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7 Lessons That You Will Soon Forget: From SocialTrade Scam – or commonly known as a scheme where “You Get Paid For Clicks, Everyday” **Members Only

I  have been asked this question multiple times especially during the past 12 months, not only by people interested in our courses or our sales heads but strangely also by a few investors that:

1. How are we better than “social trade”?
2. Why We Make People Study to get a career? With Social Trade, they start earning from day one with Digital Marketing!
3. If our aim is creating employment with Digital Marketing why not do “Something like Social Trade

I told them,
It’s like comparing apples to oranges and we are not like them, and their whole concept is a SHAM.

comparing social trade with digital marketing training

And next counter I received was, Sir probably you are not updated:
• My brother is making money
• My cousin too
• He has opened accounts on name of his wife and
• Planning one with mom’s ID too.
• He has shown his bank statement and he has already doubled his income, only then he decided to open 3 other accounts.

And I use to close the discussion saying,

“Sir, then probably we are wasting our time here” let’s get back to our respective work and “make money on our terms”.

So now, when the owners are behind the bars and still few are in jeopardy of the status of the company (Legit or Scam). I am taking out some time to bring these 7 points to you:

Lesson 1: It was 100% Fraud:

Because the basic concept is Fake.

There is no network, agency or ad platform (Google, Facebook, Microsoft or any other) available that offers such high payouts as 6 Rs. Per clicks to publishers (Website on which ads run and they receive money in lieu of that), that too in a Fixed Buying Model.

Any advertiser that has the sense to spend such a huge budget, would rather go with premium inventory available on Youtube, Twitter and Linkedin rather than working with “Chunnu Munnu” publishers or affiliates.

So the only point of cash inflow coming to the system was the member’s money, which was being circulated and more money was being pumped every day by new members to ensure it does not dry up.

Hence it is 100% Ponzi Scheme.

Lesson 2. We Badly Need Secondary Source of Income, But without Efforts:

Who does not want? Everyone needs more money.

For that, either one has to build a system or acquire new skills. But we are not ready to transform or put any extra efforts for any of these.

After being ruled for over 200 years each by Mughals and Britishers, there is one quality that we Indian’s are born with:
“We all will follow a Master”

And whatever master says “We will follow”,

The Disciples will go into different directions and convince more people to join the tribe.

Disciples will tell people good stories of that magical world, from where they have traveled, all the way. (Doesn’t matter how fu***d up their actual status is, because all they see in you is incentive to get their money back.)

And people will follow. Because the art of self-survival, asking questions or contesting has slowly gone over the 450 years of slavery. (That’s the actual reason we have fewer entrepreneurs and not because we have fewer resources)

This Master-Disciple system is in veins of this country – whether Politics, Jobs or even among communities, It’s all the same.

Lesson 3: We Believe in Fairytales
Have you ever seen a celebrity struggling to manage time, or hating to wake up early or frustrated in a traffic jam or crying over failures? Being sleepless or having a hard time with loose motions. NO… it does not happen in fairyland they live in, Right.

Probably they have assistants for everything. They can afford anything. Best doctors, Best Cars, Best Maids, Best Real Estate. They are Best; I want to be like them. I want to be “ The Best”.

Trust me, All can’t get rich Quick.

Even “50 Cent” despite having a movie named “Get Rich or Die Tryin” had to file Bankruptcy and now he is trying hard to get out of it.

Don’t believe in fairytales. People get Incentives for “Reciting  Fairytales”.

Lesson 4: People are bored of their jobs, Really!
80% of working professionals that I met while lecturing induction sessions of our programs over the past 4-5 years have said.
They are bored of their jobs, they want to start something new. They want to learn digital Marketing because
• It’s something new,
• Trending
• And we heard it’s interesting
• And Super easy too.

And my reaction is WOW. Except for the 4th point.

Digital Marketing too is a professional discipline and unless you are ready to put efforts you can’t be successful in this and same is for everything else.
Now let’s talk about why you are bored of your job. You are actually not bored out of it but you are bored out of your lifestyle.
1. You are bored rather tired, from Daily Commuting:

On an average 1.5 -2 hours commuting each side working even 5 days a week, roughly comes out around 15-20 hours per week.

  • That one day every week, when you are stuck in traffic, is what that robs you of:
  • Your happiness, family life and whatever plans you had.
  • You reach office frustrated and exhausted and not able give your 100% which leads to your under performance
  • and may be extra hours at the office which further leads to boredom and hate.

and against the common belief, Your boss or office culture has nothing to do with it.

2. You are made to believe on social media that, you should hate working:

With social media accounts, you see pics of someone from your network traveling to places every day.
It’s not like that this trend has started only recently, but we have started noticing activities of that “guy on leave” on our work desks only after social media came into existence.
It’s just normal for people to go for holiday (at back-end marketing teams of travel agencies too ensure that they are posting the images with company tagged), so don’t worry about it. It’s just marketing.

Even travel bloggers have to work and market themselves.
Take-Away: So either move your house (Rent it) close to your office or stop cribbing over your office life, unless you see your industry going down or have a better industry or job to shift to.

Lesson 5:  Lack of Short Term Goals

Another problem: the only goal we have in life is big house, Big Car and a Big-Big Vacation. These are lifetime goals and hence they are big. If everyone starts achieving them in a year then people will start working and saving for “Space travel” rather.

Space Travel Dreams

Humans can’t be satisfied. But we can at least feel so, by keeping weekly goals instead of lifetime goals. It will
• Make your life better
• Give you time to breath
• Reduce pressure on your cute “brain”

Lesson 6: Beware of Self-Proclaimed Gurus Sharing their Manta (System):
I am from an industry where we have more gurus than even all yogis in the world combined (at least on the web)

All these gurus will claim that they will share the secret of success with you if: you pay them X/3 amount so that you can Earn X every month with their secret formula. (X is always marketed as 6 Digit or more)

As a regular guy when I entered industry I asked one such guru (Who lives in Delhi only)
Why not we start employing these people for free rather and start making X/4 each, on each person.

We can manage the salaries and operations in only X/10,  if we have 10 such people.

He said: No, Everyone can’t earn X. 
I said: why you say that to people in your “Demo Class”. 
He Said: Because “That’s what they want to hear. That’s what they would pay for.”
I said: But’s that cheating. 
He Said: I want Money and that’s how they would prefer to pay that. 
I Said: Good For You, But that’s Not My Style. Thank You.

Today he still earns the way he had too and probably his topline is way more than what my corporation makes, But when it comes to entrepreneurial satisfaction.

I am more proud of system I am able to make without trading on my ethics in last 2.5 years, the growth we made, with over 15 partners we have today in 12 cities across India, it just get’s me pumped up and that’s motivation enough for me to keep going.

But, I still try hard to improve our processes every day. I know the gaps we have because, I created this system, and I am trying to fill them as fast as I could, along with ensuring scalability and survival.

(Lunch at a recent in-house launch event with our UP Partners)

We will soon launch a version 3.0 of our organization. Which I think will be the first of a kind in the Industry. So we hustle every day and it does not matter how much money one makes, we all are putting efforts and there is no way you can escape from it.

Even Virat Kohli has to put efforts 😀 or even Ambanis. How is ” Anubhav Mittal” better than them.
Take-Away: How will your guru provide you salvation, when he himself has not achieved it. But yes, if you are looking for a mentor who can help and guide you through your professional career then this world is full of great people. I found one in my partner Manu Jolly.
Lesson 7: There will be More Like SocialTrade, In Future.
Lastly, this culture of MLM or Ponzi schemes will not end with social trade,

Every 6 months you will see these schemes packaged in a new way, flourishing, people participating and eventually closing down in a year and making way for another new scheme.


Because we are humans and we love fancy things. (but don’t ask us to put efforts).


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