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3 Reasons why Amazing Asha deserves your vote

When I first moved to India, I was really apprehensive. I think the older you get, the scarier it is to make new friends. And, more than adjusting to a new family, finding a new job or even getting re-familiarised with the craziness that is Mumbai City, I was scared that I’d have no friends. 

But its this fear that pushed to go out of my comfort zone and explore communities that I could become a part of. I thank my stars for the day I discovered TheRodinhoods because the help and support I’ve received from this community has just been invaluable. But, more than the support what TheRodinhoods has given me is great friendships. They may not be the kind where you talk endlessly for hours but its definitely the ‘Hogwarts’ kind of friendships where “Help is always given to those that ask for it”.

Whether its articles shared by entrepreneurs, how-to guides shared by Alok or even a platform to just share your pain, TheRodinhoods has it all. Now, you may say that a community is only as strong as its members and the reason people keep coming joining, coming back or participating is the value we each provide the other. But, there’s one more reason TheRodinhoods is like home to many of us and that reason is Amazing Asha, our awesome Community Manager!

The 2016 Community Manager Appreciation Day Awards are back and it’s time we give back 5 minutes to the woman who spends more than 80 hours a week on The Rodinhoods. Vote for Amazing Asha in the People’s Champion Category here

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If you’re new to the community or have been away for a while, let me tell you why Asha deserves your vote. 

1. She makes TheRodinhoods a family – Asha is the matriarch of our amazing Rodinhoods family and like many mothers plays various roles. Supporter, Motivator, Teacher, Connector, Shoulder to Cry on, Nag (in a good way!), Asha is all of this and more. I’d need atleast 8-9 hands if I were to count all the times she has helped me out and this was before she had even met me in person!

2. Her commitment to TheRodinhoods is inexplicable – You’ll find Asha on TheRodinhoods or available to help you out no matter what her personal situation is. Whether she’s on holiday or in the hospital, this amazing woman will still check in and help as much as she can. In fact, when I found out about these awards she told me the only reason she should be nominated is so that TheRodinhoods gets more traction! Honestly, her commitment to our startup family is just unbelievable. 

3. If you give her a chance, Asha will be your brand champion – The most important thing a startup requires is a champion. Sure, our friends and families support us and will spread the word but sometimes you need a third person outside your immediate network to stand up and say they’d give your company a chance. Asha does this. Not just for me or for you but for Everyone! She replies to every single call for help, will share your post and goes much much beyond to connect you to others that will also champion your brand. If you’re a new startup, having Asha in your corner is like having hired a mini Brand Manager. 

So please vote for Amazing Asha to win CMAD’s People’s Champion Award

Nominee’s Name: Asha Chaudhry

Nominee’s Email –

Nominee’s Twitter ID: @ashaonthebeach 


Please ensure you vote ONLY in the People’s Champion category. (last year she got nominated in 4 categories so the numbers got divided. She made it to the finalists, but this time let’s try harder). Similar to how we all had to follow Satyagraha to kick the British out of India, we all need to vote in one category only so that Asha and TheRodinhoods get the recognition they both deserve. 

Thank you. Please share this link over your social media networks and tweet mentioning:

@ashaonthebeach @therodinhoods

@myCMGR #CMAD2016



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  1. thank you so so much perz. means the world to me 🙂

    i may not stand a chance but to be nominated and a finalist amongst the community managers of massive global communities is an honour indeed!

    really appreciate this. let’s hope we as a community get some recognition!!

  2. Nominated. Wishing Asha good luck.

  3. Nominated. All the best to Asha 🙂

  4. hey thanks so so much sajid & sridhar 🙂

  5. Thanks a lot Perzen for sharing this… We would have otherwise totally missed this opportunity to nominate the much deserving Asha ji! 

  6. So true. Nominated the  Best Community manager. 🙂 

  7. hey thanks anamika & rajeev 🙂

  8. Just nominated Asha! I think all the Rodinhooders should do this asap!

  9. :)))) thanks jogi! you are too kind!

    ps: hope you’re coming to mumbai on the 16th for the OH!!

  10. Well said, Perzen! 🙂 Amazing Asha deserves all the votes & cheer & adulation & love!

  11. Nominated, Asha 🙂

    May the force be with you. As Hundred Eyes says, “If the gods are always watching, we might as well put on a good show.”

  12. Done!

    Asha you deserves better than anyone, hope you win!

  13. Voted! Wish you all the best Asha!

  14. done. Asha really does deserve to win. 

  15. wow, thanks so much partha & prashant!

  16. hugs sush. see you soon!

  17. :)))))))) nisarg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when are you in india next??

  18. hey deeti, thank you for your kind words! i just want trh to get some visibility – my rodinhooders deserve it!!

  19. Best wishes, Asha. Nominated.

  20. many thanks rameshwar!

  21. Nominated. Good luck Asha!!

  22. vikram!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m humbled! you’ve been away so long and for you to sign in to nominate me means the world to me! thanks much much!! see you saturday?

  23. Nominated.  Asha – you are the best 🙂 

  24. awww thanks saras. hugs!

  25. Done, Asha. You rock! Sincerely hope you win this award. 

    Sincerely hope you win this award. 

  26. nominated .. all d best. 

  27. thanks so much nithya and jeetu! very kind of u 🙂

  28. Nominated!

  29. hey thanks so much pranay!!! cheers!

  30. Done! She really deserves this. Keep up the good work! All the best, Asha! 🙂

  31. Well , Nominated!

    Asha really deserves and All the best, Asha! 🙂 🙂

  32. hey thanks much much venkat and sudhakar 🙂 fingers & toes crossed!!!

  33. Done All the best Asha !!!

  34. thank you so so much mandar!!! really missed you on saturday!

  35. OMG!!!!!!!



    hey bhagwan!!!! i’m so ‪#‎Overwhelmed‬….

    People’s Champion
    Takes time to acknowledge brand advocates and community standouts.

    Fastest Fingers
    Quickest response time.

    Funniest community manager.

    Let’s Take This Offline
    Best at activating in-person events.

    The Force is Strong With This One
    Best new community manager.

    CMGR Choice Award
    A lifetime achievement award for the person nominated the most by fellow community managers.


    thank you. thank you. thank you. now let’s hope i’m amongst the finalists!!

  36. HEY ALL,






    The Force is Strong With This One 
    People’s Champion
    Fastest Fingers
    Let’s Take This Offline

  37. dear all,

    so i didn’t win an award. 
    but like i’ve been teaching ‪#‎theeightyearold‬ (my daughter),
    just being there amongst the biggest community teams and community managers itself is such an honour – YELP, NINTENDO, THE NEW YORK TIMES, PEARSON, BTCRevolutions, MINECRAFT FORUM, EMODERATION,… to be a finalist in People’s Champion with “the epitome of community”, the legendary DAVID SPINKS (founder, CMX) himself, was such a high.

    there were 330 nominations. we were the ONLY COMMUNITY BASED OUT OF INDIA TO BE THERE!

    i think only 2 folks (like me) got nominated across ALL 8 CATEGORIES and shortlisted as a finalist in FOUR!

    heartfelt thanks to you all for voting. it was a proud moment indeed and i hope trh got some traction!

    as the saying goes… there is ALWAYS a next time 🙂

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