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5×5: 5 Irresistible Excuses for 5 Days of the Week

At Mypoolin, we are working hard to provide you a seamless payment experience and
have already shared how you can share money with just a mobile number.


Using Mypoolin 5×5

We’ve got your itinerary planned for each day of the week

Monday: The first day of week.. so you had a fun party last night,
now it’s time to collect back all the money which you’ve spent on your friends.

Just request money on Mypoolin and collect it back in seconds — directly in your bank account!

After you’ve had lunch, it’s time to settle n split that pending bill. Just select ‘Split Bill’,
add everyone’s share to collect back the moolah directly in your bank.

Wednesday: It’s that day of the week when everyone’s busy with work,
pending deadlines or stressful targets. Let’s make the day better by taking them out for lunch/dinner.

Explore the best deals in ‘Food & Drinks’ under ‘explore’ section.

Friday eve = Yay!!
Lighten the mood with a little celebration, call your colleague whose birthday
you may have forgot, gift em’ something awesome by exploring the collection in ‘Gift Card’ section.


Friday: Yay! Here comes the weekend, bring all your friends on Mypoolin —
make a plan, chat with them and collect money for awesome getaways and weekend activities.

That’s it!

Feel free to customize your own 5×5 and don’t forget to share your experience with us!

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