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4 lessons to learn from the Yahoo Sale to Verizon

I’m not happy posting this.

Yahoo IS one of my favorite Internet brands and to see it sold for some ‘chillar’ (small change) makes me mad and sad.

Nevertheless, life must go on.

Here are 4 lessons I learnt from the Yahoo Sale that I wanted to share with you.

Please add more lessons that may come to your mind (as comments) and also give me feedback about this video!


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  1. Great Lessons Sir.
    One I’ll always keep in mind that “to be best at one thing rather to be good at many”.

  2. 🙂

  3. With reference to the 3rd point, the perception problem.

    “We all have yahoo mail, we all go to yahoo, it’s NOT like yahoo has completely disappeared”

    Isn’t there a perception problem right there Alok? Who goes to yahoo any more ? unless you are talking about selected markets like Taiwan for instance where yahoo is still the default shopping and auction site. Maybe, because Jerry is from Taiwan originally.

    In fact, these days i look with amazement when someone sends me a mail from their yahoo address. Yahoo lost the customer base first and everything else (loss in valuation) is a follow up. Even though, linkedIn, like you mentioned is a shitty site, i am yet to come across a person who has his professional details & links on another site 🙂

  4. hi raja,

    you’ll be surprised! we still get quite a few sign ups from folks with yahoo email ids 🙂

  5. Hi Asha,

    So it truly seems to be a perception problem then 😀

    Yahoo was my first id too, opened back in 1999, when internet cafe’s were not so common. In my case the cafe owner himself had opened the id, not willing to let newbies operate his precious desktop 😀 feeling nostalgic…..

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