet tissue’ thing. As, for washing hands, visitors will get a good reason to breathe fresh air and loosen-up their legs…and have a word of appreciation with the concerned representative of ‘Khopcha’ present out there. All the best, and Welcome soon to Mumbaaaiiiii 🙂

  11. “Totally bowled over, awed.” ….coming this from Sagar is like — “Totally bowled over, awed.”

    Indeed, Food Business is all the more tougher for stand alone QSR who wants to Innovate on one hand and on the other find it all the more difficult to take this innovation to the customer in the same spirit due to lack of  skilled manpower around. The Power of TEAM  ….. ( Now you know why my reply had TEAM TEAM TEAM written all over)

  12. Surely a valid point here .. in fact this should be really left to the patrons to decide if they want fresh air or loosen-up their legs.

  13. Thanks Rahul … Do let me know when you are coming as Dine-in-ur-Car is for members only with TRHS being exception. (PS : Avoid weekends …too much ruch )

  14. Totally common sense and logically driven idea with little wow’s. We see people dining in their cars around the typical red Chinese wagon thella’s run by chinky clones.

    You’ve formally conceptualised it with a practical insight. Love it!!!

    Bombay needs to see this too.

  15. Thanks Chatty … As we said ” We have not invented …we have not renovated…. We have just tried slipping our self into our customers shoes and in the process created a better & more effective way to overcome our limitations ….”

    We would love to be there PAN India … Thanks for your wishes … See you soon in Mumbai …

    ( PS: Franchise Enquiry Solicited ;

  16. Rajeev,

    Great Concept. All the best


  17. I’m not sure.

    I DONT even allow my kids to eat in my car…

    But, I will confess, that for many years, I used to go to Chowpatty and eat Kulfi and Paan in my car and also paav bhaji on the bonnet outside Sukh Sagar…

  18. rajeev – alok shared your post over social media – pls follow on fb & twitter. some fb comments:

  19. Khopcha is more like mawali term for to get some one in corner for beating,

    Khumcha is right word I think  –  First Reaction still reading on… 

  20. Rajeev Roy : The concept was fab in dwarka and it had become a meeting place for us guys over dinner…and we used to have food 3-4 times in a week at ur place…but when u moved from old facility to new facility the quality of food went haywire and eventually lost ur customers…wish u had taken some time to reach to ur regular customers who no longer are ordering from Kopcha…i would suggest put more efforts in the quality of food…

  21. Rajeev,

    First of all, a very unique concept and kudos to you for executing it..

    But I have a few quick questions..

    What if a group of people decide to consume alcohol in their car, along with enjoying the food you serve them??
    Do you have a policy in place for alcohol consumption at your premises??
    Do you have a valid liquor permit to allow something like that on a piece of land, which can be considered as semi-public??

  22. great idea…never thought before…just a point …if people can order a 10 minute before as they arrive food is ready it will save time and their fuel if the car keeps idling… we can have a service of high stools and the roof of the car can act as a table

  23. Thanks a Ton Parthiban

  24. Hi Rajeev.

    Nice concept. Maybe for people like Alok who do not entertain eating in the car, you might want to provide an option of eating on the car(as in you could serve the food on the bonnet). This happens at an outlet called Bade Miyan in Mumbai. The bonnet is lifted and an empty coke bottle  is fixated between the bonnet and its base to hold the bonnet at 90 degrees angle.

    Wish you all the best with your venture!

  25. Exceptional Renovation!!

    Liked the idea and the rituals a lot. Another task added in my bucked list when I come to the Northern side…

    great work and all the best

  26.  ………. the fact that YOU replied  made my day

    (weeks , months , years … life ) .  Aweeeeeesome feeling. THANKS & RESPECT.       (PS: Its been just 5 days on TRHS )

  27. just wow …….. Thanks Alok Sir & Asha Ma’m ….. Following on FB & Twitter …… Loving It.

  28. Okay … I have few issues regarding this ….
    1. Basically I feel its like a street stall
    2. I dont think people like to eat in a car with family,gf/bf or kids unless ur food is out of the world
    3. Most of the people coming to ur place will b owning a car between 4-15 lacs max.. Dont expect bm’s & mercs … Who wants to dirty 30 lac+ car !
    4. I dont know which location it is on … If on highways connecting 2 cities it might workout as people r in hurry they may have a quick bite
    5. The rates should be cheap or vfm
    6.eating on driver seat is very uncomfortable
    7. Wat if people drink(alcohol) along eating
    8. Fine dining ppl go for the ambience
    9. My suggestion would be wat if u add a bench(long rectangular slate) while serving food which ll act like a table when windows rolled down ! It ll be more comfortable to eat
    Else all u can serve is few starters n soft drinks or dry food …just like macdonads !
    Good luck !

  29. one word.. ‘WOW’.. khopcha sounds more like Bombaiya word..
    idea sounds similar to  drive-in theaters ..instead of cinema your product is food.. 

    i feel u too can innovate your existing work with the cinema thing as u have the parking space.. statistically proved people do watch TV while dining.. the idea should gel up well..

  30. Hi Govind ,

    Thanks for ur reply . KHOPCHA. is used to describe a CORNER SHOP or an Isolated Place. Well, in reality too we are a Corner Shop. The word is very Catchy in itself. From the feedback that we get from patrons  we think majority of them love to say “KHOPCHA” for its uniqueness.( the word is not used so generally/frequently )

    Well …waiting for ur final candid feedback on the rituals at KHOPCHA.

  31. Dear Neil , when we provide  a Car Tray & a Bin Bag our aim to reduce the spillage to the max. However, its does not come with 100% guarantee.

    Thanks for your wishes & liking the idea.


  32. If people can pre-order it would be such gr8 relief to us too. However, this does not hold true as patron starts asking for their food even before placing orders.

    Cars have different form factors and Prima Facie the “Stool & Roof ” does not seem to be feasible to me.


  33. Dude address btao.. I’ll visit soon 😀

  34. Dear Vijay,

    Thanks for ur appreciation.

    “Dine-in-ur-Car” is exclusively meant for members who have taken a prior undertaking not to have alcohol in the car. By and large in any UT (or even states) consumption of alcohol in public places is prohibited by law and we are NO EXCEPTION. Period. We strictly have a Self-Service ( read No Service ) in case we figure out something like this. Places like Gurgoan has Govt. Approved ( that’s what I have seen written ) drinking places but the same is not applicable to Delhi. We promote “Dine-in-ur-Car” NOT “Drink-in-ur-Car”. Sincerely hope this is read & understood by all.

    Cheers  Thanks & Regards.


  35. Thanks a ton Sajid for sharing Bade Miyan with all of us …. Appreciate.

  36. Thanks a ton Tejas for liking the idea & the rituals so much.

  37. Yes, you are right with your point of view that people watch TV while having food. However, Our place is not such that we could add “CINEMA ” or TV. Appreciate.

  38. This is what existed in a chennai restaurant called Woodlands Drive in-till about a few years ago when the govt lease on the .expired and they closed down.Was a popular place surely though without the frills and service angles you looked at

  39. Dear Shri , Not just Chennai every where people eat in their cars ( very very popular in Delhi) and actually their is no uniqueness per se. But the moment patrons starts getting the “FRILLS” they realise what they have been missing all this long while eating in their cars .. its just small gestures to make eating in the car more pleasurable and fun. Nothing More Nothing Less.


  40. Hi Rajeev,

    Are you guys based at Dwarka? Because I order regularly from a similar named take away here.

    Abhishek Sinha

  41. Hi Harshit,

    1. Basically I feel its like a street stall

    > Yes

    2. I dont think people like to eat in a car with family,gf/bf or kids unless ur food is out of the world

    > NO & YES.

    3. Most of the people coming to ur place will b owning a car between 4-15 lacs max.. Dont expect bm’s & mercs … Who wants to dirty 30 lac+ car !

    > We have been fortunate to serve in Hummer ; Merc ; Audi ; Fortuner etc etc. but the majority is the CARS you & me see on the streets.

    4. I don’t know which location it is on … If on highways connecting 2 cities it might workout as people r in hurry they may have a quick bite.

    > Its not on a highway.

    5. The rates should be cheap or vfm

    > They are very competitive but surely not cheap.

    6.eating on driver seat is very uncomfortable

    > NO & YES

    7. Wat if people drink(alcohol) along eating

    > “Dine-in-ur-Car” is exclusively for members who have undertaken not to have alcohol in the car. Its not meant for all and sundry just because of this reason only.

    8. Fine dining ppl go for the ambience.

    > People explore new idea/concept/services & & of course ambience as you said.

    9. My suggestion would be wat if u add a bench(long rectangular slate) while serving food which ll act like a table when windows rolled down ! It ll be more comfortable to eat.
    Else all u can serve is few starters n soft drinks or dry food …just like macdonads !

    > I think you missed the 3rd Ritual — Fitting of Trays : This is done precisely for the same reason as mentioned by you. Fitting a long rectangular slate would actually be possible on with you windows down. I think this will forfeit the thought of ” YOUR OWN AMBIENCE “

    Good luck !

    > Thanks a Million Ton for sharing your thoughts. Appreciate

  42. Hi Abhishek,

    In all probability YES.

    We luv you as our patron.



  43. Also , Pl check if you dial 011-65557555 for KHOPCHA. I am actually curious to know if someone else also exist by same name in the vicinity.

  44. Hi Rajeev,

    Yes it’s your restaurant indeed!

    I must congratulate you on your delicious and innovative menu and excellent support staff.

    Abhishek Sinha

  45. Dear Abhishek,

    Thanks a ton for your kind & motivating words. We want YOU to be delighted. Nothing Less. Nothing More.



  46. Dear Snehil,

    Simple. Google to pin us down for the exact coordinates.


  47. Very innovative concept, may be you can consider some more Rituals like :

    • Adding some non-wired lights inside the vehicle depending on the customers mood or liking ( for instance : adding small lights in the side tray of the doors.)
    • I feel biggest drawback of dining in a car is you can not sit facing each other(specially when there are friends on the back seat). Adding a smart horizontal mirror which can fit on the back-mirror might be a possible solution.
  48. Awesome …You 1st point out a drawback and then immediate come with a solutions to over come that drawback or limitation. … this is exactly what we also did.

    Yes, the mirror idea is awesome. Would update if we are practically able to implement that.

    Thanks for you input.


  49. Hi Priyank,

    Spoke & asked 3 patrons if they would luv /like to have a big mirror on the rear mirror so that they can look into the eyes of friends who are sitting backside while talking to them …..& they said “that wud be gr8….”

    U Rock …

    Thank & cheers


  50. Ohh thats great…I am glad that you and your patrons like the idea 🙂

  51. Yes we did !…… more ; more ; more …… come on guys jot it down for us.

  52. Dear Archit ,

    So extremely unfortunate to have missed you comment. With wishes & candid feedback from patrons like you we are still enjoying a huge following and are making all efforts to make sure all are satisfied with our food & services. Taking a note of your suggestion in the best of spirit.Would love to serve you again at KHOPCHA. Sincerely hope we deserve a second chance.

    Cheers !

  53. Hey, Snehil. Were you able to find us ?

  54. Don’t stop TRHS … Keep adding to the list of rituals…

  55. Hi Rajeev,
    When I read your article the first thing that came to my mind was that eating inside a car makes it dirty (although I have done it many times) so thats the limitation. But then your presentation shows Car Tray ritual which is just great (other rituals are also superb). Amazing concept Dude !!! All the best.

    I left Dwarka and Delhi 2 years back to start my own venture. Being a great foodie, I would have been your regular customer. Promise, next time I am in Delhi, I shall pay you a visit.

    Regards with tons of wishes for your venture.

  56. Dear Ankur,

    Thanks for your motivating words & wishes. Very curious to know about you venture. Do share with us all.



  57. wow …on second thought I am really liking the name “KHOPCHA RODINHOOD ROY”

  58. Interesting.All the best.

    Arun Kumbhat

  59. Thanks for liking us. Its such appreciation that keeps us going.


    Team Khopcha

  60. Visited this place last week with 2 friends since it was long due but sadly the concept is no longer alive. It was a normal restaurant with table and chairs.. Upon inquiring about the concept manager told us that they had to shut it down as people were running away with the trays.. SAD 🙁

  61. oh? rajeev is this true? pls update your post so that we all know. i was gonna promote your post as one of the most interesting startup ideas of 2013 on trhs…

  62. Visited Khopcha again two days back. I was offered full services including Dine-in-your-Car.

    The food was fantabulous like always. Must try “Angara Momos” which is really special.

  63. awesome ajay – glad to hear! i’m still waiting on some update from rajeev….

  64. We went on Dec 23rd and were told by manager ki ab ni krte waisa..

    Manager was very polite and food was delicious. Would surely go back again but none of the services as described on this post were provided.

  65. rajeev – kidhar ho, kaise ho, kya chal raha hai??

    do update us baba!!!

  66. Hi Rajeev, Your concept is really amazing.I am also planning for a new food venture.
    Kindly share your number or you can call me on 07065559355.

    Lets meet some time .


  67. Hi Alok,

    Ideas are all awesome till the time they are on papers or in ur mind. The true test starts when you take the first building block in ur hand & start placing themstep by step till the last piece too is in right place. GREAT TEAM & EXCEPTIONAL EXECUTION is what is needed to make an idea a worthy business.

    Sincerly hope you are aware that you are getting into a Capital Intensive Business. Hope you got the drift.

    You can reach me any time @ 8130448822.

    All the Best of Luck.


  68. happy b’day rajeev!

    keep rocking in everything you do!!!

    would love to hear an update!!
  69. This is what you call AWESOMENESS….. !

    Thanks a Million Tons Ma’am.

    Appreciate from the core of my heart.



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